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  1. About that guy eh, he makes more money than the entire Swedish football association. I see his face in 3-4 times during the commercial brakes and if he used to be annoying before it's nothing compare to now. And about who we'll be up against. It's just like Granqvist (the captain) said 'it does't matter which team it will be. Everybody is afaid of us now' haha
  2. Yeeeaaaah! Sweden qualified without the help of Zlatan! I can't believe this is happening!!!! 😁
  3. Seppukun Grand Theft Auto V I had no intentions of cheating in GTA. I was just casually playing online when I played a random job with a modder who 'gifted' level to everybody in the lobby. <---- Just what happend to me... Please unflag me.
  4. I don’t want to hide it because there are still trophies left to achieve. And since I absolutely had no intentions of getting online levels illegitimate an unflagging would be appropriate. Thanks.
  5. Oh, I never knew that was even an option...
  6. Man, I can't even download the first dlc.The swedish store is completely empty... So I asked the Sony support what is going here? And the answer I got was 'we can't do much about it, it's up to the developer where they wanna sell their stuff'. Also the support wouldn't even let me change my region for some unknown reason blyat. Oh well, nice little game tho.
  7. When is this coming?! I just told my Revelations 1 partner to also buy this game... I ain't looking forward to raid for 70 hours again but this time alone....
  8. The servers are not working in Europe unfortunately. Or at least not here in Scandinavia.... That's make me a bit sad Online was amazing and super fun!
  9. Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 - Platinum Trophy Edit: oops I guess I made a post in the wrong thread^^
  10. This. They have great service as well so I strongly recommend the site. Always responding on mails pretty fast, changing orders etc is no problem for them. So yea..
  11. Yea this sucks... There is no information on EAs website as well so yea, who knows? Even the German version is down atm.
  12. Skate 3 Skate 2 Skate (got no trophies tho "/)
  13. Tiger Woods PGA 13 is closed and the platinum is now unobtainable. That's why I'm pissed off
  14. You guys have about a week or so to finish up the multiplayer in Fifa 14 before EA decides to shut down the servers...
  15. Great idea man, I'll join!
  16. Would like to know this as well? Server status anybody?
  17. Any EA game...
  18. Amen to that.
  19. Good luck man! I'm sure it will come in handy once I buy the game.