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  1. I did the mission with level 3 ram and the optional objective counted just fine. As far as I know, the glitch only screws you over if you have the fully upgraded ram 🤔
  2. I'm sure admins will correct it soon enough. For now, you can use the backed-up version on the good ol' Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20161022000451/https://psnprofiles.com/guide/216-metal-gear-solid-4-trophy-guide It's from October 2016 and seems like nothing is missing.
  3. I see that 'ya found me on here too :P

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      And I see that you see that I saw your profile... nevermind xD

  4. Dante! :D

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      Dragon! :D Sorry it took me a while to notice the feed. Not particularly familiar with PSNP interface yet.

  5. 1) Overall I sided with Amita. Although for the first choice mission I sided with Sabaal because I thought that people lives are more important than some intel that we know nothing about and may or may not be important. After getting to know Sabaal better, I wanted nothing to do with him anymore and sided wit Amita for the rest of the game. Progress > Traditions that objectify little girls 2) I heard Noore out. While the things she did were horrible, she did it for the family. I mean, think about the things Ajay did just to fulfill his mother's last wishes. Is he any better than Noore? 3) I let Pagan live. Honestly, I was so fed up with Golden Path and their bullshit that every moment I got to talk with Pagan was a bliss. He's awesome. EDIT: Just killed Amita as well. As expected she went mad with power and I had to put her down. Really love the fact that the game actually lets you do that
  6. Go to The Den (top right island) and start killing people to gain notoriety. Those specific demons will eventually spawn there and you'll be able to get the kills. (That's how I got it).