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  1. I thought there would be a full game list in this topic.
  2. I did it when Forsaken launched, but I see no reason to not being able to get 100%. Forsaken alone should be enough, but someone will correct me if Im wrong. About the Seal trophy, you need a Seal from that DLC, the easiest are Dredgen and the one from Dreaming City.
  3. You can get the rank S trophies in coop, but all the trophies that requires you to play as a specific character must be done in single player.
  4. Ffs, it seems it doesnt require any skill to be a trophy hunter nowadays.
  5. So its ok to get the trophy using a modded lobby but you still get flagged for getting Big League in BO2, is that right?
  6. The new season is starting next tuesday, there is a chance the update fixes it.
  7. Im not expecting any new trophies anymore. Zombies trophies list were often released before the maps came out, I dunno why they would wait for the EE to release it.
  8. I remember I paid way less to pre order BO4 + Season Pass than I did for Cold War. They don't trick me with "free" post launch content.
  9. It seems your TV has some input lag, try switching to game mode.
  10. Pretty easy trophy, just equip the sword or helmet (dont remember which one) and you can easily get the trophy anywhere in the game.
  11. You should tell this to the people that plays that Mayo "game".
  12. I remember there was one challenge that glitched on me when doing their time trials triumph, the one which you use a sword. No matter how fast I was, the triumph would not unlock when I opened the chest, then I went through the portal after opening the chest and I finally got the triumph. Maybe you can even do the time trials yourself, this way is easier to track the challenges you completed.
  13. Try to create a Share Play. If you can start the Share Play your connection should be fast enough for everything else. Though 150mbs sounds more than enough, I can watch 1080p videos on Youtube without any major problems with my 15mb connection.
  14. This is from someone that doesn't enjoy open world games, but it picked my attention. This is the typical Ubisoft game, get somewhere high to uncover the map, mark the collectibles and walk around the map to collect everything. I'm pretty sure there are nearly 400 treasure chests to open plus a hundred other activities in total (there must be like 5 different activities). The combat gets old fast too. There aren't many enemy types and you walk around, find a group of 4-7 enemies, kill, repeat. You don't need any any skill, even playing in hard all you have to do is spam any ability until you stun the enemy and finish it. The so called puzzles are very simple. All you have to do the whole time is to look around to find the torch you need to light up, a pressure plate or a target. You must do this for almost every chest in the game and the other activities. If you are into greek mithology, the game is full of small pieces of its history. That and many silly jokes, many kind of jokes that only a grown up would understand.
  15. I hope they patch it soon.