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  1. Surprisingly, after starting this thread, pretty all i have been doing is boosting ps3 games... Thanks all for the.motivation
  2. InFamous: Festival of blood... -.-
  3. Resident evil 3 remake. Sushi or sashimi?
  4. So i started this on my account, which is Japanese. Anyone ever find a work around to access the ugc content? I have tried making my own missions, but trophy wont pop, i have tried accepting the terms on American account then switching back to Jp, still nothing. I havent tried Ps Now version, doubt it would help though.. Is my only hope to wait on Sony to add an account region change option? Would i count as a cheater spoofing my account region? Is that even possible? I guess ill have to look forward to 99.99% account completion. Also, should maybe write something in the trophy guide/unobtainable trophies section?
  5. Any tips for random effect mode? Just need SS on sprint and random for plat... Sprint still only 1 min 40 though +_+
  6. Hey.. 2 questions:

    1.Did you quit gaming?

    2. Know any japanese accounts that figured out festival of blood UGC?

    I made an opsie.. and started it.-.=

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    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo

      Nope, I'm from the US.

    3. DamagingRob


      @MidnightDragon She no longer plays on that account. :P Couldn't tell you if she's quit, though. Has been four weeks since her last trophy, but that's a lot less than 4 years. 

    4. Fat Chocobo
  7. Im gangster
  8. Lauv.
  9. Edit: i got it Im looking at getting a new Tv for gaming, found a nice 49" 4K/HDR tv. Was wandering if anyone knows if it has potential to be good.. ? I havent got a ps4 pro yet, Tv comes first, but i read that standard Ps4 can use HDR. its specs are: *translated from Japanese.. **i couldnt find anything about HDCP2.2...is that a requirement? Screen size Model 49V aspect ratio 16: 9 Liquid crystal panel system IPS method [4K panel] Number of pixels (horizontal × vertical) 3840 × 2160 Maximum number of display colors Approximately 1,074 million colors Luminance 340 cd / m 2 Contrast ratio 1100: 1 response speed 9 ms (GtoG) Backlight mounting method Direct type LED backlight Viewing angle Left / right 178 ° / up and down 178 ° speaker 10 W + 10 W tuner Terrestrial digital × 2 BS · 110 degree CS digital × 2 Receive channel VHF (1 to 12 ch), UHF (13 to 62 ch), CATV (C 13 to C 63) BS Digital + CS Digital: 1032 to 2071 MHz Input terminal F type terminal for ground digital (75 Ω) × 1 CS / BS Digital F type terminal (75 Ω) × 1 Composite video input (for video input × 1, for stereo audio × 2) HDMI × 4 (HDR 10 compatible) LAN terminal for data broadcasting × 1 Recording HDD USB connector × 2 B-CAS card socket (for mini B-CAS card) × 1 Output terminal Audio light digital output (S / PDIF output terminal) × 1 3.5 mm audio output terminal for headphone × 1 External dimensions (width × height × depth) 1104.2 * 700.6 * 263.4 (mm) weight Approximately 11.5 kg VESA mount interface 200 x 200 (mm) Screw M6 x 25 mm Operating temperature range 0 to 40 ° C Operating humidity range 20 to 80% (without condensation) Storage temperature range 0 to 45 ° C Storage humidity range 20 to 80% (without condensation) Power source used AC 100 V (50 Hz / 60 Hz) Energy Conservation Law Classification DF 1 Rated power consumption (standby) 106 W (0.5 W) Annual energy consumption 170 kWh / year security 1 year
  10. Moving.house tomorrow!


    1. ruffedgz


      be safe and hopefully all goes well!

  11. Nope, My name is mayo
  12. My name a Borat
  13. I agree. Who do you think needs to go, and what positions need to be filled in the summer?
  14. Should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer get the job permanently? What do you think? If not, who should?
  15. Being bilingual is like having two personalities... Anyone else?