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  1. So yeah, I finally beat Level 319 on Cloudberry. Let's see how long it takes Level 320.


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    2. Deceptrox


      Well done and good luck!

    3. Spaz


      One of the toughest 100 percent games in existence.


      I don't even think Super Meat Boy would prepare me for Cloudberry Kingdom.


      But if you manage to get that trophy, then huge amount of respect for you.

    4. MaximumOverdrive
  2. After a very long break, decided to get back into Cloudberry's Level 319.

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    2. --Deleted--


      Yea, that's insanity. Good luck.

    3. ElMauricius


      IIRC the best I've gotten was about 45 seconds of the level so it's more a matter of patience and practice. I'm already at the half of the level now.

    4. Deceptrox


      I will attempt that 100% some time, this year I hope. Good luck with it.

  3. You know what? screw Gran Turismo 5, I really want to do Hard Corps: Uprising.

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      I know that feeling. You could always come back for it later. Just like how I did with Batman Arkham Asylum combat challenges, and eventually got all medals with the 100% gsme completion and platinum.

  4. Playing Gran Turismo 5 once again, now doing the Vettel Suzuka challenge with the DS3.

    Already golded Eiger some time ago.

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      I see you're really close to platinum. Good luck, Gold Standard is hard, but with one trophy left you'll eventually get it. 

      Servers shut down and the platinum is unobtainable for me. If I had the XL edition and maybe the steering wheel it would be smooth.  

      Yeah, one of the best racing simulator games out there. 

    3. Lorajet


      Almost bought the frame and wheel for that game.  Then sensibility kicked in.  Damn. :rolleyes:

    4. Dennis-nine-five


      I just did all hard races once again (after plat) Just mentioning I glitched for the Vettel ones. So you are going for the normal way. Good luck! I tried but thought it's time wasted. However if I am bored I have sth. to train on.

  5. Platinum #63 - Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition



  6. Platinum #62 - Ikaruga

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    2. KaKrackle


      Nice one. The shmup master has returned 👍

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. MaximumOverdrive
  7. My hopes for getting the Lost Planet 2 platinum are gone..

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    2. Floriiss
    3. PSXtreme_
    4. Hemiak


      I really wish they would have made an all time leader board and a weekly board, and you just needed number 1 in the weekly. Makes so much sense but :(

  8. CK: Reached 47 of 58 seconds of Level 319, i can smell.......  the entrance of Level 320 lol.

  9. Cloudberry Kingdom Level 319 progress: reached 32 of 58 seconds of the level, where the pathfinder disappears.

    1. Floriiss


      Nice one dude! It's pretty annoying without the pathfinder at first, but with enough practice you'll get the hang of it (how slow/fast you should go). Good luck!

  10. Cloudberry Kingdom: getting some progress in Level 319, max i got so far is 23 of 58 seconds of the level.

    1. New display name

      New display name

      Best of luck with 319. From what I've heard, 319 is a lot easier than 320, so hopefully you can get the 100%.

      319 is a lot harder I meant to say lol.

  11. Cloudberry Kingdom: Recently started Level 319.... jesus..

  12. 666 Ultra Rares O_o

  13. I can join the party lol

  14. 50# DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours

  15. Dariusburst CS: All CS Mode areas and all boss burst counter done, its time for the elusive Bird of Legend (No damage QUZ Route).

  16. I bought Overwatch and ITs VERY FUN!!

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls
    2. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Have fun mister maurocastronovo (^_^ )

    3. ElMauricius


      A bit late... but thanks xD.

  17. So... u finally got ImpossiBRU Boy, Congratz!!! :)

    1. A1rPun


      Sorry for the late response :P Thanks! ImpossiBRU boy was sure a wild ride.

    1. demonoid321


      Congrats :D is that platinum has hard as people say it is?

    2. 30 Year Old Boomer
    3. DamagingRob
  18. 2:22 Cheese Hunt Garden, ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME???!!!

  19. I Am Bread: only Cheese Hunt Garden left.... oh god.

  20. DariusBurst CS is currently at 20U$D (25U$D PS4)

  21. I decided to take a little break on Super Meat Boy

    1. Hemiak


      Psh, go play more Telltale skrub. :o:)

  22. Only Impossible Boy left....

    1. Lord_of_Ra


      Keep it up dude!

    2. Xx_ForTheSesh_xX


      Make sure you don't get it until the 31st. x

    3. ElMauricius


      Don't worry, i don't think that will make it before 31st :P

  23. Happy Birthday for me!!

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    2. Zanzarro


      Happy Birthday! Que la pases bien mano :)

    3. Saionji


      Happy Birthday!

    4. Hemiak


      Happy cake day.