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  1. VC and III aren't on the Spanish Store. I looked on the USA and HK Store, they're there either. I willn't longer be able yo play them, damn It, for expecting a discount of leas than 8€...
  2. HK account. The JP version has its own independent list of AS.
  3. The name of the EU store does not match the one on the trophy list. I want to be sure that it is the same game (the game in the EU Store is missing "american"). (
  4. Incredible, both games 3-3. In the 90 minutes the two games have been the same "final". Entertaining afternoon, the two best games (so far) of the tournament. I suffered the Croatia - Spain match, everything went well. Come on Spain!!!!!
  5. Mini Ninjas
  6. ¥660
  7. It is already solved, I needed to do an action, buy the DLC ... 😅 I thought it was free. Thanks for the help! 😀
  8. In the dlc section I only get 10 objects, for example the second object you mention I don't have. Does anyone know the reason for this?
  9. In the latest trophy lists published on the web, only English is how available, why's that? There isn't option to change the language.
  10. Any tip? 😩😞
  11. VA-11 Hall-A
  12. Ridículo, absurdo, soy LVL 722 ... Top 10 World LVL 1.000.000
  13. Ridiculous, absurd, I'm LVL 722 ... Top 10 Word LVL 1.000.000 points :(
  14. Any help for nv 11? I can't get past the level because of the birds below.