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  1. Ps3 - not per say my backlog, more of games i wish i had started. transformers games 007 games Resistance 2 Killzone games Portal 2. Fear 2 Crysis 2 Lost planet 2 -.-
  2. Salt and sanctuary!
  3. I dont believe so, they are seperate games.
  4. Binary domain, max payne 3, super street fighter IV, Vanquish, rain, el shaddai, dark souls 1+2
  5. As much as i feel for you, you arent gonna have the funnest match when others are idle, or just just trying to do something specific.
  6. I want old games with servers closed as much as the next, but your proposed idea would cause at least 2 issues: 1. Nobody will ever play MP. Just wait for servers to close, and then earn all MP trophies for free. 2. It is extremely unfair on all the people who spent countless hours playing legit or boosting. The only fix i see here, is Sony allowing us to create our own servers. Which will never happen.
  7. Wow, what a terrible idea
  8. Play the ps3 version
  9. Yes, all three of my top 3 rarest trophies. 1. Far cry 2 plat - grind dedication. 2. Super street fighter 4 plat - skill. 3. Max payne 3 plat - skill and dedication.
  10. Ps now on NA looks really good. I would purchase PS Now in a heartbeat if i had that line up, alas JP PS Now absolutely sucks. I believe and tested previously, downloaded games from PS now work cross account. But stream does not. Considering its possible to play multi region games on vita, think cross account PS Now will ever be a thing? Why does sony continue to treat all territories differently? -.-
  11. Does this mean i can share my account with my housemates? We arent related...but... we share a common roof...
  12. OkeY, Let'S shaRe!
  13. It twas a joke
  14. Thats great news! Is your alt a Japanese account?
  15. This game is cancelled