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  1. Can Any get onto the Crysis 2 online at the moment ?? Everyone in my boost group keeps having their PS3s freeze when "initialising squad" 

  2. Does anyone know about the Badges in Need for Speed Shift ?? I currently have my Japan and European kilometres badges at Gold rating and want to get them to platinum.. Do i need to rack up the mileage on one car or several different cars in the same category.. if so how much for each car ??   

  3. Has anyone Unlocked all the Weapons in the "In the Name Of the Tsar" (BF1) DLC as i need to get 1 kill with 2 of the weapons but can't be asked to destroy 2 planes with a LMG or get the 15 HM Bomb kills.. If anyone has unlocked them and could help me out.. It would be greatly appreciated !!! 

  4. Very Random question.. but does anyone know if i pause GONE HOME does the time spent in the pause menu count towards the "Speedreader" trophy ? Just wondering as wanting to watch the walkthrough as i play i the game.

    1. MStalker58


      Pausing the game stops the timer so you should be fine using the video. 

    2. marvelboy10


      Same as the above post. Pausing the game does stop the timer and makes the Speedreader trophy a little easier. Might I suggest memorizing every 5 journal entries that way you can make progress faster.

    3. Komrade_Konrad


      Pretty much what everyone else said.  I did it on my first attempt by pausing with a guide even though I had intended to do a second run once I learned the route.  I don't know if it's necessary, but some people have issues with getting trophies to pop if you skip the credits, so I would let it run through if you do the run reasonably quickly.

  5. Ok i really don't understand what i am doing.. The tutorial for the dancing is pretty bleak "Move the analog sticks in time to the music" Who, what, where and how ??? What motion am i suppose to move them in.. Up and down, Left and right, Round and Round, Move the left first then the right analog ? (Much better at dancing in real life !) I just seem lost when the dancing is focused on the dance meter and your dancing with a random girl.. As there's no QTE's and button presses to make sure your doing it right.. In these sectors i get lost and i've only been challenged once or twice by another dancer.. so i can't find a pattern.. and thats what i need help finding.. To any who has achieved this trophy.. could you give me some helpful advice at as the moment it seems all a little bit confusing.. !!
  6. Hey Guys I've often looked at trophies I've earn't in the past and thought "Wow that's a pretty cool looking trophy" And I've often looked on the Playstation store and noticed a real lack of Avatars (GAME AVATARS).. Plus all the good ones require them dollar bills Though now with the ability to put any picture as your 'personal' profile picture on PS4 this idea is a bit redundant. But anyways why isn't a trophy rewarded to you with the addition of it being used as a Avatar. It would be a showcase of a trophy you where proud of or just the fact it looks frickin cool ! It would widen the choice of Avatars if you "chase trophies" and widen the variety. So with this silly idea.. What Trophy would you have as your avatar ? And do you want it as a feature ?.. Surely im not the only one ?
  7. You get use to saving just before your Frame Rate drops.. just breaks the game up a bit.. Doesn't take away from the fact that the game is real fun and the DLC's alone are a good reason to buy the game
  8. I don't know about you guys.. but when i bought the Ultimate Edition for this game BRAND NEW.. I noticed a Huge problem.. 'noticed' - It was Hard to Miss !! It actually forced me to buy the normal version of the game just to complete it. It would usually happen after 1 hour worth of game play. All of sudden the Frame Rate would decide to drop to a unplayable state. (1 frame per 10 seconds ha!) The only way to fix it was to try and save before the Frame Rate dropped too much then back out to the main game menu and reload the save. I heard this was a problem with all the PS3 copies of the Ultimate Edition. So personally if your thinking about picking this game up (Which you should because it was really fun in my opinion) Buy the Normal Version first and then if you want to do the DLC.. you can pick up the Ultimate Edition afterwards.. To be honest it doesn't cost barely anything as both are super cheap now and i believe its Disc Based DLC anyways so a pre-owned copy does the job.
  9. In need of some Modded Guns in Borderlands 1.. to make the Mad Moxxi dlc bearable and slightly quicker than the 5 Hours it took me to complete one legit.. Would also help with the Claptrap item drops in the Claptrap DLC

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. dannyboy_devil


      Thats not really a option seeing as i have a few claptrap collectibles already on my playthrough.. and seeing as how rare some of them can be.. i dont want to restart on them.. as farming MINAC for the rare item drops is horrendous

    3. AbyssRex


      I just hopped in and some guy gave me a bunch of stuff. Didn't even know about modding till I told a friend and he explained it to me. Maybe that will happen with u as well, a guy will come on your match and give you

    4. ScutumMagister


      It sounds like you might misunderstand, you log in with a different PSN ID as player 1 (just create some dummy ID on your system), you log in your main PSN ID as player 2. You don't lose anything at all.

  10. Im exactly in the same boat as you.. I really need modded weapons as well. I completed 1 of the larger arena battles and it took 5 HOURS.. Even with a modded shield and a legendary SMG.. There is no way im repeating that two more times.. So the same applies for me.. im not leaching off your post mate sorry just desperately need them as well.. The weapons can be duped anyways so there is always enough to go around.. ( message dannyboy_devil if you can help me as well)
  11. So after recently re-picking up Medal of Honor (2010) I remember how much i enjoyed it ! It seemed like many people dismissed the game as clone of some other popular shooter. But to me it was different in a good way. I cant really explain it. Maybe it was the great soundtrack attached to the game Or the realistic feel of gun battles, such as the sounds of the weapons themselves. Or maybe because i am a huge Medal of Honor Fanboy ?? Either way i am disappointed to see the franchise end 'for now' on a low note.. Please tell me what you guys think ?.. Really interested in finding out if many others felt the same about this game.
  12. Can you remember the proxy that worked for you as i have tried a few but they didn't seem to work Thank you for the link Though !
  13. Both Games are good challenges.. Its surprising to see how much harder the older FPS's are.. Personally Medal of Honor Frontline was the better game.. Loads of levels with tonnes of interesting environments. Call Of Duty Classic was still a fun game but not as memorable and i have honestly already forgotten most of the campaign and story.
  14. Does anybody know anything about the Patch Blocker used to make the XP trophies on Aliens VS Predator much easier to obtain ? I have Followed multiple methods and understand how its suppose to work but im having trouble with the Patch Blocker. I've been told to use the "EliteMossy" Patch Blocker as its suppose to never sign me out of PSN when its blocking.. But every time i attempted to connect to online servers PSN say's " Error Occurred you have been signed out of PSN" So i believe its the patch blocker which isn't working.. Has anyone done the same method before and used a certain Patch Blocker thats worked first time ?? BTW its the Campaign Suicide Method with the 1.02 patch deleted.. Any Help will be greatly appreciated
  15. Need some help.. I've got a shelf in my room but nothing to put on it... Anyone know of some cool gaming collectibles or Game related stuff that i could display. I already have a Collectors edition on show but need some more ideas !

    1. TheIncinerator1


      Depends on what your into/what franchises you like. There's some pretty neat figurines, busts, etc... that'd be nice to display, usually pricy though. Take a site like this for instance: http://www.first4figures.com/

    2. MrManBuz


      As incinerator said what're you into?

      Cars? Anime? Have a browse through hobbylink, you're bound to find something that floats your boat. http://www.hlj.com/