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  1. Damn the last 3 or 4 fixtures did not go as planned, life + a shit load of new games + work = no platinums Don't even think i'll hit 300 before 2018 at this point. Oh well best of luck to the finalists in the CWC
  2. Thats honestly hilarious, we even scored the same amount of points against each other 😂
  3. Its not large at all whatsoever and its actually pretty interesting as the game wants you to explore and almost every house in the game has some sort of side story or weapons for you to get. It never feels empty and a waste of time IMO. Plus the linear sections are still plentiful.
  4. You guys are so easily fooled its hilarious. @Zach Version 2 clearly played the long con and got 300 plats on a dummy account just to tear up the league on his main. I have to commend his commitment but he never had me fooled. Try again buddy. 👌
  5. Enough to let it bother me but not enough to do something about it. 👌
  6. This games hot garbage, but I somehow managed to do it with a shit PS Now connection
  7. Grat's @voodoo_eyes, enjoy it cause you wont get the best of me next season
  8. Looks quite easy, excited to play this again its been years!
  9. Platinum #260 - Bioshock Infinite (PS4) Platinum Columbia What a fantastic game and worthy of my 15000th Trophy Milestone. Sorta shit the bed with the collectibles but it wasn't all bad. Did 1999 mode on my first play through and really only had trouble with lady comstock. Highly recommended and im excited to play the other 2 bioshock games again, but infinite was definitely my favorite. Enjoyment: 9 Difficulty: 4.5
  10. You'd think after 6 years of trophy hunting I'd know better than to miss a collectible....FML time for a second playthrough for one trophy....

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    2. soultaker655


      6 years and still a Scrub....😉

    3. Boooda


      Omg I got it, thankfully it was in the first quarter of the game. @TheLastSurvivorD it was the Kinetoscopes for the sightseer trophy, and there was no way to know which one it was! 

    4. PooPDeePie


      Nice! Collectibles are the worst thing in trophy hunting for me if you don't have a map to find them and if the game doesn't track what you have/don't have. I'd take difficulty related trophies over collectibles any day!


  11. How the fuck did I beat Lady Comstock on PS3...

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    2. Boooda


      Does it now? I'll have to try that thanks. 

    3. TheLastSurvivorD


      Charge works wonderfully with Devil's Kiss as a vigor combo as well. In any of the battles with her, you can set multiple traps of them around the area.

    4. Boooda


      I beat her just now thanks to you guys, cheers. 

  12. Congrats and added to the list! Also bless you guys for doing the formatting for me 😅
  13. Added Congrats! Haha cheers buddy, congrats!
  14. OP finally updated! 😅
  15. Platinum #257: Modern Warfare Remastered Just another day at the office One of the most influential first person shooters of the last console generation certainly holds up as an exceptional game with an action packed story, great characters, and extremely tense moments. I remember my naive 13 year old self pouring hours upon hours into this games multiplayer and haphazardly running through the game on veteran. 10 years later and this game provided some of the most nostalgic moments i've had in gaming, as well as some of the most infuriating gun fights I've ever had. Veteran while mostly easy, had some absolutely absurd moments (most notably the end of "One Shot, One Kill"). Other than that though, the game was a blast. I put roughly 2 or 3 hours into the MP, a fraction of what I'd done on the original, but it was nice to go back and rek n00bs. Not a fan at all on how they tried to charge for DLC that should've just been included in the game in the first place, its a remaster FFS. But Activision is gonna Activision. All in all, if you've somehow never played this game, you're in for a treat. If you have played this game, prepared to be a lot more frustrated than you remember with Veteran difficulty! Difficulty: 5 Enjoyment: 9