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    Hi, I'm mysticmosh. You can also check me out on true trophies and true (xbox tag Mystic Mosh). I've been gaming since the atari 2600 and the Moon Patrol days:) . Spent ages doing Sonic on the mega drive before picking up my first ps one controller. Like Lego, Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed (until they fucked the series and turned it into an RPG turd), Uncharted (not 4), things with wheels and Tomb Raider. Love beer!

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  1. I would be more afraid of the fact that you'll have to give these people some private info to make the purchase.
  2. Need For Speed Most Wanted. Played this to death (and back!) on the ps2 and found a copy years later for the 360....Most Wanted with achievements?, yes please!. Got about half way through and gave up. My rose tinted specs slightly cracked at the experience, I'd rather not go back to it again.....unless they remake Underground!
  3. Where are you?! 😀
  4. Any game which means I have to rely on the presence of other players for trophies!
  5. TIMESPLITTERS trilogy remastered all day long! BLACK. I can play the original via xbox EAPLAY (but it's not included in the PS version) BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 3 NFS UNDERGROUND
  6. I forgot to add this other thing that I'm doing. I'm trying to get a 'year of platinum', meaning a platinum on every day of the year. I've 300 plats so far but on looking at the dates, I've overlapped about 44 dates with more than 1 platinum on each meaning I need around 410 total platinums to fill the year. I got a 'leap plat' last year so no waiting around for that date!. I know some might find this totally mad, but it makes the hunt interesting to say the least.
  7. I deliberately made lego marvel's avengers platinum my 10,000 trophy with the name 'Peace In Our Time' being the platinum name. I also made AC Liberation RM platinum my 15,000 trophy. Latest is platinum 300, Infamous Second Son with 'Enjoy Your Powers'. Other account was opened by deliberately choosing Assassin's Creed II's opening trophy called 'Birth Of An Assassin' to be trophy number 1!. On my psn account, if you view my bio, the picture is also deliberate. It's a trophy shot from Tomb Raider called 'Self Improvement Junkie'.
  8. Wetlands Ebony and Ivory. I know there's a trophy linked to it but Ezio looks the man in it!. Like killing a target, looking in the mirror and saying 'Damn, I make this shit look good!'.
  9. I bought this on release and enjoyed it. After all, it's Duke, but I can see why some thought it was a cringe fest. Blowing shit up with the badass one liners is always gonna be fun to do, but having a trophy linked to handling a turd is just lame and immature. I agree with others that I would like to see another Duke game but it'll never happen because the 'snowflake anti absolutely everything' brigade would say it gives them nightmares and it's anti this that and the other. Unfortunately, they'd win and that's just as shit as their grey suited heads down 'lives' that they lead. On another note, my first Duke game was the 3d one on ps one but my fave was always Land of The Babes. Imagine that trying to be reimagined now?!!. COME GET SOME!!
  10. Definitely GTA. I loved it up to and including San Andreas, but since IV and Bellic, it has become a total load of shit. I bought GTA V on release hoping it was going to be better, played it for a few hours and sold it for more than I paid for it!. I know people love it, but nearly 8 years squeezing shit out of a single game is beyond me. Assassin's Creed since Origins. I loved this franchise as well and loved the fact that I knew (roughly) what was going to be required in the games. What I don't need is it to be turned into some sort of massive RPG with stupid size maps and the worse incarnation of 'eagle vision' ever seen. I haven't played Valhalla, but the 2 previous games were awful. Long live Ezio! Borderlands. Tried them, hate them. Uncharted 4 Guess what I'm really saying is that when you have a winning formula (which they undoubtedly were), sometimes trying to improve things turn it to shit. Newer players who haven't been there since the start will love this era's games (as will a lot of early players), but a lot of players like me, think that "I liked it better the way it was!".
  11. I honestly don't know if I could/would carry on gaming if trophies were abandoned!. I've been gaming since the late 70's so a long time and multiple eras. When trophy support arrived in 09 I didn't think much of it at first but as I acquired more games with trophy lists, I started taking more of an interest in it. I know I'll never be at the top of the gaming tree, but the trophies mean everything and often keep me playing a game whereas in the past I might of given up on it. I love plotting a possible trophy route towards platinum, love sites like this one and True Trophies (especially for their community challenges😀) and love the fact that the trophies give a game so much more compared to one without.
  12. Yes, I agree. I platted the game the other day. Other stuff that popped up in game were getting the 5 online Gumpert races trophy after only doing 1, having to do about 5-6 interceptor busts in the Veyron SS online instead of 1, having to play 12 of each online interceptor for the trophies instead of 10 (I created all my online sessions except Hot Pursuits so it wasn't down to players leaving/quitting). Thank God it's over. Didn't like the fact that the dlc events had to be gold/distinction for the platinum to work. That should never happen, especially if they are set as seperate trophy lists.
  13. I just found this game repetitive garbage. Nice to look at, but just hide from mech, attack mech, kill mech...rinse, repeat. Even the story missions were awful. Gave up after about 5 hours or so, so maybe my point isn't accurate, but to me the game is bad and if I could wipe it from my psn account I would.
  14. Battlefield 3: All down to the co-op mission 'Drop 'em like liquid' where you play as 2 snipers taking out terrorists along a river bank and embassy. It was the only trophy left for the platinum. In theory pretty straight forward, but throw in the trophy requirements of not alerting anyone and it goes sideways very fast, especially if you don't get the timing right. It ended up being like a comedy sketch with us fucking it up over and over again because my partner didn't understand when to fire....'Is it on 1? or is it after 1?, I'll say 3-2-1-fire, to which they'd fire on 1 or after fire or not at all. I could of cried out when we eventually did it!!. Never played or want to play co-op EVER again.
  15. I'm having a problem. On the Porsche dlc packs I've done all 10 events, 5 golds and 5 distinctions, but no trophy. Looking into each event, I see that the results for Fast Lane race in the porsche 959 doesn't even have a speedwall entry on the autolog despite 2 of my friends and myself beating it. This is stopping the trophy(?). I tried the usual stuff, reboot the game, redo the race (and win), force autolog update in main menu but still no results or speedwall for this one race. Am I fucked or am I missing something?. EDIT: The Porsche Principle trophy popped this morning after I'd completed the Hot Pursuit 'Lockdown', which is a hypercar event from the super sports dlc pack and has absolutely nothing to do with Porsche cars. I was playing as a cop in a CCXR, and reached level 18 (captain) after the race was shut down. The trophy popped alongside the trophy for reaching Captain rank. The speedwall entry for 'Fast Lane' is still blank so that negates the need for an active connection to pop trophies. Looks like it was just a random glitch.