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  1. Thanks for the advice guys 😊 I'm gonna set my follow settings to friends only for a while and see how it goes
  2. I have one user on PSN who keeps following me, and then presumably unfollowing so that they're always showing up on my latest notifications as 'x has followed you' with varying timestamps. I go to my follower list and they're not on there. I blocked them and manually deleted the notification and I still get a new notification that they've followed me every few days. I'm not even sure whether or not it's supposed to be possible to follow someone who has blocked you.. Is there anything I can do? 🤔 I know it seems like a petty complaint and for the most part I don't mind who follows me, but I check my notifications regularly and it's annoying seeing the same notice come up all the time, and in this instance their user profile has photos of young girls which makes me feel a bit uneasy.. they come across as a bit of a creeper.
  3. Same thing happened to me. The mobile site changed to almost pure text though the desktop site continued functioning as normal. Deleting cookies fixed it for me also. Hopefully it continues working
  4. Espresso chef with a controller does not sound like fun, even if they allow you to do shift 12 or 13 instead. Those shifts still have some of the most complex foods in the game and the buzz is only -10% or -5% respectively. Memorizing the foods' associated controller buttons will take a fair bit longer than their keyboard buttons, but you may be able to make it easier if you change your inputs on a shift by shift basis. 15 restaurants took me about 40 hours on PC. I expect the platinum could take anywhere from 40-100 hours depending on skill level. I have some rare achievements on Steam but Espresso Chef is rated higher than any of them at only 0.2% and I expect it to be sub 1% on Playstation even with the nerf. I'll stick to the PC version but good luck to anyone going for the platinum
  5. Really? PST's trophy guide says it isn't necessary, seems silly since there's no trophies for competing with other players at all..
  6. King of PAIN.. just one of the prerequisites (the platinum in PAINful difficulty fun with explosives) took me over the course of six months to eventually get a passing run
  7. If I remember it's from the main menu, it's separate from the rest of the game. Also it's local only but you can do it with one controller
  8. Mine didn't freeze but I unlocked it at 480 shots on goal, which tells me it's not just drawing that number directly from the statistics screen, so I think you might have some luck if you just grind it
  9. Thanks for the answers all~ Seems the general consensus is the DLC is on disc for WD1 but on code for WD2 which might explain some of the mixed answers I was getting online
  10. I looked all over the internet and I'm getting conflicting answers so I figured I'd ask here. If I bought the UK PS4 Watch Dogs complete physical edition, would the DLC be on the disc or in the form of a code? Does anyone know? Also same question for Watch Dogs 2 and it's 'gold' edition.
  11. Fran's in two of the trophy images too isn't she? It's rare that trophy images stand out to me but I like these a lot, look forward to earning them
  12. SSX3 is one of my favourite games of all time, I'd give my left leg to get a remake. Infact I'd give.. however much a PS4 is going for 😂
  13. DLC is still in the UK store (for now)