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  1. U3 U4 U1 U2 U GA U LL
  2. how u drive 1000km??? i'm at chapter 28 and only have 120km driven. Everytime I die I lose the km from last checkpoint.
  3. since Ratalaika, more important than platinums. I don't take serious any profile with more platinums than UR.
  4. I have completed the game almost 3 times and still no Traveler trophy.... wtf??
  5. Why they don't use the counter system on ps5 trophies. For example for 0/1000 jumps. 0/25 Kms ...
  6. in act 1?
  7. It happened to me in PS4. Don't leave controller running in circles as it doesnt count. U have to complete the adventure mode again and again, only meters walked from start of the level count.
  8. I have 16 wins, level 43 and still didnt pop 500 rounds.
  9. what they patch?
  10. He have a waifu haha
  11. where are the stats?
  12. and the solution is...?????
  13. Playing on PS5 worked for me!!
  14. Anyone has already tried downloading ps4 digital games on ps5 and playing there?
  15. The choke glitch just happened to me, did you found any solution?