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  1. Couple VR gems in there I probably wouldn't have looked at otherwise.
  2. Thanks you guys! 😁 Although I will say I'm struggling to get my 20,001 trophy. It just looks so clean right now 🤩
  3. Damn! Nice win man. I knew I played too many games that didn't count but I couldn't waste the chance to pop #400 yesterday. That'll be my only loss bronze leaguers!
  4. #400 and 20,000th Trophy Beat Saber - 4.96% The VR's killer app and more than deserving of the milestone, 10/10 game!
  5. Oof I didn't realize there's no breaks anymore. I work 12.5hr days so there may be some fixtures that I score minimal points. Excited nonetheless, feels like eons ago since I competed 😅
  6. Thanks for the info, but what happened here? Did it reset cause of the update?
  7. I use my vita everyday and I'm sad at the trickle down effect this will have on all vita games period. Long live vita.
  8. I apologize to any bronze league participants next season but I will be returning and request to be put on the waiting list.
  9. I'll agree that subscriptions are becoming a bit heinous nowadays and theres no way the bottoms not gonna drop out when you're offering multiple AAA games for essentially a dollar. Theres just no way that's sustainable. Everything else you've said is nonsense though.
  10. I just got PSVR this past weekend and couldnt be happier to see VR exclusives popping up. If VR doesnt have killer apps it wont have legs. Support VR! It's such a game changing experience. I cant wait to try this one out.
  11. Totally unrelated but I gotta know how you have time to create these games AND be 3rd placed in the Canadian Leaderboard, seriously impressive. Anyways, getting this day 1 digital and pre ordering some physicals for sure. Really cool that you got to work with Colin and Chris first hand!
  12. Heavy Fire games.
  13. Its embarrassing to be honest. I'm enjoying the game in almost every aspect but the performance is Fallout level at times.
  14. Really fantastic game but yeah the SS ranks will keep me from platting this. Even playing on Expert (i assume higher diff = higher score) best I could manage was "A" ranks. Other than that the trophy list is quite easy. Might be a grind to level 100 as well. I've played 6hrs and am only level 22. But there may be modes that level you up faster than others.
  15. I kinda wish it was more tonally like the first game and not a borderlands half-measure. Oh well, maybe im wrong we'll see.