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  1. Lmao.. poor you.. i shouldn't laugh.. got it at my second or third sessions.. all in all it didn't feel that hard..
  2. I remember my time was over 25 minutes and my heart was pounding when i finally beat it.. that was years ago and now i've been fool enough to buy the ps4 version.. rarity for this trophy have jump over the 5% on this console and prolly because people knew what was the challenge and it wasn't a ps plus freebie. I see that there's even a JP and CH version.. i wonder if someone did them all lol 😜
  3. You should change your title, it applies to whole website
  4. I've just sync my profile.. most of them aren't showing except cached ones. I'm on mobile, didn't look on pc
  5. It's doable.. i did it with son helping on some sections and 2nd controller idle and me litterally rushing on other parts. Might test your patience though lol 😉
  6. Same happened to me for the 34.. had to restart from scratch. Need to be done in one go
  7. If you manage you"ll make the day of many people here. Cheers! 🤞
  8. I did that vid earlier because the one on pst.org was in portuguese.. Still have a lot to learn with Vegas Movie though..
  9. Perception Remastered.. Warning!! this game is full of glitches. First run i was grabbing all collectibles. Grabbed 4 poppets (4/2) in first chapter.. thus giving me the trophy for having them all in chap.3, before grabbing the last two in chap.4. On chapter 2 arcade is still present when not supposed to be (superposed on other objects) Beat the game on scary mode.. without using cane and without being captured by the presence. And only got 1 trophy out of 3. Overlooked and Quiet Knoll didn't pop.
  10. I have a fat and a pro and i own the game. Has anyone just tried remove boost mode on the pro?
  11. Still wish someone would find a way like they did with Bulletstorm PS3 version.
  12. I'm not a tech geek but i don't think there's any server for that. It's prolly P2P. Still a few people here and there but as long as i'm aware most of them boosters. But you can even get people trolling into your game. Happened to us yesterday lol ----- Well maybe 60$ was a little overpriced.. but it was fun to coop with a friend. Even mechanics are little awful. And the concept was good. Might have been a bit challenging when game got out having red hackers helping AI against you.
  13. Finally got it. Even if guide states they autosave when created you still need to wait at night to make a save. Otherwise they won't stay registered on the log when you load back
  14. @GraniteSnake , i tried it and it didn't work.. my sole option now is export my savefile to another console to see if it pop before deleting and start from scratch
  15. Make sense i had to rush the Woodbury level after one save i made at day 2. Also my trophy for crafting all melee weapons isn't popping. I did every weapons and now at the point to craft them all over again. What i did seems to have void the trophy from popping.. played from the pro to the fatty on Woodbury level (to see if it was a reason why it crash.. conclusion: it didn't help) and from the fatty to the pro again. All of that through savecloud. Now i'm recrafting every items changing the order in case it could change something. And so far i'm getting nowhere.. maybe my profile savefile is corrupted due to the multiple times it crashed on the console. Nevertheless i'm still trying.. It gives me headaches thinking i gotta replay all the levels all over again with a fresh save and survive rushing through Woodbridge (again).. deep sigh 😵