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  1. Feeling tired from much boosting n trophy hunting. g2g to eat n take rest for while then go back to boosting or trophy hunting

    1. CaptainHorakthy
    2. ScaryAbel210


      It's daytime now, I am not going to sleep yet.

  2. Oh damm, I missed gaming session cuz that session started 5 AM, I just sat my chair for waiting to finish install game data in my PS3 but I fell asleep. Crap.... I should buy 5-hours drinks for stay awake to play boost. I wasnt go sleep last night cuz I had busy for boost another session.

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    2. Nasty_Rory


      yes, drink is our friend. And premium spirits are better again. Something that you just have to appreciate as opposed to just healing down your throat.... :D

    3. Memnoch


      give me the paint stripper, as long as it works

    4. CaptainHorakthy
  3. still tired since got out from work n still have muscle pain. I hope I will feel better tmw then playing some games for boosting or trophy hunting

  4. I finally got out from work early after I finished to stock all of stuffs including heavy stuffs. I have bad pain in my arm, it is just muscle pain. I feel relief for get two days offs from work.

    1. Edddyy
    2. VetoShizuko


      you're probably gonna be swore tomorrow cause that's how I feel after i've been working in the garden shop my whole shift yesterday so just take it easy

  5. I'm very tired from work. I worked for nearly 10 hours but it's killing me. I want day off now!

    1. SoftBall-Girl-8


      Aww dang, I'm sure that will some how pay off :D

    2. ScaryAbel210
  6. I join some gaming sessions but too much sessions for get online trophies and help trophy boosters. I have lot of unfinished PS3 games that I try plat n get lot of dlc trophies.

    1. LouTheDroog


      Which games have you boosted?

    2. ScaryAbel210


      SOCOM: Controntation, EndWar, WarHawk, GTA IV, Crysis 3 n Section 8: Prejudice.

  7. now it's time for boosting game!

  8. *yawning* I feel tired n sleepy. I had much busy for boosting with trophy boosters all late night. I'm going sleep now

  9. I tried post my pic at Post Yourself thread. it didn't work. Sorry, then here's my real face on my profile pic. Thank you.

  10. I'm getting frustrated with one of the trophy boosters today. Read #56 post at "Are Trophy Booster friendly or unfriendly?"

  11. woke up n still feeling tired. I can't stay home morning cuz today is my payday, I have to town for pay my stupid bills, buy some groceries n probably buy priceless PS3 games, then come back to home for playing game.

    1. CasaDeBen


      youre life sounds horrible :P

  12. playing n boosting game all late night

  13. upset.... if u need know why I am upset, go read my topic "Are Trophy Boosters friendly or unfriendly" read #33

  14. I almost fall sleep cuz I played game with friends for boosting since almost 7 hours. Jeez... it almost 2 AM, I better go sleep for resting. I'm so tired n sleepy

  15. I almost fall sleep cuz I played game with friends for boosting since almost 7 hours. Jeez... it almost 2 AM, I better go sleep for resting. I'm so tired n sleepy

  16. had much busy for boosting session all night, I'm so tired, I better go sleep now for work tmw. After work, I can go back the boosting session for finish hard game but it takes lot of days for plat. >.<

  17. went town for get pay from work

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    2. VetoShizuko


      T.T I still don't understand why i get paid on saturdays

    3. ScaryAbel210


      Softball, last time I had $200 per week but for now my hours got cut then I have less than $100. Not good enough

    4. CasaDeBen


      Wow that sucks dude

  18. I update n install date game in my PS3 for 1 hour. I want play some games right now

  19. I felt very tired from playing games for boosting n trophy hunting, I better go to sleep now then I will come back to play games tmw

  20. I have two day offs from work then I can boosting or playing games all days n late nights, I almost there for plat some games :D

  21. made my new gaming session for SOCOM, if u interest, plz read details of my gaming session. Thank you

    1. Dr_Mayus


      confrontation or 4?

    2. ScaryAbel210



  22. finally earned "Fire Controller" trophy from "Medal of Honor" game

  23. Resident Evil - 100% Plat n Section 8 - Plat, I plat both games in one day as today

  24. ranked up to Lv. 20 now

    1. rgeGeo


      Sweet, I have no clue what you're talking about, but awesome. ;)

    2. ScaryAbel210


      I meant level up Lv. 20 in my psn profile.