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  1. Yeah save scum work took me 4 reloading with 200 ticket
  2. I'll list my personal GOTY for the last decade instead. 2010 - NieR 2011 - Radiant Historia 2012 - Persona 4 Golden 2013 - The Last of Us 2014 - Danganronpa 2015 - The Witcher 3 2016 - Dark Souls III 2017 - Persona 5 2018 - Dragon Quest XI 2019 - Sekiro And NieR is my absolute favorite game from that list for me.
  3. Man they don't do PS3 games anymore huh
  4. Yeah saw the gameplay it's not pressing button like the main game but using move to point at the incoming notes.
  5. What's the requirement for SSS rank?
  6. As of the time of this posting 0 people got the Platz. So people who have already played this version, is it glitched unobtainable or people don't bother going for the Platz?
  7. Not the worst but had some bad luck with Sleeping Dogs and Watch Dogs Funny that both have Dogs in the title but I love dogs. Sleeping Dogs buying all clothes but the trophy didn't unlock, used earlier save to get it again and didn't pop, gave up and year later got it on digital for like 5 bucks including DLC and play from scratch and finally got the trophy. Watch_Dogs have that awful song search trophy, I spent like 12 hours trying to get the last song over two days but didn't find any and after that the game freeze and everytime I boot any game on PS4 it will freeze in 10 seconds, luckily changing the HDD fixed the problem. And then I continued to search the song and finally got it but guess what of course the trophy didn't pop. I had to play the game from scratch again after deleting the game data and save file. The worst was Madagascar 3 game, it's not hard or anything but there's no guide for collectiblea and searching it myself gave me migraine.
  8. Not really but I would love to have some sort of tracking (number of enemy killed) like Xbox
  9. They're different games but I do like Sekiro better because I prefer the setting, it'll be a 10/10 for me if the main character is sexy kunoichi.
  10. I can confirm you don't need the skill from Shura ending boss
  11. Knew it would not have 3 platinum but hopefully 4,5,6 would get ported as well.
  12. It's up guys Managed to sync 😂
  13. Still not syncing Hopefully there is one last hurrah for this at the end of the month
  14. Looks easier than previous game
  15. Epilogue part 1 and chapter 4 are the easiest for me. Got all gold in that 2 chapter.
  16. Does it count toward the 70 gold medal requirement?
  17. Onoine doesn't seem too bad. So excited for this!
  18. Hello I need weapon drops for the trophy. If anyone is willing to help, send me a message on my PSN ryoonz. Thanks!
  19. Yeah but it's still very hard. Any tips?
  20. The beat Gao time on all the stage trophy glitched on me. Not sure what I did wrong since I've unlocked all the other four. A shame, I love this game. Very beautiful art style, simple yet challenging gameplay.
  21. Loved it, I can't get into Dark Souls and Bloodborne because I don't like the setting. I freakin' loved Nioh so this would be up my alley.
  22. This looks amazing to me, I love the aesthetic as well. Admittedly, I've only played DmC so I wasn't really invested in the DMC series.
  23. I used to do this but when I finally got the game, I have no desire to play them anymore. This is why I started renting game and got to play the latest game as soon as it came out, and because of that there's a sense of urgency (this might be a bad thing for some people since you'll feel rushed but that actually motivates me) and it feels good to be in the zeitgeist of the game release even if you're only playing it alone and don't really engage in the community, IMO obviously. Oh and I bought the game when they're on sale or have GOTY edition, so like you've already beat the game and now you're only doing the DLC after they're complete.
  24. Finally, at least they didn't abandoned it. It still boggles me that they bring this game that NO ONE asked for instead of Great Edo Blacksmith game. I mean seriously, I didn't even knew this game existed before they brought it over.