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  1. You are probably right, but I think if you are good enough with triple spin timing, the platinum times can be more forgiving than the other games, theres no need to be completely flawless. But as you said, probably Im minority on this.
  2. Funny, because in the previous games I don't remember getting any platinum relics, now in this one I already got all of them. I'd say it is easier than the other games.
  3. Good luck unlock her, unless you have a boosting partner... and its still annoying.
  4. Maybe because the game modes avaliable before and now they changed. Like, theres no way to unlock Scarlet on Alcatraz, since there are no vehicles in that map. Just a guess.
  5. This isnt the kind of game I was expecting when I bought it. It feels challenging and fun, even thought it can be unbalanced sometimes. The different objectives in each level helps to keep the game fresh.
  6. Just delete your save file through PS4 menu. Dont choose to start a new campaign in the game main menu, I tried too and just wasted more time. You can make a backup copy on Plus/USB Stick if you want, so you can restore your character after getting the trophy.
  7. Unfortunately you gonna need to erase all your progress and play from lv 1 all over. If your partner is still around, you can let him host, since Nightmare mode only unlocks when you finish the game once. You can play just the last chapter on each mission, just make sure you dont play with anyone else, stick with the same partner the whole game (you dont need to finish the game in one sitting). This is what worked for me after beating the game on nightmare like 3 times lol, including one solo playthrough.
  8. Zombies trophies are possible solo, but of course the easter eggs are way easier with at least one partner. As for Blackout, it requires a huge amount of skill and mainly luck to unlock some characters, I would recommend to play with someone and try to find each other in the same lobby. If you arent in the same lobby just reload. This way you can kill your partner for objectives (after getting the mission item), like kill with a vehicle, granade, from 200m away, etc. The 10 wins can be thought, because probably only pro players plays this now, but Plus might help a bit next week. Some times there are some modes that can make wins easier to get, the easiest is the one which they put 50x50. Multiplayer is grindy as always, but theres no need to boost.
  9. I didnt know about it, thanks for the info.
  10. Isnt the pass just some cosmetic stuff?
  11. Yes, you can boost the Golden League trophy, but it would require a partner that lives as closest as possible from you (or that you have 2 PS4/PS5), because the matchmaking is based on your connection, you cant choose who you play with. You also need a couple alt accounts to trade wins, because you only play against people one or two ranks below/above you. Let me know if you need more details about how I did it, I havent found many information about it myself.
  12. From the trophy description, it seems like a small easter egg. I guess there is a world map somewhere in the game and you need to point the developer studio in that map. But I might be wrong, its just a guess.
  13. I think it glitches if you play with different partner. Try to erase all your progress and play with the same partner all the time. Dont waste your time. I tried pressing square to start a new campaing and did the whole game solo (I had to skip stage 8-3 because zombies wouldnt spawn during a survive the horde objective) and got no trophy. I dunno about playing solo in a fresh save file though.
  14. I tried to delete my save file first, but when I realised I would need to finish the game once to unlock Nightmare mode, I just pressed squere on main menu to start a new campaing, because I wanted to play by myself.
  15. Just finished the game and nothing lol Better try as the guy above said next.