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  1. Β₯660
  2. It is already solved, I needed to do an action, buy the DLC ... πŸ˜… I thought it was free. Thanks for the help! πŸ˜€
  3. In the dlc section I only get 10 objects, for example the second object you mention I don't have. Does anyone know the reason for this?
  4. ☝️ ...
  5. In the latest trophy lists published on the web, only English is how available, why's that? There isn't option to change the language.
  6. Any tip? 😩😞
  7. VA-11 Hall-A
  8. RidΓ­culo, absurdo, soy LVL 722 ... Top 10 World LVL 1.000.000
  9. Ridiculous, absurd, I'm LVL 722 ... Top 10 Word LVL 1.000.000 points :(
  10. Any help for nv 11? I can't get past the level because of the birds below.
  11. - JP
  12. GTA V (PS4). I hope 500th platinum
  13. Anyone with any solution/help? 😞😩
  14. I've used 4 controls in multiplayer -> 4 players. I've completed the race with the 4 controls and the trophy dind't appear. I don't know what's happen or I'm doing wrong. I only have this trophy left for platinum ...