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  1. I just killed Atomos as my 151 out of 302 bestiary entries and the 50% trophy didn't pop until after all the cut scenes were over and I had control again. I've played I through IV so far, and each of the 100% bestiary trophies don't pop until the credits are over and the game gives you an option to save.
  2. Is it possible to redeem points on a PC?
  3. I can S-rank 1-2 pretty easily. Just 3 shots of the focus lens with ~50k each time. It may help to have the Chain lens fully upgraded and have it in one of the equip slots. Also, I noticed if my character has low spirit points in the main game, I'll have low spirit points in the missions. So have full spirit points in the main game as well
  4. My last document was "Ghost Hand" under the "other" category. Apparently I never let those annoying hands grab me when trying to pick up an item.
  5. Will I still be able to do the Pulse Rifle Ammo Exploit with the latest patch?
  6. As I was playing the game, I made a list of all locations where you use a security clearance to access rooms, lockers, etc. The list is arranged by location of the ship, followed the room name. If the room does not have a name, I listed a description of the room in parenthesis "()", followed by the floor #. The names and floor #'s are based on the in-game map. After that, I've listed the lock type and the clearance needed. IE: L=locker, FL=foot locker, WL: wall locker, R=room, B=box. MO stands for Master Override which you get from a side quest. Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control (bottom tram rail (F1)): R:1 Cargo Bay (F1): B:MO, L:2 Medical (hallway from Hangar (F3)): R:1 Security Station (F4): L:2 Consultation Room (F4): FL:2 Diagnostic Technician (F4): FL:2x2 Observation Room (F5): FL:2x2 (hallway after Observation Room (F5)): R:2 Zero-G Therapy Access Corridor (F6): R:1 (hallway from Biological Prosthetics Center (F1)): R:3 Ishimura Clinic (F4): WL:1 Emergency Room (F4): FL:1x2 (Emergency Room reception room (F4)): L:1, L:2 ER Hallway A (F4): R:2 Intensive Care Unit (F4): WL:2 (hallway outside Chemical Lab (F4)): R:3, L:3x2 Flight Deck Main Hangar Bay (F1 bottom left): FL:3 (room before Main Hangar Bay (F1)): L:3x2 Engineering (hallway from Main Hangar Bay (F6)): R:1 Machine Shop (F4): B:MO Refueling Control Stations (F4): R:2 Refueling Control Stations (F4 south):FL:1 (hallway before Decontamination Room (F2)): R:1, L:1 Fuel Storage (F5): R:3 Fuel Storage (F4): L:1 Bridge (hallway from Bridge Tram Station (F4)): R:2 Main Atrium (F4): L:2x2, FL:3x3, R:2 Security Room (F4): WL:2 (hallway before Mining Administration (F2)): R:2 Mining Administration (F2): R:2 Admin Server Maintenance (F2): R:2 Electrical Systems Storage (F1): FL:3, L:3x3 (room at the beginning of Water Purification (F5)): R:MO Hydroponics Flow Control (F1): R:3 West Grow Chamber (F2): R:2 (hallway from Hydroponics Central Hub (F1)): B:MO Mining (hallway from Mining Tram Station (F6)): FL:3, R:MO RIG Room (F6): L:3 (hallway before Mining Control (F4)): R:3 Mining Control (F4): FL:3x2 (locked Room in hallway before Mineral Processing Area (F5)): WL:3, L:3 Mineral Processing Area (F5): R:3 Mineral Processing Control (F5): FL:3 Equipment Maintenance Bay (F1): R:3 Tool Storage (F6): B:MO Communications Hub (hallway from Bridge (F2)): R:3 (hallway after Comms Control Room (F2)): R:3 Crew Quarters Standard Bathrooms (F4): L:3 Central Nexus (F2): L:3 Common Area (F5): R:3 Deluxe Shift Bunks (F3 south): B:MO Executive Bathrooms (F3): WL:3 First Officer D. White (F3): B:MO Chief Stewards Offices (F3): L:3 Aegis VII Transfer Junction (F2): B:MO I hope this helps.
  7. Log Alien Boarders is supposed to be in the Briefing Room next to a body onboard the USM Valor. When I entered the Briefing Room, the body and log were missing. I’d exit and come back and the body would be floating off to the side (the room has normal gravity), but no log. I tried re-installing the game, starting from a point before the chapter started, but no luck. I know I don't need all of them for the trophy, but I wanted to collected everything. Maybe I'll have better luck in new game+
  8. Resident Evil Director's Cut *Raises hand*
  9. This totally worked for me. When I had left over points, I put them into health. Which was good idea since I only 10 HP left after beating the last boss
  10. How many stages are there for the arcade mode?
  11. I have not been able to manually update my account for the last few hours. Is it not working for anyone else? Nevermind. As soon as I post this, it works
  12. You are missing the video for Shiragiku (White-haired Girl). You need to pick the lock of white hair for that ending for Ren and glance her there. Actually, I think you glance automatically, just don't let her pull you in the box. Although you need that for another ending.
  13. SS is the highest rake in the Japanese version. It's S+ in the western version.
  14. Buy mirror stones. They only negatively effect your score for that item leaving it at 0, and since most drops don't have them to pick up, it doesn't matter. And if you have enough (10-15 is what I buy), nothing can kill you, even when tainted. The mirror stone will cure the tainted status when they break as well. IF you need to boost your score, get your character wet (it increases encounter rates), and run around and get into random battles to boost your score.
  15. What if you used temporary saves to pick up some misc. trophies, then went back to your main save? So you did not earn all the trophies on a single save but you have the platinum, will it auto-pop?