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  1. New game + was easier than my first run on normal. On the final battle on normal i died a couple times, but on new game + i did it on my first try. Just used a lot of stealth to avoid battles and for the bosses i used shield weaver.
  2. the fourth skill tree is for a DLC trophy. Did not know that before.
  3. i got the trophy with only the skills for the first 3 skill trees. doing side quests gives extra points.
  4. For fire kills keep using the fire arrows. For the maps, you can get them right before leaving the village with a merchant just before the gate.
  5. So, I got all 40 pages, but the last 10 wont change into a chapter and Vulgrim wont accept them. Also, there was no message when i got the last 1 at black stone. anyone else?
  6. Now it worked. Guess sony was too busy before.
  7. Just got a PS4 and I'm trying to connect to psn but I can't. I received the verification email and clicked on it but the page doesn't load. Tried with 3 usernames, 3 different e-mails and nothing. Help please :blink:
  8. Let us know if it happens to you. Thanks.
  9. I bought the digital version of this game and it keeps freezing my ps3. Anyone had this issue. Thinking about deleting and reinstalling.
  10. Dragon Ball Z budokai Tenkaichi series. Man, i love that game
  11. If i'm not mistaken you can use an external hard drive. Found this: So you would not need to open your ps3
  12. Atari 2600 in 84 SNES in 94 PS1 in 2003 ps2 in 2006 ps3 2012
  13. When you created the game, did you check the ranked match box?
  14. My old ps3 showed no signal on tv also, with av cable, changed to hdmi cable and it worked fine.
  15. I'm sure you did something to deserve that!!!! lol