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  1. How comfortably embarrassing on Sony's part that one man did this. Kudos bro this looks legit!
  2. Honestly this plat kinda sucked, especially before all the trophies got reworked. Glad it auto unlocks.
  3. Via Colin Moriarty's socials. Excited to keep supporting Lillymo and CLS, and ithelps that Habroxia 1 was a pretty fun game. Im wondering what sort of narrative it'll have since Colin said he "wrote" this sequel. Also physical Ps4 and Vita versions confirmed!
  4. Hol' up what are we saying about cross saved games now? Why would the PS5 version count if all the top 50 fastest plat earners are1-2 seconds. EDIT: Nvm I re-read the rules.
  5. Wow that seems like a substantial oversight if true
  6. Hows everyone enjoying their PS5 who has one? I love it although I still get a bit cross-eyed navigating the UI
  7. I feel this bro. Personally the imminent arrival of PS5 has me not loving the trophy grind
  8. Physical Ps5, with an extra Dual Sense. Also nabbed a camera and charging dock for the controllers! So excited, 7 weeks to go!
  9. Hades needs to launch on PS4 so I can turn my console back on. The games so good!
  10. Not 1 person broke 100pts last fixture ๐Ÿ˜ฏ busy time of year I suppose!
  11. Very excited for this as it'll mean a bigger n00b pool and maybe I can finally get out of silver ๐Ÿ™ƒ This games been scratching my Fifa itch better than Fifa
  12. I love footy too much not to get the game and pour 300hrs into it over the next 12 months but damn has the series stilted. Does anyone even play Volta? Or Journey? Focus on Career mode and I suppose FUT since thats where they make their dough. I'm sooo exhausted of seeing the same menus and dialog etc in career mode. I'm marginally excited that they seem to finally have added SOME new features to career, but I won't touch any other mode with my entire time with this game. Also COYG.
  13. Fixture 1 was very quiet for me due to work. Looks like another slow start to the season for me ๐Ÿ˜’
  14. The way I assume its going down is that Sony will allow "backwards compatibility" for ps4 games, in which the lists will be the same. Then certain developers who are offering "upgrades", which to me means if you own the PS4 version you'll be entitled to the PS5 equivalent of that game, would have a new list. This is why I believe Control has a new SKU releasing and only that SKU is eligible for an upgrade...meanwhile you can still play the original PS4 SKU on PS5 via back compatibility but those would have the PS4 trophies attached.