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  1. I will go with 46 more matches. So add that to the current count You can do it~~~
  2. Entry #4 A scannia truck from euro truck simulator 2, because my friend wants one.
  3. Entry #3 Moonlight greatsword from souls/borne. Best sword
  4. Far Cry 5 Celeste Are my picks for December
  5. Entry #2 Balamb garden from FF8. Always wanted to grow up there. One of the main reasons I am who I am today.
  6. The human augmentation and prosthetics from Deus ex. I dont believe in eternal life as a good thing, however, the ability to help those with disabilities live a more comfortable life, and the loved ones around us to not be taken prematurely would be a great thing to take from a game.
  7. Two things (both my fault...) 1. Not double/triple/quadtruple checking if the online trophies for InFamous: Festival of Blood were.achievable before starting. Turns out, there is 0 problems UNLESS your account's region is Japanese. Goodbye 100% account... 2. Finishing the plat for Shadow of mordor on the Japanese copy, to find out the DLC is not available on Japanese store. Getting a NA copy, buying Dlc, finishing all, to then find out your main game stats are required to finish the dlc. Now need another playthrough of a game i found mediocre... Lessons learned: double/triple/quadtruple check everything before starting...
  8. Final fantasy 14, did not even need to search, i want it!
  9. Hate it. Japanese summers are awful(too hot) And winter is terrible (too cold). The cold pierces the soul
  10. Person(s) who are looking to finish up ps3 multiplayer stuff. Preferred: - enjoys boosting - committed - owns 2+ ps3s - likes grinding/challenges. Some games i am currently looking at are: - binary domain - quantum theory - resident evil: operation racoon city - singularity Amongst others. If you are interested, send me a message here or on psn - Reinachii- Looking forward to meeting you ^^
  11. Plat 131 NeverDead I actually enjoyed this. Not actually a bad game. Bad reviews ruined a game with a lot of potential.
  12. NeverDead Plat I'll bite your legs off! Get all trophies.
  13. Yes, Ever fall asleep on the train and ended up in the wrong place, only to be woken by the train staff telling you that you had dropped your money?
  14. What is this...?