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  1. Not really but I would love to have some sort of tracking (number of enemy killed) like Xbox
  2. They're different games but I do like Sekiro better because I prefer the setting, it'll be a 10/10 for me if the main character is sexy kunoichi.
  3. I can confirm you don't need the skill from Shura ending boss
  4. Knew it would not have 3 platinum but hopefully 4,5,6 would get ported as well.
  5. It's up guys Managed to sync 😂
  6. Still not syncing Hopefully there is one last hurrah for this at the end of the month
  7. Looks easier than previous game
  8. Epilogue part 1 and chapter 4 are the easiest for me. Got all gold in that 2 chapter.
  9. Does it count toward the 70 gold medal requirement?
  10. Onoine doesn't seem too bad. So excited for this!
  11. Hello I need weapon drops for the trophy. If anyone is willing to help, send me a message on my PSN ryoonz. Thanks!
  12. Yeah but it's still very hard. Any tips?
  13. The beat Gao time on all the stage trophy glitched on me. Not sure what I did wrong since I've unlocked all the other four. A shame, I love this game. Very beautiful art style, simple yet challenging gameplay.
  14. Loved it, I can't get into Dark Souls and Bloodborne because I don't like the setting. I freakin' loved Nioh so this would be up my alley.
  15. This looks amazing to me, I love the aesthetic as well. Admittedly, I've only played DmC so I wasn't really invested in the DMC series.