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  1. I agree with this, I normally have a pretty high tolerance for collectibles but here they are a real drag. It's the same thing over and over hundreds of times, I'm not sure why anyone would put these in a game
  2. Comedy gold
  3. Same issue here, 48/48 in game and only 47 on the tracker. No way I'm replaying the whole thing to get it.. guess I'll just leave it
  4. God send, thank you OP. If I have some spare time at work today I will try and port it over to Mac OS (python) so I can run it on my work laptop when not in use. I'll be sure to share it if I get it running
  5. I think I'm giving up on the plat for this, I'll leave the legendary car trophy. The money grind was boring already using the same dirt race over and over, now it's cut in half. The fun part of the game (for me) was the online sports races, which I don't mind playing for hours on end but they pay out something stupid like 6000 per race. Once I get the other trophies I'm selling my copy. So glad I got physical
  6. I'm assuming online migration only pops online trophies? I want to replay the SP campaign without it
  7. Didn't expect anything other than the exact same list again. Shame about the online, I can never force myself to sit through them (still not level 100 after 9 years)
  8. They can bug in a good way also, I just got the trophy for 50 sport races after only doing maybe 8? Huge timesaver
  9. I will never get these done at this rate
  10. Ohhh that makes more sense, I was only completing the full lap. The first track I did was the speedway with only a full lap available and it gave me a trophy, leading me to think that was all that was required. Thanks!
  11. Really? I got bronze on a few (more than 5) and didn't get it. Or do they have to be new tracks and not the variations of the same one?
  12. Not just the online trophies, I remember a large chunk of single player too (stunt jumps etc)
  13. I'm not sure how it will work, given that when the PS3 -> PS4 jump happened, simply loading up your online character popped all story trophies as well. I'm with OP though, I want to play the story again without having them popped.
  14. £8.75 here in the UK. I was honestly expecting them to put this out as a full price release. Sold my physical PS4 copy yesterday for £14 so it seems a no brainer in my situation
  15. It has to be a dye that needs flowers as part of the ingredients, the ones you can buy outright don't count