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  1. Yea and today the servers are bad as always... 3/6 times no match 2/6 times kicked out to the lobby 1/6 times a match Waitingtime always 3+ minutes = 1 match every 20 minutes...
  2. So I finished now the complete story-stuff I remember anyone was asking if you can replay the story quests and the answer is: "NO"... after all story quests are cleared they disappear. The other thing is the story isn't worth it to play, only if you still want to get upgrade material and class up-stuff or want to have a bit low entertainment to get your policy points which are left, it is worth to play. On the other hand, if you have already a good team you can play through all story quests in about 15 hours if you avoid the most enemies etc. (about 2 h for each fraction + the maincampaign) so the time which is needed is ok, if you are really interested in it. But the stories are total boring stereotypes... If you played the maincampaign already than you know how stereotype this already was, now imagine it about 10 times more stereotype and you know what you will get in the fraction stories: - Landerth = boring "the king is dead, long live the king" plot - Valkyr = boring "we are warriors, we must die with honor on the battlefield" stuff - Fiel = boring "we are some kind of treefriends and we don't really fight, but we win with fortune-telling... oh wait, we must fight now for real" thing - Magion = boring "poor man's Harry Potter"
  3. Why do you think you can't get short sights anymore? My last contract was with Landerth and when I make 500 steps and go to the capital I still get a support skill as reward... so why should it be now impossible to get short sights with this method?
  4. Did you even looked at everyhting in the Menus? Yea, it seems the server is not working anymore (1 day to early) And yea, we stuck on our war-contract. But I can go in every capital and I can make every "single quest" even from the enemies fraction. So there is no problem I think... The only real problem is, that we now can't get new stuff in the markets of the captials...
  5. I was today ONLY DOING 500 STEP TRAVEL QUESTS and got no Short Sights so far... But I have another question... Is every class able to learn Short Sights? Because it seems that Hunters and Witches can't learn Auto-Guard... So what is when you max a Hunter? Isn't it possible to have the Skill Completionist trophy because he has no Auto-Guard? Or is it possible even without this skill because he can't learn it and it is not a skill for him? And of course when some classes could not learn Auto-Guard is there maybe any class that can't learn Short Sights and so it does not need Short Sights to get a complete skill set for the trophy? But I bet every class can learn Short Sights and it is just a utopian theory....
  6. When you cancel the contract you get a penalty which includes that you can't do the quests and visit the capitol of the fraction which you canceled the contract. So it should be better to just do it like it is written before. Make a short contract and end it "regular" before server shutdown. On the other hand I wrote a few posts earlier if it is possible that it can be effect the trophy for which you visit all 4 capitals when the server is closed (nobody answered to it) so I think that will than impossible, too, because you can't than visit the capital of the fraction which was your enemy, if it stucks.
  7. Yea, I know that this can be done. But my question was, if you only "change" the quest to another quest that you don't done already so at the end you will have quests that you don't have done left and must do them. But I think it isn't like this because I got now already a Mission twice with exactly the same conditions. So the missions are total random not some kind of "list that you must do but you can change the order of them".
  8. What about the Policy stuff? Because I got a mission in which I must do 6 Troop Detatchments... and it seems that some quests come back after changing them... so is it possible that you can get at the end a Policy Mission that needs to be done online without getting another one? Or can you just change them til you have again a mission that don't needs online gameplay and without the danger to have at the end an online mission left that can't be changed anymore? Edit: Oh I see it is maybe a stupid question, because there is no limit for the 3 Policies right? So even when one Policy stucks on an online mission you just can go further in another policy?
