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  1. You are missing the video for Shiragiku (White-haired Girl). You need to pick the lock of white hair for that ending for Ren and glance her there. Actually, I think you glance automatically, just don't let her pull you in the box. Although you need that for another ending.
  2. SS is the highest rake in the Japanese version. It's S+ in the western version.
  3. Buy mirror stones. They only negatively effect your score for that item leaving it at 0, and since most drops don't have them to pick up, it doesn't matter. And if you have enough (10-15 is what I buy), nothing can kill you, even when tainted. The mirror stone will cure the tainted status when they break as well. IF you need to boost your score, get your character wet (it increases encounter rates), and run around and get into random battles to boost your score.
  4. What if you used temporary saves to pick up some misc. trophies, then went back to your main save? So you did not earn all the trophies on a single save but you have the platinum, will it auto-pop?
  5. What is the point of this game? All I see from the video is 2 characters moving around with bullets flying everywhere. Is there any strategy to this game?
  6. How easy is it to platinum this game and do you need a 2nd player?
  7. No PS5 version?
  8. It popped for me as soon as I finished the mode. Played on a PS TV.
  9. The Boost Rush trophy was a bit difficult to pull off on the Vita. I transferred my save to a PS TV and played with a DS4 and got it in half an hour.
  10. I've searched everywhere online and I've heard they can get items you've missed, but I can't find out how. I've had them search an area for missing items and they tell me how many I've missed, but I don't see any option to have them retrieve the item. EDIT: I found a treasure guide that points out that around half way through the game, the Katz Exploration will gain the ability to do an item search.
  11. I wasted money buying the Asian and Japanese versions, which shares the same trophy list as the NA version. If you want this version, buy it from the European store.
  12. I just wanted to point out that you can't buy this off of the Japanese store without a Japanese credit card due to the age limit. However, you can buy the dlc without any issues. I bought a physical copy, and the season pass is ready to go.
  13. I had the same problem. I earned 3 trophies in Final Fantasy Type-0 and they were hidden. I earned another trophy in the same game, updated and everything shows up now. Weird.