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  1. Interesting to say the least. You have to be just a tiny bit more crazy than the usual crazy to think of this...
  2. Is starting the revolution.
  3. Banned for your hatred of English grammar.
  4. Dragons are aliens?
  5. Disgaea is extremely addictive. Just learning the basics, but I can see this one is going to be hard to put down.

    1. Jason_Rocks68


      Good luck man, here's a tip get weapons with statisticians, each one gives +1% for every level they are.

      Ex: lvl 12 Stat= 12% exp bonus

      lvl 400 Stat = 400% exp bonus

      Best part is you can have more than one lvl 400 stat on each of your weapons!

    2. broy300


      Tip #2- The Thief can be one of the most important characters in the game. Don't leave her on the sidelines! Glad your enjoying it as it's my favorite series.

  6. Hoping to pick up Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention to day :D

    1. Parker


      It's a great game. Beware though, it's quite addictive.

    2. Kirbz


      PLEASE DO! i can help you with it.. verbally, at least. if you have any questions message me. unless youve played the previous disgaea games.

  7. Do you got time for that?
  8. Banned for being that guy.
  9. Is an assassin waiting to kill said investigator.
  10. Banned for laughing with Robin William.
  11. Is that a type of burger?
  12. Working chainsaws?
  13. I came across a man with a sign that read "Free Hugs" In a busy intersection. No takers unfortunately.