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  1. Can't really tell which is a compatible game to use DS4
  2. Holding down l3 for jak 1 on ps4 and then doing the code isn't unlocking anything for me
  3. I've to many
  4. Yeah it's the original I got
  5. I know you could connect the Vita to a PS3 but I'm not sure if that charged it
  6. Is there a way to charge a PS Vita off a PS4 with a different wire other then the normal charger because mine is broke and I can't get around to buying a new wire at the moment
  7. Thanks I'll check
  8. I'm stuck at 98.9% missing 2 workers in peril , 7 gold bricks and 1 race and I've interacted with every kiosk in the entire game and it shows I've completed them all . Help
  9. Why aren't the new trophies from sign of the times on this yet? They're showing up on psn but not on the store
  10. I think it is even though I don't own one yet. 500gb on a normal PS4 isn't enough usually I have to delete a lot of games just to play a new 1 and also the PS4 fan gets really loud for me when it wasn't always like that
  11. Yes it makes sense because how could Sony edit a picture your console took . It's possible to edit the trophies because they're part of the game
  12. Do the trophy screenshots show the old images because surely the couldn't change that
  13. So if the trophy images were updated will they change for people who already unlocked them?
  14. Those disc puzzles that kept happening near the end were frustrating