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  1. 1) Homefront 0.33% 2) Naughty Bear 0.78% 3) Defiance 1.10% 4) Ghostbusters(2009) 1.34% 5) Killzone Shadow Fall 1.64% Decent bunch
  2. All trophies can be done solo Just got this plat myself not long ago
  3. Just another reason to avoid this Battlefield been trash for some time, can't complain i suppose saved me some money
  4. Shocking Another ubisoft game thats f##ked up at the start Who saw that coming
  5. Killzone shadow fall God help me, the mp is just brutal
  6. There are 2 versions of it, i got OP's version Like the other one better
  7. Not sure yet, still pushing through all the dates
  8. Use the L1+ R1 skill while maining each player character It makes them critical hit for a brief period
  9. I got Hestia scene page 5 #4 as bell's player skill and loki scene page 8 #2 as Aiz's player skill
  10. Infamous,Resistance Pretty close on Senran Kagura, just missing a few from bon appetite
  11. Suprisingly, I had alot of fun with Agents of Mayhem Seems like alot of people disliked it tho
  12. Persona 4 golden