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  1. Did you find a fix? I have this same error on both my ps5 and ps4.
  2. The strangest flag dispute I have ever read.
  3. I believe all 3 games have been nuked.
  4. Awful softlock. Hopefully its fixed soon.
  5. There are achievers from France and Brazil in top 50. So I assume anywhere outside of Asia should be okay?
  6. Big City stories is unplayable on some region accs. I got "Critical Error: Game does not work in your Region" when trying to start. Acc region: JP
  7. Tier 1 list for now: 1. Leo's (mis)Fortune 0.34% 2. GGXrd Sign 1.09% 3. Ultimate Chicken Horse(NA) 4.96% 4. Dragon Ball FighterZ 2.99% 5. いっきオンライン 2.39%
  8. Guess I will sign up, Just a question, any game I add must have at least 1 UN obtained UR, does that include the plat? Example: I have a UR plat, but I am just missing a common trophy. Does it count?
  9. Remaking the lobby takes 2 seconds. After backing out of the lobby, the game remembers the lobby you made. You can literally do it blindfolded. X twice to exit lobby, O twice to make lobby with the same settings.
  10. On youtube ..
  11. For 5000 rice balls: Deathmatch → stage EX.1 → restart lobby after EX.4 → use turbo for "idle kills" to save a few mins every match. These stages require the least amount of moving. You could do EX.5 also and suicide using the logs. If you're good enough, you will pop trophy at around 220~240 matches.
  12.いっき-おんらいん/ The other name section lists the English as Ikki On Rain, but it should be Ikki Online.
  13. Little Deviants AS stack is called 「 サワリ・マ・ク〜ル!」 I believe it should also be changed from AS to JP.
  14. That is not true. It was on JP store for ¥1500.
  15. Makes sense for games that have a release on 2 consoles at the same time: God of War Ragnarok for example. Or games that dont have an original release on ps like divinity original sin also make sense not needing any edition in title. However, games that are clearly released as a remaster should always have it in the title. Bioshock for example which has the dlc bundled, MP trophies removed, graphics upscaled, etc not having the remastered title doesn't make sense. Its also sold as remastered on the case, on the store, and even on the psn trophy list. Actually - Divinity has Definitive edition tag on psn as well. Final argument - the games should have some distinction between different releases.