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  1. 15,000 trophies done with platinum 237 Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered­čśü

  2. why when I sign out of my profile page does my forum page stay signed in?

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    2. mysticmosh


      When I sign in, it's only into my profile page. I've never had to physically sign into the forums because it's always automatically signed at the same time as my profile, but if I sign out of my profile, my forum page is always still signed in. I only noticed it by chance after deciding to visit the forums after I'd signed out of the my main profile page. Surely I should have been signed out of the forums as well?.

    3. DaivRules


      No, you have to sign out of both. Intentionally. 

    4. mysticmosh


      Thanks for the info. I think that needs addressed so both profile and forums sign out at the same time.

  3. Merry Christmas to everyone at psnprofiles. May you all get many new trophy opportunities off santa!. :)

  4. Haven't be onsite for a while,thought I'd just say I love the new site layout!. Kudos to all that had a hand in designing it. :D

  5. 11/11/1918 Lest We Forget

  6. platinum 127 and trophy 10,000, Lego Marvel's Avengers. :)

    1. Bizz-dono


      Beast mode, congrats =D

  7. plat 122 table top racing, lots of fun! :)

  8. plat# 116 Super Exploding Zoo. Had this off psplus ages ago and decided to give it another look. Quite fun to do :)

    1. StrickenBiged


      I enjoyed it. The cutesy animals were a great touch. 'grats.

  9. my ps4 just spat out a game mid-play then had a fit like it was trying to eject more discs!. This isn't the first time it's happened. Has anyone else had this problem. The ps4 still runs fine after being restarted.

    1. ShadowReplicant


      Not this exact problem, but once or twice a month mine will start beeping like crazy while in stand by mode and start ejecting discs even though there none inside. Usually have to pull the power cord. This thing has a whole bunch of problems.

  10. plat 115, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. I'm lucky enough to live on the outskirts of an area as pretty as the one in the game so playing it reminded me a lot of times past.

  11. plat 114 Game of Thrones. Got the 1st episode for free off the psn store and really liked it. Might watch the tv show next.

    1. TigressLion


      I think you are the only person who enjoyed TTG Game of Thrones haha. Literally 100% of people I talk to, don't. Glad you did!

  12. Just found my Need For Speed completion down to 86%.Fuck dlc being added to my psn account that I don't own!

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    2. madbuk


      Because you have the game that the DLC is an expansion to?

    3. DaivRules


      How many loops does this roller coaster do?

    4. mysticmosh


      a LOT it seems!. If you buy anything, be it a car, a phone, a laptop, you only get what you pay for. If extras are available (or a better model), you either upgrade or leave it as it is. The extras wouldn't be added anyway just because you bought a basic (or base) model, if you wanted those extras, you would pay to have them. So why do I get "extras", (in the form of trophies in this case), added to a base game when I haven't bought them or asked for them?. It doesn't...

  13. plat #113 lego marvel's avengers. didn't ate this one much, very tedious and repetative. hopefully the vita version isn't as bad.

    1. Willstown


      Didn't mind the game, but getting bored grinding the gold bricks and character tokens right now. Feels like filler.

    2. NotAFoxAnymore


      I'm really heavily procrastinating doing the free play levels, they're so boring

    3. mysticmosh


      I broke the hub free play down into sections; do all the stans, then the races, the quests and finally the gold bricks. Still took bloody ages and took up about 60% of overall gameplay which is just too much IMO.

  14. Plat #111 Moto GP 15. A bit of a grind but easy to do.

  15. Plat #111 Moto GP 15. A bit of a grind but easy to do.

  16. plat 110 and 4th of 2016 Battlefield 4 ps3...and guess what, I played some dlc madbuk!!!

  17. 2nd plat of 2016 Need For Speed #108

  18. New year, new platinum #107 Ride (ps3)

  19. I've held off the last trophy on Ride till Jan 1st for a new year platinum!.

  20. Gaming targets for 2016?. I'm gonna try for 24 plats and 2000 trophies.

    1. WILD DOG

      WILD DOG

      nice goal, gonna try 200 plats myself

    2. mysticmosh


      Ok, that,s some goal!. Tell you what, I'll race you. I might just be able to manage 2 plats a month and just over 5 trophies a day but I can't see myself tripling my overall plat count for the last 6yrs in 366 days!!!

  21. What games are you wishing for at Christmas?

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    2. ShadowStar83x
    3. Hemiak


      Rocksmith(either) + guitar

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, The Witcher III, Batman: Arkham Knight

  22. Platinum #105 Uncharted 3 remastered. A special one as it's the first platinum I've got on my birthday and it also got me to level 35 as well!. :)

    1. TangrakNor


      Well then congrats to all those achievements ^^

    2. mysticmosh
  23. Just upgraded to lifetime premium membership :)

    1. Xel


      Welcome to the club!

    2. Roster13


      I need to do the same

  24. I got to 100 plats and now can't be arsed to play anymore. Is this right, has any one else felt like this, and what do you think I should do?.

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      A little yeah, but I played a game I really liked and got the trophy hunting urge back again B).

    3. mysticmosh


      I'm going away next week for a short break so hopefully that'll help get the feeling back.

    4. Dragon-Archon


      Nice, enjoy the break.

  25. WTF?!. How do I knock off that annoying woman's voice that comes out of the controller on Project Cars!?. I'm about to break it if she doesn't shut the fuck up!

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    2. mysticmosh


      Thanks for that Akira-chan, you may just have saved my marbles!

    3. YaoiGod


      Hold down (not press) the PS button and the option should be in the list.

    4. Oblivion


      Yeah, i had the same problem with InFamous: Second Son. But just do what Akira said and that'll fix it.