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  1. This game is about as fun as forcing a wheelchair bound grandfather to run a marathon. There are maybe 3 ost totals that last about 20 seconds in length, and they will loop over and over and over again. Speaking of looping, annoyed at Cooking Mama’s intelligible one-liners and occasional yawning that sounds like moaning? Get used to it, because like the music it’ll play over and over again. The game is optimized like Sega CD trying to run a lox bagel shoved in the disc drive, some mini-games are downright unplayable due to the controls just not getting picked up no matter how much you try. Not to mention you have to complete every single dish PERFECTLY on Cookstar mode. Meaning no button prompts as well as the fact that if you fuck up ONCE. ONE TIME, you will get 2 stars. If it is a 10 step dish, and you get 2 stars on 1 step, YOU WILL GET 2 STARS. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU DO IT PERFECTLY IF YOU MISS ONE PROMPT IT’S OVER. This game is about as fun as Schindler’s List, I have no idea how the platinum is uncommon. Avoid like the bubonic plague.
  2. some hella rare plats, kick ass completion. Nice job dude.
  3. For the love of God, there is no reason for a trophy to be this difficult. It’s bad enough Baptiste builds ultimate charge like a FDR trying to run a marathon, but you cannot die ONCE while doing it. Forget about doing it on a timed capture map, there’s not even enough time in game to get the ults required for damage. That means even if you end up with 2499 damage, if some goofy ass Roadhog skullfucks you from across the map with his hook or if Reinhardt decides to sit on your face it’s over. Does anybody have any good advice for getting this trophy? Map suggestions or team comps or maybe there’s an easier way to get it? It’s even rarer than the platinum..
  4. I just found this game in a bargain bin recently but saw that it had online trophies. I really want to start this, but are the online servers down? And if not, how attractive are they?
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I think gameplay wise, soundtrack and graphically this game is top notch. As far as trophies and glitches go, this thing is a nightmare. For whatever reason, I’ve had this weird data reset happen now twice where I have to start from the opening toturial, but I still have all of my stats and player points. Yet, I’ve lost all of the milestones, upgrades for every car, actual collectibles earned, and have to re-race and take down every Most Wanted car once again. Same for the Terminal Velocity DLC, which I went back recently to do. After completing and getting gold in every race and car, I still didn’t get the trophy. Even with the most Wanted Car For said DLC (Which, mind you I already beat too at one point, I had to re-race and take down the Porsche Spyder. After taking it down, it just re-spawned, and drove off. It says I completed the race in the menu, but I can’t drive it. Anyone else experiencing issues?
  6. When the hell did Need For Speed Most Wanted become some glitchy?

  7. I just hit 51 wins, and I've got nothing. I really hope it's not the case cause fuck getting there was annoying.
  8. *Spends 2 and a half hours playing Injustice 2 player matches to get trophy for 50 wins*

    *loses a decent amout but builds a decent momentum*

    *gets to match 49 and sighs relief*

    *wins 2 matches*

    *no trophy at 51 wins*

    fucking kill me

  9. It started off kinda fun but it gets real repetitive real fast. Some of the other characters are fun to play as but of course the story relegates you to straw hats only. The inner town stuff slows down the game and forces you to do some un-fun development and trophies (I'm looking at you "Say hello 100+ times") As with the other games I'd say it's only truly worth it if you're a One Piece fan or have got nothing else to play. I haven't played Burning Blood yet but I gotta say we've had yet to get an actual solid One Piece related game.
  10. I was thinking about starting this after I finished the rest of Injustice 2, but I was getting bored. As someone who had some trouble platinuming Tekken Tag 2 (Granted, that was mostly the grind for offline Tekken Lord) and still has trouble beating time attack for the HD original, is that platinum doable?
  11. I thought that's what another form said? It scarred the hell out of me cuz I hadn't attempted Wetwork in years and I wanted to play online to ease myself in.
  12. I got it last night solo. Apparently people are like hacking in the online multiplayer and unlocking other trophies so I would be careful not to go to online.
  13. IT TOOK 4 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS, BUT PLATINUM #28 IS MW2. I'm gonna cry 😭
  14. 4 YEARS AND NINE MONTHS. BUT I FINALLY PLATINUMED MW2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Holy fuck am currently attempting Wetwork veteran in MW2 for the 281th time and it's just as hard as I remember it