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  1. Just another reason to avoid this Battlefield been trash for some time, can't complain i suppose saved me some money
  2. Shocking Another ubisoft game thats f##ked up at the start Who saw that coming
  3. Killzone shadow fall God help me, the mp is just brutal
  4. There are 2 versions of it, i got OP's version Like the other one better
  5. Not sure yet, still pushing through all the dates
  6. Use the L1+ R1 skill while maining each player character It makes them critical hit for a brief period
  7. I got Hestia scene page 5 #4 as bell's player skill and loki scene page 8 #2 as Aiz's player skill
  8. Infamous,Resistance Pretty close on Senran Kagura, just missing a few from bon appetite
  9. Suprisingly, I had alot of fun with Agents of Mayhem Seems like alot of people disliked it tho
  10. Persona 4 golden