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  1. Just a heads up to save you grinding out levelizers to reach 1000 - if you tame a monster that is 1k+ in level it counts. Once you have access to the last sharance maze (banquet of nightmares), if you used the order to increase enemies levels to the max, the enemies here will be 12k+. I tamed one of the elemental fairies here using turnip seeds (takes a lot of tries) and the trophy popped for me upon doing so. It will also steamroll anything in the game once you put the levels back to normal, since its stats are ridiculous (70k+ atk etc)
  2. Honestly, I would. You'll only kick yourself if you fall in love with the game and a better version comes out just after you finish it
  3. Not sure how to get this working seeing as I redeemed the disc upgrade first - it keeps asking me to insert the disc. Shame as I was about to sell my physical copy
  4. Yeah the graphics aren't great, for me though it's more how disingenuous it feels - they haven't been very clear with this situation, and then hide the answer behind a reps reply to an email. Why not just state it on their website beforehand?
  5. Just seen this on twitter actually, so I think it's game over:
  6. There's still nothing yet, it's quite early in the US so I'll check again this afternoon
  7. Can't comment on the technical side, but it is quite low res. Playing on a 65" TV and it looks pretty miserable, but the performance is most important to me
  8. If it's true it's a pain as I gave in and started the PS4 version... I have to say it runs at a solid 60fps this way, I've heard the native PS5 version is atrocious
  9. That's what I thought, but all retailers here released it yesterday, it's in stores & even Amazon
  10. It has actually launched in Europe, I have it here in the UK. The lack of upgrade is ridiculous seeing as all other avenues come with both versions
  11. Played it for a bit last night, it's a really odd decision for them to make. You play the tutorial and then get thrown into a fully levelled character with good gear, it should make the trophies quicker to achieve than if playing from scratch but it's overwhelming the amount of mechanics that get thrown at you as a new player. I still don't fully understand the combat and different quest structures
  12. I'm an idiot, I was getting it mixed up with the normal difficulty. Marathon is > 99 tries, you're correct, and by the sounds of it, already done it. Takes some serious skill! I'm trying the SMB1 one marathon but keep using all my tries on "Stamina Master"
  13. It's one of the missions, those are by far the hardest part of this to complete. The marathon courses themselves aren't too bad as you have actually have unlimited tries.
  14. After playing a lot yesterday, I can say that if you have played monkey ball before on GC and use the jump function, most people will be able to get 99% of trophies. Plat will be insanely difficult, finishing marathon with > 30 fails is incredibly hard.
  15. And here I went out and bought the disk version the other day for £20.. guess I'll be selling that again and getting this deal Edit: store page just says I already own it since I got the disk upgrade already. Not a clue how it works