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  1. You say this on a playstation website many people are going to disagree with you.
  2. My swat team arrives in the purple saints car every god damn time ,anyway to fix this..?
  3. Game is likely to be patched anyways probably before the first one comes out in August. Yes the PS4 version is shit in its current state but it’s definitely smoother then the ps3 version even if there is 1 glitched trophy it will be fixed.
  4. Well I just finished the card sharp trophy in Mafia 2 after starting nearly 8 years ago and it’s not that it was hard just very tedious and far to many posters lol. Now there’s even more in the remaster so yeah grinds do suck also the collecting film reels in La Noire there’s just to many, but I guess that will always happen in the open world games
  5. Actually it’s easy the hardest thing about the game was the arcade trophy
  6. Oh no I don't want to start this crap again but unfortunately the same exact problem is happening to me
  7. It's been along time since a game has used that as an image tbh
  8. This is just gonna be the thread that never dies. 40,000 replies Jesus
  9. Yeah I've been doing this there's something wrong with my game though
  10. How do you stop goal kicking you in the goal fight I can block the face attacks most of the time but the walk through and YouTube video don't explain this pressing x just doesn't work can only get 1 hit down off her health bar usually after about 40 attempts, someone who's done it reply and explain ffs sick of stupid shit like pointless mini games
  11. They are well aware just like other company's that trophys sell games for a lot of people these days but I think multiple regions stacks is to much
  12. You got the game already? When is it out for the rest of us
  13. Maybe it's just a new problem with cross buy
  14. Eu store has always been pretty retarded. Took months for my name is mayo to release here too.
  15. Doesn't look like today it's not on store