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  1. Those disc puzzles that kept happening near the end were frustrating
  2. Mafia II GTA IV and saints row 3 maybe
  3. Also were still waiting for my name is mayo and Mr masagy and to me that's actually a big deal
  4. Yeah, as the title says
  5. It's fucked up there's a deluxe edition the game had a few bugs to
  6. 3 episodes I wonder if it will have a platinum.
  7. Just seen the trophy guide came out 4 days ago so it only really must of happened because the game is now free with more players
  8. Yeah I agree the game is quite hard
  9. Lol I shot Kate and rejected her throughout the game I thought a guy can't do this to his brother and Jesus, lingard, Conrad, Gabe,Eleanor all survived David walked away in my game so I don't know if he's dead or not
  10. I bought it for like 1.99 in the Easter psn sale . Didn't think an unpopular game like this would make it to plus. It only had about 700 tracked players when I first played it
  11. I was expecting a lot more tricky or tedious trophies in the trilogy in the build up leading to the games being released alot of people on the site mentioned in other threads expecting the same
  12. I somehow predicted this just yesterday that rocket league will have another list and then saw this thread lol
  13. Needs a trophy guide
  14. The order is still wrong for me unless I play a new game