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    Hello :) my name is ddd49, I'm a gamer who loves to be social so please don't be afraid to msg me about random crap :)

    if your are interested in reading my reviews for games i encourage you to check out my page.

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone who would be interested in co-hosting a regular gaming podcast Details of someone who I'm looking for Age range of 22-28 Speak English live in USA or UK Time zones has previous experience publishing content on a regular basis, be it youtube video, audio podcast, blogs, live streaming, or otherwise. - if interested please reply or dm links of what you have created in the past.
  2. for anyone reading this in the future, i bought this on sale and absolutely don't regret the purchase! It's one of the best VR games I've played to date!
  3. Hi guys! I found out about an exploit that makes Apocalyptic mode 10X easier and noticed there wasn't any videos or published articles on it, so I made one and wanted to share this with you guys, hope this helps someone out
  4. Does anyone have any tips or in game glitches to getting this skill point???? The race must be done in 2:20, basically this means no crashing and picking up all turbos. i end up being short by about 8 or 9 seconds. This skill point (much like the flying platinum bold) is incredibly harder on vita because of the sensitivity of the joystick. is there a shortcut I'm missing ???? does anyone have any recommendations or tips of getting this?
  5. salt and sanctuary & hyper light drifter, iv been meaning to play these games ever since they came out on psn and sadly haven't gotten around to playing them
  6. no mans sky. I got this game during the holidays and sadly have not touched it yet.
  7. most trophy hunters wouldn't. I agree, there is nothing wrong with a hard trophy list. but they should have realistic goals. getting to rank 15 when only 0.1 percent of people can do that isn't a realistic goal. winning a organ donor match with one deposit when I cant even pick what game mode I want to play ...... well you get the idea.
  8. I wish developers would consider how important a trophy list is, not just the drawn to death but all devs in general.
  9. I ran into a problem the other day. i was playing un ranked, and once i was done the game froze on me during the loading screen after words where it says drawing cool stuff. so i closed the app and then opened it again. once i did it drooped me a rank. its a long shot but I'm going to try to do that again and record it.
  10. its for closing the application too, and I also tried re setting the ps4. It will demote you for that as well.
  11. Actually ...... 2 here is the tweet. in theory maybe if you did one match a day you could try to avoid this. don't know if that would work.
  12. as of now they have patched this. if you quit to much then you will drop a level on the tower.
  13. I was wondering if anyone else has come across cards missing from the game completely. I'm building a yosenju deck and there are cards that i cant seam to find. The reason why i don't think they are in the game is because when u hit the R1 or L1 button in the deck menu and go over to the "cards that go good with this card" section they never show up. the cards im looking for are yosenju oyam yosen whirlwind dizzying winds of yosen village yosenju kodama has anyone else run into this problem?
  14. if you are doing the summoning in tutorial then it doesn't count towards the trophy