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  1. Finally, after a day of rest, I found a large Val in a tempered S.O.S, I swear that this guy was smaller than the previous ones that I had hunted. Just need Dodo and Uragaan for the trophies, but Im gonna wait for the event of this Friday, the hunt is almost over. Edit: After 125 kills I found it.
  2. Seems that large Val is a myth, I've been hunting him for over a week, 110 kills, and nothing, even the biggest ones where silver crowns.... Anyone in the same situation?
  3. Well for me, when I was standing right under her, i couldn't see her body and her wings, I killed two like that, one bigger than the other, the second time, it was the gold crown. If you want, u can add me, and If I see a big Legiana I will message you.
  4. I wish I have your luck, I have been only getting big legianas until I get the mini one.
  5. Maybe its a good idea to make a Squad called like "Hunting for crowns" and anyone who is here join it, and when you enter the squad, start hunting for a monster and when u find one, send a message to the base with a quick info like, "mini here" or "giant one" so everybody notice it and join that investigation.
  6. Just a quick question, has anyone got a reliable way of sizing a Radobaan and an Urogaan, they're the only monster that I cant get a solid way to size them.
  7. These trophies are related to the mode Cat and Dino's a hard mode to appear. The last time I played, was in November and the event before it was on august so, answering to your question, yes It can be done. When? Its just a matter of patience. Check the schedule in the web to be informed.
  8. Got another one, mini Jyuratodus Investigation Rank: 9* Investigation Type: Hunt (Jyuratodus Tempered) Rewards: 3 Tempered Time Limit: 30 Minutes / 4 People / 3 faints Rate Up: Nothing
  9. I got a mini barroth: Investigation Rank: 8* Investigation Type: Capture (Barroth Tempered) Rewards: 2 Tempered Time Limit: 30 Minutes / 2 People / 3 faints Rate Up: Not remember
  10. If he says that is busy, i think that you have to spend time with him during the night. Im assuming that you are using the same guide as me, so after you rescue Rise his SL should be at level 5. If its not at that level you have to spend time with him during the night as levelz 4 and 5 only progress during the night time.
  11. Really interested in seeing what they have done. I've watched some videos, and it's an interesting view of the internet dates. Thank you so much for the givesway, no many people do this kind of thing.
  12. Today we can get the trophy "destroyer" (Destroy 100 critical Buildings in Theatre of War). You should be playing as Europe to make it count. It's very difficult to get this mode, so the ones who are getting the trophies should focus on this one.
  13. But I can select other games that I dont own, like Tom Clancy Rainbow Siege or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier, but when I search for this one, it's not listed.
  14. Hi! I've to create this thread as I can no select this game, in the "gaming sessions", to try to get this platinum before they shut down the servers again. I'm looking for a partner to get every trophy for Theatre of War. My timezone is GMT+1, but I can manage to play for other zones. We will be using skype to chat, as the ps3 chat is too slow. If anyone iis interested in this, he can answer here o he can send me a message to my PSN ( VaR0_XxTh3b)