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  1. Oof it's been a tough season so far, not expecting much but hopefully I can stay afloat
  2. Congrats to all the winners and good luck in CWC. Was just not my season and it doesn't help that I got addicted to Genshin Impact about halfway through 😅 Excited to see how this CWC goes, my money is on the main man @ShogunCroCop 😉
  3. Been quite busy with OT at work, I may have to concede promotion this season...especially since my last fixture is against 1st place 😅. Get a win for me @GTA_Darren!
  4. I'm guilty of a getting easy plats to but that was almost entirely to stay competitive with the leaderboard. I always enjoyed/took pride in being on the first page of Canada's top trophy earners but to see it so easily manipulated is disappointing. Once I hit 500 plats I'll probably just retire altogether. Next month it'll be 10 years since I earned my first plat and I think thats probably long enough to be doing this.
  5. Man it takes so much effort to climb the Leaderboards on this site and it's so disheartening to drop positions to people who weren't even in the top 50 a month ago. Even worse when you click their profile and see that they earned something like 1400 trophies in April and they have nearly as many gold trophies as bronze. 😒 Idk, sucks the enjoyment out of it. Just wanted to vent don't mind me.
  6. Hot damn I'm craving some PS5 games man. I cannot wait for Returnal 😫
  7. They can back out and apologize all they want but until these CROOKS are out of the game I wont be happy
  8. Its been a lackluster showing compared to last season. Still a long way to go yet!
  9. Yeah I personally had a 64gb fail and it was the only one out of numerous cards (varying sizes) I owned that did.
  10. I'd say the biggest shocker is you're in first place! 😜
  11. One of my top 10 ps4 games. I get an instant smile whenever I hear someone enjoyed it, let alone played it. I 2nd this recommendation wholeheartedly
  12. Boooda, Paid in Fyrestone
  13. I have an external in mine and it works well for the most part. The only problems I've had came from using rest mode so I try to avoid that as much as possible.
  14. PS5: It's like PS4 with extra steps