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  1. Good Job on those Visual Novel completions @cjshaitan! It seems like you're running out of the harder games available for Playstation, I doubt the remaining titles can quench your thirst for intense difficulty!
  2. Congrats to the winners It seems I was the candle that burnt twice as bright for half as long, the C2 League is truly a war of attrition Have a good Christmas everyone!
  3. Just came here to say your avatar made me audibly laugh. "The Phantom Pooh"

  4. Awesome, I still havent gotten around to Hearts of Stone yet, or even 100%ed the base game, its rare when a game pulls me in for another 50 hour playthrough of new content a year down the line.
  5. I've pumped in about 8 hours so far, and even if Uncharted 4 came early I'd wait until Tuesday to start it, just so I can get a few more matches of Overwatch in Before Rainbow Six Siege, I was tired of the genre, but the level of tactical thinking and teamwork required in Siege brought me back. Months after moving on from Siege, Overwatch is a more than worthy replacement at hogging my gaming time. I love everything, the characters are all great, the map variety, the abilities, the plethora of unlocks. Everything is so polished, even though this is a demo it feels like the games been out for years and I'm playing a finely tuned and balanced version. My character selections so far have been: Offense - Tracer (1/2 of game time spent with her, really well balanced character and very fun to play) and Mccree (When Tracer isn't working, Mccree is good for a slower pace offensive). Defense - Bastion (Admittedly rarely play Defense, Bastion is always my go-to pick though, it's awesome getting on a balcony overlooking the objective and going to town). Tank - Reinhardt (Shield, Hammer and charge make him my fav tank, he has definitely been a game changer in securing last minute wins). Support - Mercy (Healing and Damage buff can make an average team unstoppable, plus her sidearm is actually quite powerful), Symmetra (Different kind of support, turrets in a room with a teleporter and your teams recovery time is slashed in half) My only gripes are minor niggles: - Currency is too rare to get, a low amount should be awarded at the end of every match, maybe based on performance. Maybe even let Loot Crates be bought with currency, say... 200? If Blizzard are going down the route of Hearthstone packs with the loot crates, I feel it punishes long-time players by only giving out free crates on level ups, as the higher level you are, the longer you wait until the next reward. - There're some minor balancing that should be sorted out. Bastion isn't too bad, but I feel his transformation animation should be longer than what it currently is, his turn speed while in turret mode should be reduced, and his minigun ammo should be swapped with an overheat system to avoid wasteful shooting. Mei needs a slight nerf but I'm not sure how, maybe buff her long range charge icicle attack, but make the time-to-freeze on her primary fire mode longer? It's too hard to escape her freeze stuff with anyone other that heroes with movement leap abilities (Tracer, Winston, Reinhart etc). On the buff front, I feel that Symmetra and Zenyatta all need slight damage buffs. - While i have no problem paying £40 for the origins edition, the fact that the standard £30 edition isn't available for consoles could really hurt the games sales if people feel the lack of single player content is a turn off. Closing thoughts, 10/10 experience from the 8 hours I have played. Day 1 buy. All heroes are distinct and characterised very well in comparison to other games (cough Evolve cough) By the way, there're in-game achievements for the PC version at least. They sound like trophy material to me: Potential Trophy List
  6. Complete/Kill/Do X I wonder what Resistance Mode is though. This game dropped from the face of the Earth last year, and now it's releasing this month? I don't have the highest expectations.
  7. Great trailer, I hope we see some gameplay tonight though. Some people are just too hard to please ^
  8. Mango is correct, thats what happened with my MGSV trophies. You will be able to earn them (even see them pop iirc), you just wont be able to view the list in the menu or sync to the servers until the list is added to the PSN servers.
  9. So much vague shitposting in this thread, even the Call of Duty IW teaser generated a more positive response here on PSNP, and that's saying something. We can't see much from the teaser, I don't think it's set in the future, the dude has no helmet and a pretty basic looking outfit. I could see this shot panning out to reveal Normandy in the full trailer, in fact I'll wager all my cashews. A WW2 fps would be a nice change in pace from this Fall's futuristic lineup with CoD and Titanfall, I hope they focus on many different fronts though, it'd be nice to play as different countries in the campaign.
