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  1. Exactly. I have 3% on Ico because I disliked it sooo much. I should be able to give a game I disliked a one star review even though I didn't torture myself by earning more trophies in something I didn't like. (Also I know some people like Ico but it's not for me.)
  2. I played as an Awoken Hunter in the beta and will probably stick with that. After playing PvZ Garden Warfare it actually seems like Destiny will be lacking in the character customization options and I was worried I had lost some of my hype for the game. But after watching some of the videos I had saved on the ps4 I remembered why I had so much fun in the beta.
  3. I really don't think it'll be an issue for anyone who is decent at pvp. I had over 3k kills in the beta in pvp and saw just as many Titans as the other classes.
  4. The way people have games platinumed in a few minutes or seconds is either they cheated, or more likely that the game is on multiple systems and the trophies "auto pop". For instance if you have a platinum on a ps3 game and it's also on the vita, when you play the game on your vita all the trophies auto pop which gives you the vita platinum for the game in a few seconds. Auto popping doesn't work for all games, and I don't have a vita, but I'm pretty sure it works on a lot of the cross system games between ps3 and vita.
  5. I don't know if you're right but don't the Japanese also associate the number 4 with death and it's considered an unlucky number. Maybe that's a bad sign for the ps4. It's not selling that great over there either, right?
  6. Someone lacks a funny bone
  7. The developers hate trophies so it's not really a surprise.
  8. I'm a gamer but my sister isn't. I got her into ps3 with Buzz Quiz World, Sims 3 & pets, the TellTale games, Uncharted series (her husband had to help her with it but she loved the story and Nathan Drake), Skylanders, Journey, and some others. Try Doki Doki Universe too. It has a cute story and personality quizzes.
  9. No I've had it on random waves besides 10. It happens when all the slots land on the same enemy (like 3 yeti enemies or disco zombies). The trophy doesn't unlock if it is three tombstones though even though it will say super wave (there isn't a little mini cutscene for the tombstones either).
  10. I had that issue a few days ago too. Hosting my own round seemed to fix the problem.
  11. Super fun game!! If you like online you have to buy this asap.
  12. I had a group of 3 random people. We had a great team but we died with 17 seconds to go waiting for Crazy Dave Still completed it but no plants escaped. That was my only time playing crazy mode so far. I'll keep trying that way and if it's like the last trophy I need I'll try that other method posted. I actually find it fun working as a team.
  13. Well if I can only choose one that's difficult but I'll say Deus Ex. It's one of my favorite series of all time and this one was really excellent in every aspect. Most underrated ps3 game would go to Spec Ops. Really great, unexpected storyline.
  14. Same for me.