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  1. This is neither a hard game nor a difficult plat. The old guide on pstrohies that gives it a 9/10 or whatever is very outdated. I would give this a 4/10.
  2. Woud the real Neko, please stand up! We're gonna have a problem here...
  3. Where is Neko?
  4. 本人の猫はここにいますが。。:)
  5. Pretty sure the xbox servers closed/stopped working a while ago. SERVER NOTICE: There are two Challenges that are dependent on an online connection to Warner Bros servers, namely A Penny Saved and Dividend. Since mid May this connection have ceased and at the time of writing this (9th June 2018) they have not been restored - making those two Challenges impossible to complete and in the extent making the Up To The Task-achievement unobtainable for anyone who haven't already completed said two Challenges. The servers might be restored in future - so check the comments on the solutions for this achievement however this was 2 years ago. Source: About 1/4 down the page in a huge red textbox.
  6. A rebuttal to what? That some games have RNG and unfair situations? I would agree with you there, that isn't what we are arguing. Play harder games to be a better player. Yes, i agree with this statement. However, I didn't give that advice to anyone, just that it is logically correct. Complete SMB in under a month to prove what? :/?
  7. I wasn't referring to whether or not brutal was fair or not. I was stating his logic isn't stupid. Play harder games, become a better player. Referencing brutal. Personally, it isn't hard. But everyone has a different skill cap. If you are used to games that are "hard" or "unfair", then brutal is easy.
  8. His logic isnt stupid, makes perfect sense. Play the hard parts legit to get better at games. Not sure how that is stupid. Surely you can understand that logic with your SMB plat?
  9. Didn't realise I was one of the few legit owners of this trophy. No wonder it isn't UR when everyone is glitching it. As a few have mentioned, it isn't actually that hard, it just requires a certain type of gameplay. Blindfire, ammo trick, and wall trick. As for bad checkpoints, i hit a checkpoint on the train where i had 2 secs after each retry to headshot snipe some guy three carriages ahead. THAT was truly brutal. But also made me better at shooting games.
  10. One that i was always waiting for.... Would take a release with trophy support only if that was all i was getting.
  11. Hey there, I saw you got XCOM game on PS3, I will get my copy this week. Will you be able to help me with one online trophy please?

    1. Reinachii-


      If time difference allows

    2. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      I will be avalible anytime

  12. And two ps3s/copies of the game. But don't quote me on it. It wotked for me, apparently not others.
  13. I did not port forward, DMZ, nor do I have NAT 1, yet I self boosted no problem. First i tested my connection on two alts, and I was getting the blank name glitch. When I switched one alt to my main acc, that glitch fixed itself. The only issue I had after that was failing to connect to EA servers, please make an acc error. Trying to reconnect once or twice fixed that.
  14. Lost planet 2 F.E.A.R 2 Crysis 2 Portal 2 Killzone 2 Resistance 2 So many twos.... Killzone 3 All 007 games All transformers games Grid - ps3 games Operation flashpoint red river Bad company 1 Loads more...
  15. List 2: Dark cloud 1+2 Ffx-2 Binary domain Prey