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  1. @GraniteSnake , i tried it and it didn't work.. my sole option now is export my savefile to another console to see if it pop before deleting and start from scratch
  2. Make sense i had to rush the Woodbury level after one save i made at day 2. Also my trophy for crafting all melee weapons isn't popping. I did every weapons and now at the point to craft them all over again. What i did seems to have void the trophy from popping.. played from the pro to the fatty on Woodbury level (to see if it was a reason why it crash.. conclusion: it didn't help) and from the fatty to the pro again. All of that through savecloud. Now i'm recrafting every items changing the order in case it could change something. And so far i'm getting nowhere.. maybe my profile savefile is corrupted due to the multiple times it crashed on the console. Nevertheless i'm still trying.. It gives me headaches thinking i gotta replay all the levels all over again with a fresh save and survive rushing through Woodbridge (again).. deep sigh 😵
  3. Unless they patched it i had no problem skipping on Vita either 🤔
  4. Same here.. tried removing Boost Mode on pro but it keep crashing.. what a nuisance .. *sigh*
  5. I tried to find you on discord, think there may be a typo, or i don't understand discord.

    Wanna private message me your discord again?

    1. Milanzzo


      Well give me yours then.. might be the skull after my name ;)

  6. And i got this game yesterday lol... Will have prolly to set a boosting session
  7. Well some people (maybe a lot) prefer using discord for chat. So it's probably nice for them Also the chat is still there on the website
  8. Why there's no invite link in the first post like discordgg/something ? Edit: my bad it's the links that verifies you as @B1rvine stated just below
  9. Is it glitched on Vita?.. i did a lot of runs that looked like neverending and even with Rhino who has a lot more lives it never pop. I wonder if i'll ever get it lol Edit: Got it on PS4 on my 3rd or 4th attempt.. Kung Fury moves way faster imo and i just kept running on the right, the ones from left vanishing which doesn't happen on Vita
  10. Got one online trophy from a game .. backed out of game and reload it.. and the trophy was synced.. so my theory is if you're online and start a game.. the trophies from that game sync
  11. Same problem or alike.. i now have above 7000 trophies hidden.. didn't hide them.. other sites still shows my trophies properly
  12. So ahemm.. i did "No alarm" in a few attempts too.. Tried it reloading checkpoints when i had meter gets solid red or alarm ringing.. then retried and wasn't working.. Deleted profile savefile and game data to start from scratch. Read somewhere that instead of reloading checkpoints it was better to back out on main menu and reload from there.. That said, i did the Under Cover of Night in two go.. had to stop inbetween and start later. Trophy popped.. For "Unnoticed" i did same.. when i was solid red i just backed out to main menu and reload.. guess what? Trophy popped..
  13. And you want to set up the glitch all by yourself.. I might try it once i'm done with AWP. The video is pretty self explanatory.. might just take a little longer multitasking both consoles.
  14. They no longer reset. If you filled all the 18 slots you are screwed. Been more than a month since my last login. They still all placed.
  15. Where do you see it affect consoles? All that stuff seems pc related..