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  1. I didnt even realize it was glitched, it popped fine for me, didnt do anything special. However, I (the winner) wasn't hosting.
  2. Damn, same issue. When I googled this everywhere says "they are the same thing!" So dumb...
  3. Ps3? Yes, it can be considered difficult. Ps4? No, easy.
  4. Call it Bos10
  5. Oof, nice gameplay though. Should be easy for you to finish with a bit of luck
  6. No, because it doesn't apply to only Stardew Valley.
  7. I spent every day for a week after work getting this trophy. Now you can get it by saving and retrying from where you failed. If you cannot understand the feelings of people who get trophies before they are patched ...Dont be so narrow minded. Its the same with social lubricant from watch dogs 1. I did that before they nerfed that too. The fact these trophies are possible without a patch says many things: 1. You aren't practising enough. 2. You have hit your skill ceiling, unfortunately its just not for you.(though i don't believe this to be true). 3. You have 0 patience and require everything given to you. Which are you?
  8. Stupid/broken, they're the same if it has to be "fixed" Why don't you take more pride in your trophies, if the little shits actually mean something to you, no matter how little. Your GTA5 and RDR2 plats are something to be proud of, would suck if tomorrow rockstar announced all grind trophies are now achieveable with 0 effort or skill!
  9. Fector's Challenge IS part of the game. Instead of moaning about it having a trophy, people should moan that the mini game even existed in the first place.
  10. The race was never broken. If it was, why was it achieveable without the "fix"? Whether its a virtual picture, a physical medal, a piece of toilet paper, who decides which is more valuable? What may just be a "virtual picture" to you, may be something else to others. You talk about reflection, I have 0 anger on this issue, yet you have made two posts talking about anger.
  11. A bad analogy, but I think it makes understanding a little easier: You spend countless hours practising to run a race, play darts, work out... (you could take anything tbh). After all that hard work, you finally set a new time, high score, etc... "Wow, I am only 1 of 100 other people who managed to get a time, score, etc this good!" Then, after the people who cannot achieve these scores moan enough, the rule setters say "from now on, you can use a car in the race! Aim bots for darts are okay! Blah blah blah.." Now you are 1 of 10000 with these high scores etc. When you bring up the fact that your hardwork now feels pointless (just join the moaners and get it for free, am i right?). You're told the difficulty is dumb! You're an elitist because you dont want others to get the trophy without merit! You have bottled up anger! Etc... I mean, stardew valley has already lost its sub 1%.. If you don't understand the feeling of the people you call "elitist", then you are probably one of the moaners.
  12. Once again, another "Difficult" trophy being nerfed via patch. Participation rewards are great.
  13. Recent earners show Feb 6th, about an hour and a half ago.
  14. I feel we have very limited support here in Japan. Bad sales, bad ps now selection (at least we have...i guess) really hurt the market here. However: