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  1. I just need this trophy for the plat, but i haven't played this game for years. Is there anybody who has a "set-u" for this trophy? Thanks!
  2. I need someone to help me (i hope: high level) to kill the terramorphus in ps3 and also take the friend reviving trophy.....I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
  3. I played Arcade mode without having the dlc, because a friend (who has it) invited me. I managed to get the "Quest for Glory" trophy, but not the "Serial Quester" trophy, althought we won together all the difficulty/rarity levels/quests. Does somebody knows if i have to own the dlc "Marching Fire" in order to obtain that trophy? Or something else went wrong?
  4. I played Arcade mode without having the dlc, because a friend (who has it) invited me. I managed to get the "Quest for Glory" trophy, but not the "Serial Quester" trophy, althought we won together all the difficulty/rarity levels/quests. Does somebody knows if i have to own the dlc "Marching Fire" in order to obtain that trophy? Or something else went wrong?
  5. A)Did you show proof of what you just said? But i guess i am surely a liar and you're surely not a liar, so you don't need proof. BUT you tried to cheat on the game at the past, but still YOU don't need proof of what you said, just your word is enough! B ) Following your logic, i have to: 1) Buy a copy of the game again 2) replay it somehow (i guess in a new account) 3) Stop before 50% shards 4) Find an 100% shards save and use it 5) Take a video of the monitor to see what happens Yea sure....they are very logical all these. Just to "save a game plat", i will have to rebuy and replay it and be a cheater to prove that i am not a cheater! Of course, that time i could use it for a game that i haven't played....but that is not important....right? And of course, even if the trophies pop together....then someone else will say that i must still remain flagged because of the 30 sec gap....etc...etc.... And i have a better idea....IF i do all that....then it is obvious that i am a cheater and i know the process....so whatever happens, case closed....i know to cheat! Thanks but no......i guess that when you proposed that, you were laughing loud! I prefer to wait the "verdict" of the admins or who ever is the judge.....(don't know yet)
  6. I don't have this game anymore....trade it.....so i can't test what you're saying..........and it sounds really strange to me what you're saying. But most of all it sounds strange that you actually TRIED to achieve trophies in a way that it would be obvious that they were cheated. I mean....if you WANTED to take 25% and 50% and 100% ALL TOGETHER (as you said), then you didnt only wanted to cheat, but to BE SEEN that you cheat. For me sounds no logical....but anyway, that was not my case....it just glitched. But it seems that there is no reason for this to continue.....cause i am making a "wild guess" here....that (almost?) no one ever gets a positive "verdict"...so we just talk for the shake of talking.... Good day
  7. Friend, you would be right....but i used MY OWN save.....my "big mistake" that time was i didn't had an online connection to my house and i was "sharing" (taking) my brother's wifi (next door appartment). But because my bedroom (where i still have the ps3) is in the second floor, it's too "away" to catch that signal. So i don't synchronize every day.....but only when i "catch" the signal, or when i move the ps3 to the livingroom (downstairs) for online gaming or something. So i had plat the game and of course i kept the "finishing/winning save" (like always) in a flash drive. The ps3 frozen in the installation of some other game (rented from a videoclub....i remember that because i gave it back terrified!).....the picture stayed frozen.....the cd didn't came out even if i pressed the button, i used all the tricks to turn it of (press XMB continuously etc), i waited.....and then i decided to unplug it (yeaaaaaa......very clever, i know). You know what happened when i turn it off again.....disc check....bla bla bla......everything erased.......i was lucky that i didn't burn the hard drive And of course, EVERYTHING in the HD was erased....so all the trophies i havent synchronize too (i lost a few that day). But i used the save i had for the platinum i've lost and yea.....it popped all the trophies together and after i synched, the trophies that i haven't synch "stayed together"....that time i didnt know that this was a "mistake" or something. BUT i agree that THIS can happen with every save...not only "my save" (although i don't understand how my machine can "accept" another save, but i take your word that it can be done). So i am not gonna dispute THIS, because it will be a waste of time....there is no way to prove if the save was mine ot not, but mostly because i "understand" NOW that if for THIS CASE they ask me questions like this....well......you understand. But THIS CASE it's a shame what happens here....especially the fact that i am investigated for a 30 sec gap of two trophies they they are SUPPOSED to pop together (as mine did) and nobody cares that two other trophies that they also supposed to pop together if i cheated....they DIDNT...in fact it is obvious that i continued playing the game, earned other trophies (if i remember) and THEN the 50% shard popped!. So if everybody comes here with a 99% pre-decided attitude that i am guilty......which are my "chances" in the other game which (as i said) I AGREE can there is no way for me to prove the save was mine? There, the same guys will come with 99,99% certainty that i cheated....so it's a waste of time i dont have. By the way....i even suspect that even if someone wanted to defend me.....we would be 'afraid' that he will be characterized as a cheater too and be on the risk to get flagged. So thanks but i've learned my lesson about the dispute......i only insist here because in my mind is too obvious that i didnt cheated the 100% and because i "invested time" in the first place, when i thought that all i had to do is answer some simple question, not to escape the Holy Inquisition. But thank you for your time, at least you were polite...that means something (to me)
  8. It's very funny that in the same thread, a 14 hours gap is insignificant (because it makes the cheating story collapses), but a 30 sec gap is way to important....yea i got it....the dispute it's a typicall process....... By the way....THE DISTRICTS unlocked in a very logical/normal order, the "problem" is that the trophy "should" pop a few seconds after the time it did.........
