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  1. Playing Gran Turismo 5 once again, now doing the Vettel Suzuka challenge with the DS3.

    Already golded Eiger some time ago.

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      I see you're really close to platinum. Good luck, Gold Standard is hard, but with one trophy left you'll eventually get it. 

      Servers shut down and the platinum is unobtainable for me. If I had the XL edition and maybe the steering wheel it would be smooth.  

      Yeah, one of the best racing simulator games out there. 

    3. Lorajet


      Almost bought the frame and wheel for that game.  Then sensibility kicked in.  Damn. :rolleyes:

    4. Dennis-nine-five


      I just did all hard races once again (after plat) Just mentioning I glitched for the Vettel ones. So you are going for the normal way. Good luck! I tried but thought it's time wasted. However if I am bored I have sth. to train on.