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  1. Confirmed! Replay a challenge offline, obtain A puntuaction and trophy pop... Thanks so much @SaiyanMax !!
  2. Same for me... 😟 I see in your profile you resolve this.. How??
  3. Thanks for you answer @PerryToxteth. You are right, I tried with other skills and 95% of times I get parts for level up instead rewards... It's slower and more difficult than jumps, but it's the better option... I hope avoid glitched trophies... If you need help for Coast to Coast trophy, advice me... I have all perks @choochie49.. Thanks anyway
  4. Hi! I have problems leveling up my street car. I have a perf 1299 car, but I need level up others cars to get platinum in all missions... I'm trying repeating over and over again the jumps, same as I did with the perf car, but I only get 95% of times, the tires part (without level) or bucks... I'm doing something wrong?? In all the jumps skills in the map, the reward it's a inteligent reward, even if I don't have any medal in the skill.... I thinks this it's strange or I dont understand how works this... There are skills witch if I obtain platinum medal, I get tires part but if I get gold medal, my car level up... Thanks!!
  5. The issue it´s solved!! :yay: Thanks all people for your messages in Twitter and the forum of Housemarque!
  6. Seems like they have interest to solve this.. I posted in that forum too... Thanks for the advise Machinez_BT.
  7. How can you do a private server and make Resogun to connect with this server...??
  8. I had tried today and the problem persist... They've answered in Twitter, but not fix yet. https://twitter.com/AlbVadi/status/618110547326836737
  9. Hi, I have problems to set the status like for a ship in the editor. This trophy: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/2245-RESOGUN/36-I-like-what-Im-seeing Anyone have problems too? Any help?? Thanks!
  10. Damn game... Yes, I means DNA (I´m spanish... And no, it´s unlikely I´ll play others AC with Multiplayer.. much frustrating for me. Thanks for the tip anyway! Thanks for the replies, I´ll start the game again without worries...
  11. Hi, I´m trying to plat all my old games (or almost not very frustrating games) and it´s the turn of Assassins Creed II. In 2009, when I was playing the game, my PS3 crashed and as I wasn´t PSNPlus member and the savegame is protected, I lost all my progress. Today, checking my trophy list to start the game again, I´ve seen that I have trophys from ADN 1 to 8 except ADN 5!! It´s possible?? Anyone remember this situation? I know that playing from the beginning again, I will obtain the trophy... but I´ve fear that anyone marks me as cheater because I´ll have latest trophys in early dates... Any suggestion?? Thanks!