  9. Friend, I was trying to explain that all day yesterday, but i got tired. This game was one of the first games i had, cause i got it in a bundle when i bought my ps3 (the other 2 games were killzone 2 and AC 1). I never had a gaming machine in the past....so it was like a revelation to me. I started played this game and some others that i borrowed from a friend....but you know how it goes when you are a rookie.....i wanted to try new games.....etc. So i left it in the middle, not only that one but others too. When i started caring about trophies, i replayed some games that i have left undone (some others i had exchange them, so i couldn't). This time i read the guide....etc etc.... So i played this game before 4 and 7 years. Sorry but after those years, even if someone asks me to remember my diploma references and bibliography, i cant....it's that simplet maybe some others have vast memory that can hold even small details from insignificant matters....but i cant. I rememer the glitch cause it was frustrating, i remembered the "back and forths" with the saves due to the guide instructions.....but that's all. If the "proof" that i cheated is that i don't have a super memory (and the 30 sec gap!!!) , then so be it. On the other hand, nobody even TRIES to explain, how did i used a save for the 100% shards, but the 50% didn't pop until after 14 hours later. I guess that some "detectives" here are searching for every other possibility, ignoring a simple fact for the trophy that "got me here". And because this is not good for their pre-decided judgement, they invent new "evidence". Ok....so i am waiting for the "jury" to decide...i don't know if those are the users or the admins or someone else....but i am tired to explain the same thing all over again. As i said in a message, when someone says that he can't be sure, I understand it. I understand that he can't be sure that i am not guilty (or the opposite)....the only thing i don't understand is how his "balance" is closer to "guilty"......i think that the general view of this games trophies or of my entire trophy list, shows a "normal" picture.....sometimes i need months for just taking the next plat......i guess i am a fail even for a cheater.....hehehe :-). Good night (or day) fellas....
  10. How can i remember that after all those years? I saw the guide (today), there was a method for 1,5 playthrought (keeping all the decisions for the end so to play first good karma and then bad). Maybe i used this....maybe i combined this with the missing 50% ( if i needed a second playthroygh, maybe i got the missing trophy in that). HOW could i remember a strategy 4 years before? The guide says that i must have an overall negative karma? Is there a way that i didn't have so i had to use a previous save and boost my overall karma to max? i really don't know, i have to replay the game to answer that. I think i used that guide: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/infamous/225095-all-trophies-one-playthrough.html If someone is more expert in this game, he can explain it....i cant, i dont remember .....honestly This guide says something about lowering good or evil karma and manual saves before every importand decisions, so taking both trophies in same playthrough....that is why i was keeping saves of the game. is that so? don't know, lost in time.....but i like games like this, don't want to spoil them with cheats......i was playing for HOURS.....look at the whole list..... It says this: 4) Make a manual save before the missions where you get a karma decision trophy (Good/Evil Eats, Good/Evil Train, etc. - all listed below), and play the mission twice to get both trophies consecutively. The only mission where this presents a bit of a challenge is the mission where you transport the bus with Trish - you actually have to have good/evil karma here to get the two trophies. When you make the manual save, use Bio-Leech to bring your karma down to Thug level, beat the mission, then load your manual save and beat again with good karma. You also have to do this for the mission The Rescue (train), but your karma is so close to neutral at this point that lowering it to negative is too quick to mention Can this happen with this strategy? maybe......can't remember after those years......if that looks suspisious, i guess that the normal is to remember any platinum clever tips the last 7 years....ok i dont, sorry.....
