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  1. If I start the game now can I earn that trophy fast?
  2. Any tips for Football? Im so far from winning.
  3. Thanks for your help. I have read many contradictions in the trophies of playing 25 ranked. It's play 25 ranked matches or WIN 25 ranked matches with each character?
  4. Can you please tell me in what minute start what u are saying? I'm not english and can't understant very well what do you mean. Thanks
  5. :/ I'll try then if something works. If u find any duplication glitch that still works quote me please!
  6. it still works? I can't do it
  7. Legend is the same as Cataclysm? I hope it will be easier <.<
  8. Pathetic is to complain about what others do or say. Let them buy or not buy the games they want.
  9. I have not started the game yet because I fear I can not get 100%. It's easy to start it and get what I need before your help? Thanks a lot.
  10. do you think it will work again? maybe this weekend or next week?
  11. Disgaea 4.. +200h T_T
  12. it's weird, I had no problem with it.. do u have Act2 trophy?
  13. I have the Lighspeed edition, that edition already have that patch? Cause I connected to internet my ps4 to see what patch will download and only download Pach 1.02..
  14. 😭😭
  15. 600 games played with almost 95%