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  1. They should of called that game 'Madagascars' or ' Madagaskarts' Probably why it sucks..
  2. Well most games have Single player saved locally (your HDD) and online stats server side.
  3. You can unlink again. I feel your pain for losing your progress in the other EA games, but they do ask you to accept the terms before unlinking; which states that you will lose all EA online progress...
  4. El: Shaddai NeverDead Binary Domain Fuse
  5. Xbox is for casuals
  6. I can confirm that: 1. Warchief can also glitch 2. "Deleting" origin account works. However, the first 3 technicians I spoke to, told me "trophies glitching isn't a real reason to delete an acc". I changed my approach for the next, "I no longer get in-game rewards. My game is glitched". He told me deleting acc won't fix this. He was right; I lost my EA acc, access to online EA games. I created a new origin acc, and linked it using Command & Conquer 3. After regaining access, my stats hadn't been reset. Spoke to another technician, who seemed to understand what I was asking, he unlinked my acc instead of deleting. This worked. 3. Using only tomahawk kills and not changing weapon or solider, it is possible to reach rank 74 in one session. @HoorayForTyler Thanks for info and help. TL;DR Dont ask for account deletion, ask for an account unlink.
  7. The only thing that annoys me is the rarity %. Most games here in JP have really inflated % because of a lack of JP registered players.
  8. Last year i made a thread "am I the only one who cant play ps3 anymore?" Im thinking of making a new thread "Am I the only one who cant stop playing ps3?" Everyone should still be getting ps3s. L
  9. A bit late, but yes. The JP disc has full English support. Text + Voices.
  10. It really depends on the person. We should be careful not to group all into one. Personally, I couldn't care if someone has more plats than me, or a higher % if the games they play took 0 skill or time. In the case of someone with a "better" acc than me (based solely on my own criteria) I look at what i am missing, and when I will start it. Always Quality over Quantity...
  11. You actually think this? You have more plats than me, and a higher %. But, i feel no jealousy... Maybe I am in denial?
  12. Because they make platinum trophies a participation award. I may be mistaken, but they also removed trophy rarity % from ps5? It becomes You have 500 plats!! Wowowowowow! ....But, all are "ezpz" Vs. You only have 100 plats... pretty low... ...But all are hard/time consuming etc... Even Sony exclusives are really easy recently. Good marketing! They stick anything that may be difficult into DLC. That way everyone can get a plat and win! Yey
  13. Hope you had an enjoyable Birthday!
  14. This is an incredibly lonely thread. I feel so alone after reading this.