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  1. how u finally did that trophy? it counts in 1 player missions?
  2. Hey bro! Im doing ps4 version rn. How u did these trophies: Hitting 'Em Where It hurts Knowledge of the Ancient Ones I have already done Palace of Web and any of these 2 popped.. Any tips? Thanks!!
  4. Can you please, re-upload it?? Thanks!
  5. Again!
  6. Thanks a lot! That's what I did, I killed myself 1100 times. 100 kills trophies popped well but 1000 doesnt. Only 100km with vehicle and picking up 1000 objects left and then I'll delete save and hope it pops like ur did. Do you know if 100km with vehicles and Collect 1000 objects have to be done in the same server?
  7. Hey bro! Sorry to bother you one more time. I have few questions if u can remember. I have done more than 1000 kills in the same online server but no trophy for now. I'll try to delete all my local save data and try again, but first I want to pop all the trophies I still dont have. I still need both KM trophies, walking and vehicles. How u did them? Any tip? andHoarder, for picking up 1000 objects. They have to be in the same server? You did it online or offline? Any tip u can tell me will help a lot! Thanks!!!!
  8. SF3-SF1-SF2 for me. The nostalgia factor plays a lot for this.
  9. No lo he probado aun! Tengo el SF2 a medias, cuando lo acabe le daré a este Juégalo sin cheats hombre, que pierde la gracia...
  10. Best Syphon Filter game imo So happy to see another SF game with trophies!
  11. all head in same camp, in same session of gameplay.
  12. I hope everything gets better. Thanks mate!
  13. Thanks for all this information! One question, If I play offline and then "Save and Exit" How can I continue with my progress? Everytime I play offline it's a new server..
  14. What Remains of Edith Finch | PS4 | | Trophy Guide add ps5 too. Thanks!