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  1. I made another topic about “momentous achievement” being glitched and 2 other trophies have not unlocked when I met the requirements. These are “Bring it on” and “safe house” For bring it on I have played 2 games matching the requirements needed to unlock it I played a kick off game it didn’t unlock after that I played a game with the settings on again in career mode and also the one to make the AI play better and that didn’t unlock it also. What am I doing wrong? I followed the guide it doesn’t work, this same trophy didn’t unlock for me in FIFA 22 either it’s a real pain. So I go for safe house played a no rules game online in ultimate team it didn’t unlock when it simply says just complete a match which I did and no trophy, it doesn’t specify whether you need to win or not. So tired of this broken ass game, every year EA gets worse and worse. Is anyone surprised anymore and it’s not like the trophies will be patched either.
  2. I would say have 100 at once but I still haven’t got the trophy so I don’t know
  3. I even spent some stars so I’m down to 86 once I get back up to 100 maybe it will unlock? This is the only possible workaround I can think of
  4. The trophy is glitched I’ve earned 102 stars and it hasn’t unlocked I exited ultimate team went back in and it didn’t work, I also restarted the game and it didn’t fix it either. This is very infuriating because I earned them all doing the World Cup moments and it’s all been a waste of my time the last five or six hours. Anyone else have issues with this trophy?
  5. Ah yes, another topic discussing the “stroke the” games, can’t wait until next week for the stroke the parrot or rabbit one, grow the fuck up guys, stop complaining we all know the reasons why these games are continuing to be released, there’s a demand for them. I haven’t played any of these as I don’t like bronze trophies tbh and I’m getting back to normal games yes I have a lot of simple platinums but now I just refuse once to get them, after seeing how rapidly they are being released it’s crazy. Also from April 2019 to April 2020 I only got 49 trophies and one platinum in 12 months. Trophies are meant to be a hobby and I’ve went through phases of collecting them over the last 10 years but now it’s just being ruined
  6. They’ve removed some of the harder ultimate team trophies this year so with some effort and if I actually play the Volta mode this will be my first fifa platinum since fifa 18 and I really want it now just I suck at online
  7. All these games are exactly the same, you aren’t missing out
  8. Mario Balotelli and his number 45
  9. They are all on PlayStation Now though, just get that
  10. Well the ps3 store has been acting up for like 5 years even when you get into you will be lucky to use it for 5 minutes without it crashing and having to restart your system again. Same happens with the PS4 store for me I don’t know what it is with Sony but the store has always been clunky for me no matter what, I presume it’s much improved on ps5 but I don’t know yet lol because I don’t have one.
  11. The game was not easy it’s very annoying with the controls but doable
  12. Try playing offline not connected to psn
  13. This has to stop lmao
  14. Why isn’t this on UK psn store yet?
  15. Why would you bother for 2 trophy’s? If you hate the game