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  1. i wonder how much time passed between uncharted 1 and 2 in game time i mean like 2 years? and i wonder the same thing for uncharted 3
  2. Some People can be complete A Holes on this site

  3. kool that its free, but i played it before and didnt like the gameplay too much the whole walking and holding your hands together was funny to me its like he was praying "dont get caught, dont get caught, dont get caught"
  4. as long as you reach a checkpoint to save it remembers everything from the zombies you killed from the collectibles you found but if you didnt get 100% percent loot on a single stage then you have to go back and find them all within that stage any stage that you found 100% loot in you do not have to repeat
  5. i do hope your playing morbid solo and no co op since co op is extremely harder i didnt find it as hard as alot of people said it was just more of a grind looking for armor and loot and zombie kills mostly
  6. recently plat'd this game and looking forward to this DLC to keep my 100%
  7. wow i really wished they did this before i got a new slim
  8. Yezzir FFXIII and Dead Nation Plat

    1. BDKSimba


      nice. those are 2 awesome Platz. :)

    2. BDKSimba


      U should post it up in the most recent Plat forum so I could like. deserve some credit. :)

  9. i had to fight my way thru the line to make sure i got it there were like 15 nerds ahead of me and only 20 systems available lol
  10. 1 Trophy away From Platting Final Fantasy XIII

    1. BDKSimba


      Awesome. :). good luck.

    2. TheSecretSociety


      thanks, this treasure hunter trophy is really testing my patience lol

  11. 1 Trophy away From Platting Final Fantasy XIII

  12. i tried getting into it at a friends house but honeslty western dont do it for me so even though gameplay is kool westerns make me uninterested
  13. since the mGS edition came out in june 2008
  14. will site trophies be added here? i hope not becuz too much spamming will come out of it i like a site to be just about discussing and stuff without all the silly threads just to get posts up i can understand the rep or whatever you call it being available for those who make sigs and help out others