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  1. People don't need to panic, but atleast focus on getting their games done..I don't see anymore love for ps3 from 2020. With ps5 coming out, and pretty much every ps3 online game dead except for boosters, why would they keep supporting ps3?
  2. Better start finishing up ALL ps3 games now. I dont see any surviving past 2019.
  3. Squall and cloud vs sephiroth and ultimacia
  4. Thanks for the answers!
  5. Thanks, but sadly its not very detailed "Can other people access PlayStation Now games on my PS4? If the PS4 is set as your Primary PS4, players who are aged 18+ will be able to play PlayStation Now games from the content launcher and in the PS Now app." as the PS Now content launchers are different per region, im guessing they probably cannot. unless someone can give a concrete answer?
  6. Are PS Now games shared across accounts? The Japanese PS Now selection is so bare bones... If i were to get the American PS Now, can i play the games on my Japanese account? Do i need full PS Now subscriptions/ PS+ if so?
  7. So I managed to set up a VPN, and it all works except, whenever i connect my ps3 to pc via bridge, uPnp gets diasbled... which is required to play online -_-' the last step... anyone know? uPnp is enabled through my router, so thats not the problem. uPnp gets enabled when I connect normally through wi-fi, for some reason, when i bridge the connection through my pc uPnp gets disabled. anyone??
  8. This is the problem i think a lot of people have. If the same game was made but with the opposite politics, it would be labled as "Racist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, islamophobic, Bigoted, White supremacy, etc.." I agree its good to play it even if you don't agree with those politics. But there shouldn't be double standards.
  9. Loves playing a huge different variety of games, without being restricted to completing them to 100% loves Troy Baker, so is looking forward to Death Stranding
  10. Hey, I have never used a VPN, not really sure how to go about setting one up on my ps3. If anyone has done it before or knows what they are doing, would love some help! Anyone?
  11. I got Arya Stark. A lot of questions i had to answer randomly though. As they werent relevant to me.
  12. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but are servers dedicated to accounts set region, or set to location? as i can connect to the servers on my American account, i'm guessing that they are dedicated via accounts set region and not location?
  13. I don't really understand the reason why Japanese accounts cannot connect. If i use my American account, i can connect, even though i live in Japan. So location isn't a problem. I'm sure American accounts can play dragon's dogma online if they are in Japan? If i'm wrong, then it seems a VPN should work.
  14. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles! I really wanna play that..
  15. I see, I only found this on recently, kinda hidden away... but "InFamous: Festival of Blood (Japan) Number of Affected Trophies: 2 Fangs for Playing Play. Create. Scare. Reason: The game was never released in Japan but if you buy the US/EU version, you won't be able to to the servers to play any UGC missions on a Japanese account." I have also tried changing my DNS etc, still couldnt connect. So i guess if a VPN can really spoof my accounts region, seems like my only hope?