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  1. This has to stop lmao
  2. Why isn’t this on UK psn store yet?
  3. Why would you bother for 2 trophy’s? If you hate the game
  4. Is VR required for this game or an option?
  5. Dude who cares the game sucks and doesn’t live up to the first one plus they killed a beloved character and I’m not saying the first is great either but it is better. Like I said earlier the games are very over rated
  6. Yes red dead 2 was over rated a lot of people agree with that the game is very empty as well, the first one was much better can’t speak for god of war or the Witcher as I have no interest in those..
  7. Is it just me or do any of you else think this franchise is highly over rated and hyped up I don’t need to play the 2 games to know it Sony wants everyone to play TLOU and that’s it really and they both have very highly suspicious 90+ ratings or reviews or a lot of 10/10s man everyone can’t like this. And before anyone says don’t judge it unless you try yourself, well I don’t need to know I’ve seen enough gameplay and also been in the presence of people playing them to know yeah this is pretty over rated.
  8. No
  9. Well I was kinda excited after 7 years this game would slightly be forgotten about and allow rockstar to move onto other projects but I guess I was very wrong. Also forget about L.A. noire 2 that’s expected to never happen , Bully 2 is a definite maybe though.
  10. You say this on a playstation website many people are going to disagree with you.
  11. My swat team arrives in the purple saints car every god damn time ,anyway to fix this..?
  12. Game is likely to be patched anyways probably before the first one comes out in August. Yes the PS4 version is shit in its current state but it’s definitely smoother then the ps3 version even if there is 1 glitched trophy it will be fixed.
  13. Well I just finished the card sharp trophy in Mafia 2 after starting nearly 8 years ago and it’s not that it was hard just very tedious and far to many posters lol. Now there’s even more in the remaster so yeah grinds do suck also the collecting film reels in La Noire there’s just to many, but I guess that will always happen in the open world games
  14. Actually it’s easy the hardest thing about the game was the arcade trophy
  15. Oh no I don't want to start this crap again but unfortunately the same exact problem is happening to me