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  1. Congrats for having 6666 trophies!

  2. My 100th platinum is also, Stardew valley.
  3. 1. Play the games i want. Easy/difficult/long/short/hard/soft/yummy/yucky.. 2. If it has MP. Do that first. 3. Complete every game in the series... still working on that.. 4. 100% everything. (Working on this too) 5. No ezpz games. UNLESS, i got them from ps+/gifted. 6. No auto pop stacking. And no stacking in general. Except: If a game has been remade not remastered. Example: Final fantasy 7 and remake. Are Okay. Dark souls 1 ps3 and dark souls "remastered" ps4. Are not okay. 7. Never give up hope, that one day. I will be able to connect to inFamous: Festival of blood servers. Why the hate on Japan sucker punch? Then you go and make a game set in Japan next? Pfft. 8. Something somethinf i forgot other stuff...
  4. The only thing Sony should do is: If a game has an unobtainable trophy due to a glitch, it shouldnt be allowed to be sold until its fixed.
  5. I just watched youtube/movies while grinding chapter 4.1 over and over. It actually didnt feel that long.
  6. Final Fantasy 9. Missed the ATE trophy first run, start a new game, completed the perfect game excalibur 2 run. Missed ATE trophy again... just finished a full "cheats" speedrun and got ATE trophy in 3 hours
  7. My 100th was Stardew Valley. Wanted a Rare plat that took skill. I am currently stuck deciding whether to make final fantasy 8 my 150th or 200th. My favourite game. ((Probably) accoriding to my nostalgia)
  8. Iron guts - Far Cry 2. Took ages... And the single player enemy AI when driving was frustrating. Not a bad game though.
  9. Multiple runs, I prefer to start on the hardest difficulty. I hate having to play through once to unlock a further hard(er) difficulty. Also, difficulty trophies should ALWAYS stack.
  10. People don't need to panic, but atleast focus on getting their games done..I don't see anymore love for ps3 from 2020. With ps5 coming out, and pretty much every ps3 online game dead except for boosters, why would they keep supporting ps3?
  11. Better start finishing up ALL ps3 games now. I dont see any surviving past 2019.
  12. Squall and cloud vs sephiroth and ultimacia
  13. Thanks for the answers!
  14. Thanks, but sadly its not very detailed "Can other people access PlayStation Now games on my PS4? If the PS4 is set as your Primary PS4, players who are aged 18+ will be able to play PlayStation Now games from the content launcher and in the PS Now app." as the PS Now content launchers are different per region, im guessing they probably cannot. unless someone can give a concrete answer?