  9. If I don't think wrong you should go for the "Short Sights" after having about 15 Flags from war right? Because my logic is... "Short Sights" is a random gift from the leader of a fraction after 500 steps (so do 500 steps in travel quest [12-13 random events]) and than you get gifts... But every gift you get from the leader is a Grimoire... so if you really have many bad luck it is possible that you get a Grimoire for every needed support skill before you even get "Short Sights" so you don't need anymore to get by making it in training with mastering the skills... So I do it like that: Getting 15 Flags in war... -> doing travel quest (500 Steps) over and over again til you have "Short sights" -> going for the rest of the support skills -> and than: Get Valkyria (because you should have a high mercenary rank, so you should get a high rank Valkyria for your "Skill Completionist" trophy, which make more sense than getting all skills for a low ranked Valkyria from the beginning) And is anyone really sure there are no other trophies involved than the Flag trophy when the game is offline? For example: are you able to get in every capitol when the game is offline? Because it seems that the captiols I can visit are depending on my contract.
  10. So if anyone is still interested in just playing the game (not for the trophies) you should get "Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast" it seems to be nearly identical to this game and when you use a PC-port with high preferences it even looks not very different, too... But OOA is extinct and I think even when SEGA is making a new Outrun and gets a new licence from Ferrari they don't will bring back this old PS3/X360 game.
  11. So if anyone is still interested in it. I think the DLC is finally delisted, I can't find it in the German store and not even with the ingame purchase-menu.
  12. I can't read this complex japanese, too. As I wrote, the biggest problem is a correct build for a mecha. But it's a bit like Ace Combat Infinity you see with bars the advantage to your already equipped stuff and the last bar seems like a "over all score" so I think you can't really do much wrong when you use everytime parts with a bigger overall score. But playing and knowing what to do is not a big problem, many stuff is shown with symbols. You know there are ammo nodes, than there a health nodes, this kind of "spiral" node (centernode) which gives you the possibilty to attack the core of the enemy etc. many things are selfexplaining. The controls of your support-mechas can be tried in the campaign. But I don't use them regular, they follow you and protect you when you let them just do what they want without orders. And with the informations I gave it should be possible to play it so far that you can get the most of the trophies, even without an idea what the game is about. It is really recommend that you first play through the seasons to know every gameplay mechanic from every class etc. and than play PVP/PVE. And yea at the beginning you are irritated that you can't start a match but... 5 minutes of trying and you get how it works. (That's how it was as I did it)
  13. @DemonicDraco: You are clearly don't even really tried to play the game. Even without japanese knowledge you can get the most of the trophies only by try and error. To build a perfect mecha and to understand what the item descriptions mean is hard. Sometimes you just try one and see what effect it has. Some of the game is clear only by knowing games with a similar system like Ace Combat Infinity. The problem you had was that you don't get how to start a match, at the beginning it was for me cryptic, too, but there are not much options so it was not so hard to figure out how it works. I think the most people will do the failure to just click on the red button and see nothing happens or they click on the big panel in PVE and PVP and see nothing happens. But you must click on the smaller panels... So at the moment the most are greyed out so it is even more foolproof to start a match (Maybe more are available with a higher rank? Don't know I have only Rank 4 at the moment) in PvE there are 2 possible options. One is for "normal"-mode (upper right) and the other for "hard"-mode (down left) and it is CLEARLY harder in normal mode I get killed maybe one time if I have bad luck (Lowlevel-Player), in hard mode I get 5+ times killed. In PVP there is down left some kind of guild or private match or something like that don't know but who cares.... the other panel (upper left) is for PVP matches. After you confirmed one of those 3 panels with your circle-button you confirm to find a match with the red button. But you will find nearly no match when you play before 2 PM (japanese timezone; especially in PVE), that's because the most players are japanese. PVP is hard when you are a beginner and know nothing you will be the most time only die but who cares the most trophies are done by just playing matches till the end. Another problem is that PC gamers and PS4 gamers play on the same server... So it looks like it is easier to play for the PC gamers (in my view) And yea I can confirm CptMiku's advice. Play first the tutorial (you must do it to play the game so there is no way to bypass it) and than play the 2 seasons because in the seasons you play every class etc. and know how to play the game... and you get some stuff, too, by doing the seasons. The most of the trophies are cheap and need no knowledge (even not knowledge of language because you have symbols for the trophies) or skill. - First trophy is just playing a match to the end - Second is playing 10 matches to the end - Third to 8th trophies are just playing a match with each class to the end (you must switch your leader-class in the squad) - 9th to 14th trophies are company/fraction trophies. Your mecha has a pilot that you level up and the pilots are from different fractions for each of the trophies you need to play 10 matches to the end with a character from the fraction which symbol is shown on the trophy. (I don't know if you automatically unlock every fraction the first you get by starting the game the second you get within the 10th matches for the first fraction but if you get the others don't know so far so it is better to save the BT (credits) for buying characters of the other fractions if it is needed and don't spending everything on weapons and mecha-parts etc. - Informations for the combat-trophies (15th-19th) are in EDIT 3! [The play matches trophies can be done in PVE and PVP] EDIT 3: Thanks to CptMiku I know now the terms for the combat-trophies: - 無敵のエース: 10 Kill-Streak (without die) in 5 matches [Can be done in PVE] - 戦闘のエキスパート: Score over 3000 in 5 matches [PVE, too] - 戦況のキーマン: Score over 2000 secure area? in 5 matches [PVP, should be the hardest trophy] (It looks like this means just get 2000 points in a PvP match) - ポイントメーカー: Do the last shot for destroying the enemies core in 5 matches [PVP] - コアブレイクマスター: Destroy the enemies 2foot Core (red glowing thing) in 5 matches [PVE, should come automatic when you play long enough] EDIT 4: NEW INFO: I think I found out where you can check your trophy progess. Go to your profile (right panel) than in the second raw. There is some kind of "unlocking progress", so get in the second section of it (left menu) and than you can see various things, like headquater backgrounds (they show the progress towards the 10 figureheads per match) and other things too which have the same symbols like the trophies. The gameplay... The PVE is just some kind of hoard-mode you fight against waves and destroy their mothership or protect your core against them, that's all and it is easy and there is some kind of story and you get stuff by completing targets The PVP is a mix of third-person-cover-shooter and MOBA... So your own skill is nothing if your team sucks and if one of the players in the team sucks the rest has eventually no chance to win (like in every MOBA that's why I don't like MOBAs) every team has 1000 points and the match is going 10 minutes max there are nodes that must be engaged. The node in the middle of the map is needed to take down the enemies shield of the core so only when your team engaged this node you can attack and destroy the core which is the best way to get points from the other team. But it looks like there are other ways to get points (10 points by doing a kill of a leader mecha for example) Every player is a "leader mecha" of a 3 mecha squad you have 2 KI support mechas. You control the other 2 mechas with commands by using your d-pad. Your own mecha is controlled like in every shooter. There are different classes like a tank-class with their specific weapons and items etc... The weak spot of the mechas is the back, it's a glowing energycell so if you run away you are normally killed instantly. The game is quite complex if you want to play it really because it is just a mix of genres but if you just play it it's not that complicated the question is how far you want go... If you just want to get the playing matches trophies you even don't need to play the game just start match and be AFK til the end of the match.... But I think it is better to play the game and get maybe some of the other trophies, too... If you are not going for the 100% a 400+ hours playing is not needed. You should get the about 60 needed matches to get every "play matches" trophies in less time. It needs some time to get trophies and make changes in squad etc but a match is normally done in 6-10 minutes So if you are straight going for this 60 matches it should take no longer than 15 hours (including waiting times, playing through the seasons, buying stuff and changing mechas, etc.) So if you play the game casually for about 2 weeks it should be enough for that. If you are going for 100% than it could really need more than 100 hours so it's a question of skill and luck etc. I'm only going for the 60 matches and if I get some of the other trophies till than it's OK... But I'm really bad in MOBAs and really suck at the PVP so for me it would be only a senseless martyrdom. Big text, but it should help... The game looks like you only can get 2 trophies easily but you can get the most easily. Because it is a F2P game the most players did only 1 match or less.. that's why the most trophies are uncommon or rare. PS: Sorry for my bad English. I'm German!