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  1. Is the bundle in your cart? Try removing it first
  2. This happened to me too. I crashed after my first match. And both me and my alt have crashed approx 30 times between us so far. The trophy Free popped for my alt. Did you find a fix? I will test ranked soon...
  3. Thats my point, you stated for me. 21,000 people earned level 40. 710 people earned level 50. Level 50 is a more common trophy. This doesnt make sense. It shouldn't matter whether or not its calculated based on if only 5000 people bought the dlc or not. My point about warhammer vs most wanted - even if both games had 100000 base game players, the players who would buy the warhammer dlc are only the ones skilled enough or care enough to get the trophies; its just a Multiplayer horde mode. Vs the ones who would buy the MW DLC because it gives them new skins/ cars etc. The numbers skew in favor of MW which creates rarer trophies, having nothing to do with difficulty or time. I propose having all dlc owners the same as base game owners. That would show real rarity of all trophies. The same as psn I believe? 100000 people bought the game, 5000 did the dlc, why does it matter if someone bought the dlc or not?
  4. Cant tell if you are trolling. It's not middle ground if it conforms only to those who want only "dlc owners" to count.
  5. Well, psn rates are the worst to use as although it is all players, it includes hackers and people who don'teven know what a trophy is. You say this is the best formula, why?
  6. The dlc rarity doesnt affect people who don't buy DLC. They can't get 100% or S rank without it, so them refusing to buy doesn't matter. DLC is still part of the game, whether someone wants it or not. PsNP is causing the seperation between game and DLC not the DLC itself.
  7. I saw in 2013 the way dlc owners is calculated changed - owners are anyone who earns 1 trophy now instead of people who own the game. I struggle to see the argument as to why this is a good idea. My arguments as to why it is a bad idea are: 1. Most dlc adds extra elements to a game, not just extra stages. For example Bioshock 2. In Bioshock 2 there is a trophy for reaching level 40 in multiplayer. It sits at 7.19%. In the dlc there is a trophy that requires "rebirth"(prestige). This means level 50. This sits at 12.31% rarity. More "owners" reached level 50 and rebirth than owners reached level 40. Huh? 2. Trophy rarity "discrepancy" - most difficult dlc rarely has ultra rare trophies because the only owners who buy it are the ones who know they can do it majority of the time. Where as a lot of easy dlc has Ultra rare trophies because a lot of people buy the dlc. This point is hard to argue; you may ask: "if its easy and lots of people buy it, how is it UR?" Lets use firstly Warhammer 40k for the ps3. Anyone who has played the DLC knows that it isnt the easiest task to complete. The trophies being "Heretic" and "Let the Heavens Bleed" these require you to finish the invasion bonus wave in a coop match. Neither of these trophies are UR. But, they should be. If you're skilled enough you may earn these trophies in 1~3 hours. Most will take numerous attempts over several days. Now let's look at Need for Speed Most Wanted. There are a few UR trophies in the DLCs, although a little grindy(most can be idled...) they are not difficult at all. The reason they are UR is likely because the owners got the DLC for the extra cars and mods. There are plently of other examples of this. I see a lot of people argue this is a good system because it allows their rarest trophies be plats. Not everyone thinks this way. Even with this system you will struggle to find anyone with 5 plats in their top 5. I wonder how many are for and against this system?
  8. Premium removes ads, so yes.
  9. You definitely look older than 32
  10. Okay, also online is 100% region(by location, not disc) locked. Me Japan, can't match with EU. Get the message: This region is not supported. Either that, or Japan has 0 access to the servers.
  11. Is the plat possible or not? This discussion is really ambiguous and doesn't really answer that question.
  12. The post is not inaccurate though...
  13. What is lol? I believe the AS version is digital only. JP is digital only atleast, WW has both digital and physical.
  14. 一回アカウント抜けたら、EAのネットの全部のデータが消えてしまう。 またアカウントもう一回繋げるって人言いますけど、自分はしてないので確認出来ません。
  15. No, I quit mid match after realising my exp would glitch, and I still glitched. So, figure out how much exp you are gonna get for each match, and plan accordingly..