  11. :-) Ok thats a good answer....a lawyers answer but a good one. But the stupid trophy popped out of order after i reloaded the old save and after one boring day doing the same thing again.....(collecting shard...more than 100 i think). if the only way to prove it, was to have a video.....i dont have, i guess nobody has.... Anyway....here its too late...maybe there also....have a good night....
  12. No that's another story.....my ps3 freezed and i had to unplugged it, so everything was erased (trophies, saves..etc).....but i guess that i can answer in that thread....right?. But for the love of god....in THIS game, just tell me this. Ok let's say i used another save to take the 100% trophy. So, the 50% MUST POP...right? I know that you don;t believe me, but i guess you have to answer how that happened...you are not talking about 30 seconds before or after...but for NOT POPPING at all. Ok maybe i am a genius in computers or something and found a way to prevent it (why?)...but i guess an expert wont be caught....right. Anyway.....just answer me that,....because i can't take advantage of your time. Are you absolutely sure that a glitch like that cant happen? Cause it happen dude.....
  13. Of course i know what a save file is....as i said, i use them for backup.....i am not a computer expert but i am not stupid either But if you watch the games trophy list with 50% suspicion (not 100%, just 50%), it's obvious that it is a game played normally. Do you really say that it;s the first time that you heard about a glitch in collectibles order? Or better, let me change the question. Assume that there was a glitch. What different would have happened? I mean, a glitch is an "out of order condition" by defition. Something wiil look wrong IF it happens.... As i said.....i deleted the current save (stored it of course) reloaded a previous save, and it popped on 50% after playing. Thats the only "anomally" .....you don;t really believe that the 30 seconds in simultaneous trophies is really a matter worth of discussion. So...if you have the power to decide, of course it is in your hands, that the point of a dispute. But i guess that disputes always have the same conclusion, no matter the arguments....except if i had a video or something of the trophies popping.....so practically i am arguing for nothing.... Thanks anyway
  14. Of course i know....cause it's much easier to remember an action than to remember a site you googled or who suggested that action. It's like asking me to remember in which particular newspaper i read an article about something before 4 years. As i said......by googling i may found that solution from another glitch post....who knows? Can you really recall every article or site you used in the past for solving a software problem in your pc or your ps4? I admire you.... Your second argument is wick too. A glitch is a possibility.....not something certain. It is absolutely impossible to know which game and to what player can happen something like that. Even the fact that you agree with me about trophies popping in weird order in a game....it is obvious that it does not pop weird to everyone who played that game. Or in the same weird order...right? Something "abnormal" can not happen to everyone, that is why it is abnormal! But the fact remains.....what could i do in 30 seconds? I mean....except from freezing time.....i can't see any other solution. The trophies popped TOGETHER...do you really believe that a distance of 30 seconds is a reason for punishing someone with certainity? really? I can't explain better what i want to say due to language barriers, but the general meaning is obvious. Collectibles glitch many times....in fact they are usually the most glitchy trophies in games. So if the 100% is legit, then the 50% had to be legit and it glitched. If the 100% is not legit, then the 50% should pop almost the same time (before of after....but close time).....not 14 hours later and after i continued playing. THIS was the question i summoned to answer. Another guy asked something extra.....which i gave a very logical answer and which given any other logical answer, except if i can "bend space and time". Of course i cant turn back time and sure if the reason of all this conversation is for some people to have a "good excuse" for banning another gamer.....well i am powerless to that........i tried to use logic and as much memory as i could, cant do better than that.....
  15. Friend....in my ps3 (and sometimes even in the ps4), when 2-3 trophies have to pop the same time, it is usual that they 'randomly" pop (especially the difficulty related trophies). When i say randomly, i mean "all together, but not in the logical order". And i don' think that i am the only one who has experienced that. in my ps3.....even a signle trophy, sometimes need close to a minute to pop after i achieve it. I am not sure how it works, i am a gamer, not a software engineer. But it is LOGICAL that in 30 seconds, i don't have time to do anything (change save, load previous save, use another ps3 or whatever trick can be done). It is just how they popped. But i insist that this happens......i am sure that even you have sometimes experienced the 'simultaneously but wrong order" or popping trophies.....it is usual if you ask me. Anyway, i think that 30 sec difference it is obviously too little time for any trick....i am sure that you agree with this.