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  1. Hey thanks a lot for these tips. I wasn't sure about some of the stuff in this game but these posts really helped me out!
  2. lmao the stepladder trophy, that's wild thanks Capcom
  3. I'm a big fan of old style Clock Tower but I thought NightCry was really bad and I'm surprised to see that they're actually releasing the Vita version years after the fact. I thought they had simply abandoned that version but I guess not? I wonder if they improved on the original PC version by any means because that game was lacking in a lot of areas and I would hope that in the 2-3 years since it came out they would have done something to fix its problems.
  4. Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 needs to be re-scanned. The English language update just came out and it also translated all the Trophies into English.機動戦士ガンダム-バトルオペレーション2
  5. Seems like a pretty fun, comprehensive list with a bunch of quirky gimmick trophies on the side to spice things up. I like it!
  6. I'm reading the Japanese version trophy guide on their strategy wiki and there are missable trophies and ones that you can make harder on yourself if you aren't aware of them ahead of time. I've gone ahead and listed the ones I can figure out through machine translation here. "Ahem. Yuria?" has a limited window, so do it at your first opportunity. "Purge the Real Filth" is missable. You need to get a "Firebreak Talisman" (Japanese region name?) by Chapter 6 through winning the Colosseum's "S rank prisoner strongest winning decision championship" then use it on Thouzer. "Famous Last Words" is apparently a trophy that if you "break the limit" on your attack (Yakuza's standard stat growth past the original limits) you can make it more difficult to collect some of the Deathcries (killing them too fast?). I've linked a Deathcry collection guide (in Japanese, please use a machine translation) for your convenience in finding them as early as possible. "Purer Than the River" has some kind of possible lock-out condition but I can't really figure it out through Google translate, something to do with upgrading incorrectly? That Japanese version trophy guide and this page on the Japanese PS4 Trophy Wiki have some very good tips on how to alleviate the grind on some of these trophies, such as "Doctor At Large" and I see a tip on the second link to get one of the more difficult Deathcries.
  7. I find it kind of disappointing that both the Shenmues are lacking that killer edge when it comes to more completionist trophies, although that comes from me having replayed these games so many times over the years. That and it's the same company who puts out Yakuza, which has some mountainous platinums to earn! Maybe it's for the best though that they're simple and straight forward. I'm surprised they didn't do something like have one for beating Chai at the arcade or a full 100% toy completion run, and glad they didn't do something like fully master all the moves in Shenmue 1. I really like Big Spender though, a great way to lamp shade how just about everyone acts when they replay Shenmue 2, so that's a good trophy. Icons are a little bland but the list icons are gorgeous.
  8. There's quite a few missable trophies. Shenmue Dojo already has a WIP trophy guide that details stuff. A lot of this stuff is stuff I just did naturally when replaying Shenmue. It's all pretty simple!
  9. The PS4 version trophy list seems to be the same as the PC version achievement list, which is kind of disappointing given that they have the NJPW story mode in this version at launch. Oh well the game's really fun so it'll be fun to go through these again.
  10. I dunno if it's been mentioned but you don't need Deviljho to get either of the Gold Crown trophies. I got the Giant Gold one with him only being Silver. Good luck with that one. It was my last Giant Crown. If the investigations you have don't seem to be panning out, it might be worth stopping, going to fight some normally/in co-op so you can get new investigations and trying again later. I had like 9 different Black Diablos investigations with a wide array of conditions (gold/silver/silver/bronze, 30 min, 2 death, etc) and after 2 8-hour stints that only gave me big Silvers I just gave up, grabbed an investigation I had earned (a gold/silver/bronze 15 minute 1 death Capture) and it gave me Gold after a couple tries. I think some Investigations are just designed to be more apt to give you Golds.
  11. Yeah, I upload my save to the PS+ cloud then do the investigations and if I don't get the crown then I quit, download the save, and try the investigations again.
  12. A brand new Event Quest has been released today that comes with a guaranteed Giant Dodogama and Tiny Azure Rathalos. It's a 7-star HR quest called "USJ Blazing Azure Stars!" and the catch is that only a Japanese player who's got a special mission DLC code from Universal Studios Japan can start the quest, but this doesn't mean that you cannot join the quest once they set off an SOS flare! It may take you awhile (just search for HR Event Quest SOS', takes me 10-15 minutes per run) but it's guaranteed and will also give you special materials to unlock the currently Japanese-exclusive Azure Star weapon, palico gear, and hunter armor set!
  13. Romancing SaGa 2 needs to be rescanned for the recent English release on both PS4 and Vita.ロマンシング-サガ2/
  14. I like fishing games, VR is cool, and Square-Enix always seems to put a lot of effort into the FF15 brand so I'll probably get this... when it drops in price a little. It's $40 here!
  15. With the new 5x EXP effect going on, what's the fastest way to grind up a Legendary Item? I've just been repeating some of the super villain showdowns on Cosmic difficulty (repeating Blob for now) with a +255% buff and that amounts to roughly 1 and a half million XP per run of it, which is pretty busted as is, but is there any way to hit it even HARDER?