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    Hi, I'm mysticmosh. You can also check me out on true trophies and true (xbox tag Mystic Mosh). I've been gaming since the atari 2600 and the Moon Patrol days:) . Spent ages doing Sonic on the mega drive before picking up my first ps one controller. Like Lego, Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed (until they fucked the series and turned it into an RPG turd), Uncharted (not 4), things with wheels and Tomb Raider. Love beer!

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  1. Yes I remember, that mission was a total headfuck to do, it was mayhem from the start. I think a cheat code found in that old magazine Powerstation had to be used in my case to get the game done!.
  2. Too true, especially the muppets outside schools crossing the road with kid holding one hand and smart phone in the other!. Get a grip people and wake the fuck up!.
  3. Where do I start? Orc Slayer, shite Eekeemoo, more shite and unfortunately my 200th platinum Attack of the Toy Tanks, shite with even shittier controls Battlefield 1, trench warfare for fun...are they for fucking real?! Assassin's Creed Origins, RPG bollocks that fucked up the series but the fanboys have sucked it up so no chance of it returning to what it once was Homefront Revolution, omfg had to turn it off it was so shit Uncharted 4, Sam Drake more cinematics than I could count, stupid trophies...but it's nice to look at and it IS Uncharted!!!
  4. 15,000 trophies done with platinum 237 Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered😁

  5. The static on the radio in Silent Hill 1. When it got louder, to say something might be near in the fog, I needed to reach for the incontinence pants📻😱
  6. Probably been said lots already but a Timesplitters Trilogy HD is a must but with no multiplayer trophies. I would also say Assassin's Creed but some of the achievements on the 360 were a complete ball ache!. Others would include; Need for Speed Underground I & II Black HD Gran Turismo 3 XIII
  7. Cavalera Conspiracy - Blunt Force Trauma & Slipknots newie We Are Not Your Kind.
  8. That's some nice racing plats there pal!. Love the Nerdface description as well!.😂
  9. So that's another 3 trophies automatically added to my profile even though I don't, and have no intention of, owning it. NG+ trophies....what's the fucking point!!!. Give us the GHOST expansion, not play the game again (or more, depending on whether you got 30 the drones the first time through) shit.
  10. I've given up on the challenges; I got most of them at bronze, some silvers and a handful of golds, but riding in the wet is horrendous especially when the brakes may as well be made of butter. Last time it rained like that in real life, wasn't the moto gp cancelled (Silverstone 18) due to safety reasons?. Nowadays, the race wouldn't happen in those conditions. As for pro mode, it just isn't worth the frustration. On a different note, I noticed they put in Hayden Hill at COTA which is a nice touch, but I think they've missed Marc Marquez corner off of Aragon, or has that not been officially named yet?.
  11. I wouldn't delete any of my trophies but i would love to be able to delete any dlc trophy icons for dlc I don't own off my account!. I'm a strong believer that trophy icons should only appear on your account if you own then play the dlc.
  12. Saint's Row the Third Spec ops the line is great but hard to do higher difficulty levels Mafia II
  13. As the saying goes, 'When the fun stops, STOP'. Do something else. Take a breather. Don't let it get to you so much. I have found that these things work and when I do get around to trying to get the trophies again after a break, it usually works. Repeatedly doing something over and over and failing is just going to up the frustration and no-one can function properly if you're super tensed up because you think 'this is going to fail again'. You'll find that going back to try again once you're relaxed will work wonders, and if it doesn't, well, so what. At the end of the day there's no rule that says you have to get them all or are a worse player for not having got them all. Just enjoy yourself and kick back a bit when the blood starts to boil. If it helps, the races on R&Clank are where I gave up, and I couldn't care less that they're left undone.
  14. Fucking Photo opportunities and Optional conversations!. Here's looking at Uncharted 4/ Lost Legacy and Tomb Raider....shove your cameras up your arses and converse this - go fuck yourselves (with your trophy). Best ones; I do like a good NFS billboards are cool, and I must be one of the few that doesn't mind collecting feathers!
  15. Thanks for the tips. I eventually nailed it nearly a full second under the time using anticipation of corners and a few rewinds. Leaning into a turn even though it looked like the barrier was going to tear my head off and using bike momentum (and power sliding) helped, so did careful low speed turning. Having now completed the game, I can say that this trial was the hardest part in getting to the platinum.