  10. Lets not forget The Last Of Us' announcement trailer debuted Dec 2011, one month after Uncharted 3 had released. It's possible, now that Naughty Dog have 2 teams working on different games, but I have some concerns. Team 1: Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley helmed development of The Last of Us after Uncharted 2 in 2009. It had a 3 year development cycle, and a original release date of May 2013 (pre-delay to June). Team 2: While Neil and Bruce were working on TLOU, a separate team developed Uncharted 3, which released 2011. I'm filling in a few blanks myself here, so take what I type with a grain of salt. I remember reading that Neil and Bruce were brought onto development of U4 (which resulted in some significant story changes iirc). Amy Henig (Director of U3), had left during development of U4, which is why new directors were needed. Assuming all this, I think it's safe to say that only Neil and Bruce jumped from team 1 to team 2, and didn't bring the entire team that had worked on TLOU. A typical Naughty Dog release pattern (Last gen evidence only, not using dates from PS2-era) is 2 years. Uncharted - 2007 Uncharted 2 - 2009 Uncharted 3 - 2011 The Last Of Us - 2013 Uncharted 4 - 2016 (Originally 2015) So in conclusion, if the team behind The Last of Us has been working on a sequel since 2013 (or 2014 if they were involved in TLOU remastered), there is a possibility they could announce E3 2016, although I wouldn't expect a release until 2017. Neil's quote in the linked article confirms that the Team1/Team2 dynamic in ND still exists today. Hell, I'd say if you look at it from a squinted perspective it is a confirmation that TLOU2 exists and is in development - They wouldn't be prototyping ideas for TLOU2 and then leave their team making an entirely new IP/sequel when they leave for U4. Edit: Note, this all assumes there is a Team 2 still at ND (I may have misinterpreted the quote), and if Marsipan is correct in saying that the teams were merged with U4 then I don't think we'll see anything until Late 2017 (factor in Uncharted 4 DLC in late 2016 early 2017 and I dont see them having time to get TLOU2 ready for announcement by E3 2017), and even then, it'll probably be a CG trailer, we may not even see a release until the speculated end of the PS4's lifecycle in 2019. That option is depressing as shit so cross your fingers for option 1. TL:DR: Could be I guess
  11. Looks cool, don't know if it's enough to bring me back just yet, but it still looks like the best offering of DLC yet.
  12. I'll be starting Pier as soon as I get 1 more plat (I'm only letting myself start a game after 100%ing 3), which should be the Division later tonight. Any Game of Thrones fans here? Last nights episode was massive .
  13. I liked the look of Infinite Warfare, too bad it's cool to hate on the series. I still don't understand, if people want a Modern Warfare game, how about you buy one of the 100 Middle East fps' released in the last decade and quit bitching. The only thing CoD4 has over it's sequels is a slighty more believable and detailed story, everything else is run on the mill, and I'll never understand why people cling to it. Rose tinted glasses I guess, it's old enough for it to have been the new generation's Zelda or Crash I suppose. Comments like these are what I'm talking about, it's strange how a fanbase complains a series is repetitive and stale, yet if any changes are made it's lost the franchises identity.
  14. Nice stats as always cooch Time for some real talk, how did Simpgraus get that damn Bigfest plat. Every band is full of pretentious snobs that leave if you dont pay a randsom (which is weird considering the point of the game is promoting small bands). The crowd gets pissy way too much. Raining? Better deconstruct the icecream store and make a raincoat store in its place. Oh wait now its sunny again, and the people are mounting a revolt since you dont have any ice cream stands. Give me some tips Simp
  15. World at War: "I'm sick of WW2 games" Modern Warfare 3: "COD is the same every year, I wish they'd try something new" Infinite Warfare: "Why can't they just do a Modern Warfare 4?" I'm reserving thoughts until I actually see the game, but this teaser looks a bit nonsensical. The (assumed) bad guy is just reading out of the "How 2 bad guy 101" guidebook, evident by the way he spouts these lines in the same message: "Make no mistake, we will rip you from the history books, every last trace of you gone" "We will build monuments to your destruction"