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  1. I myself absolutely loved the game. Didn't expect anything from it and got it for FFXV demo back then, but fell in love with it. I thought the story was decent and epic, maybe a bit gruesome for a Final Fantasy. The OST is absolutely amazing and I listen to it every once in a while (especially the theme song Zero by Bump of Chicken, which is also woven into the story in a splendid way) While I know that many people despise the combat system, I could enjoy it and didn't get motion sickness from it. You might want to check out some videos of gameplay before digging into it, to see if the fast paced camera shifts affect you. I would definitely recommend it, for me it was one of the better FFs in the last decade
  2. Caught a giant Legiana during the Coral Waltz event yesterday (Giant Gold Crown: 2107.69) If anyone still needs it, I made a video showing how big it should be when standing next to it's legs (see below). Got all 8 crowns from the event, so I can confirm they all drop there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fx6w1m4qxp4n71y/Monster Hunter World Measure Giant Legiana.mp4?dl=0
  3. For all those who are still struggling to get this trophy,, but want it nontheless, my fiance and I found a workaround for the PS4 version of the game. We've been trying for hours to find and join a game (trying to switch off firewalls etc) with no success. Went online and googled what other people did to solve the problem, nothing helped. Then we tried to host an online-session and joined as second player on the same PS4 and the trophy popped for the joining player! Tried it again for the former hosting player with the second player as host and it popped too as soon as he joined. We also tried it with a guest-account without PSN, but then the game kicks you saying you're not logged into PSN, so sadly you need 2 PSN-accounts. So long story short: If you're struggling to get the only online trophy in this game, make sure you have 2 different PSN-accounts logged in on your PS4. Start the game and host a tournament with your secondary profile, then join as local player with the account that wants the trophy via options button and have the trophy pop. I hope this helps everyone who was still struggling as we were. Cheers, Jayk
  4. If you're determined enough you can indeed do all those trophies in 1 playthrough without restarting. I'd recommend a new game plus after you're done with the rest of the trophies though, as you can start it by speaking to a statue in your village and then you can choose to keep your level and level up faster. I can't really remember anymore, but I do believe that I still had to do a full playthrough with all bosses and then level in the endgame-dungeon quite a bit with a EXP multiplier even though I started the new game at 110. As for the strategies, I think you have to switch to the stategy you changed. I remember that I had the problem too while grinding the hit-combo.
  5. I absolutely loved it! The story was great, just the game didn't take itself serious (which didn't harm the flow at all, I even cried once)
  6. Got the Tales of Hearts R plat just now so this makes three and me worthy of an undine! x)
  7. Oh I think I'll start as a Champion of the Gods x)
  8. Thanks for adding me and thank you for the answer! I should dig up Tales of Graces f then sometime again But first: Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Hearts R x)
  9. Sign me up for Sylph (soon to be Undine) + Does it count if I platted Tales of Graces f on my old account? Haven't played it on my new account
  10. Kingdom Hearts OST, while studying for exams :I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7riVArX7gY
  11. I gave wings to my heart and said "go to a place that is far away", but my heart wiped its tears and said that it would never leave my side

  12. I can only say the same thing as above: Buy it! Best game I have on Vita and I can recommend it to anyone. and personally I liked it more than Persona 3, dunno... started P3 3 times, played about 10 hrs and lost interest. P4 though, I played 110 hours and I still love it, currently in my 2nd playthrough.