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  1. Really interested in seeing what they have done. I've watched some videos, and it's an interesting view of the internet dates. Thank you so much for the givesway, no many people do this kind of thing.
  2. Today we can get the trophy "destroyer" (Destroy 100 critical Buildings in Theatre of War). You should be playing as Europe to make it count. It's very difficult to get this mode, so the ones who are getting the trophies should focus on this one.
  3. But I can select other games that I dont own, like Tom Clancy Rainbow Siege or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier, but when I search for this one, it's not listed.
  4. Hi! I've to create this thread as I can no select this game, in the "gaming sessions", to try to get this platinum before they shut down the servers again. I'm looking for a partner to get every trophy for Theatre of War. My timezone is GMT+1, but I can manage to play for other zones. We will be using skype to chat, as the ps3 chat is too slow. If anyone iis interested in this, he can answer here o he can send me a message to my PSN ( VaR0_XxTh3b)