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  1. In my opinion Nioh is far easier than DS series or Bloodborne, I'd give it a 5/10 platinum difficulty. Even less if you summon help. I was able to solo everything, I dont like to summon anyone to help on this kind of game, but it might require some grinding sometimes.
  2. Dang, really?! Im glad I havent unlocked any trophy yet, I can still delete it from my list.
  3. You know what would be better than 2 platinums? Some Mega Max X9 teaser hidden within the collection. I heard they did something similar to the other collection, adding a concept art from Mega Man 11.
  4. The grind is real with this one. 1000 MP matches? Destroy 1000000 blocks? You cant be serious o_O
  5. wow

    Bronze, silver or gold, trophies are always fun to get (mostly).
  6. wow

    Wow, 60+ trophies and not even a single silver!
  7. I like the idea, the platinum pop up could be something unique for each game.
  8. The game cover already made me wanna buy this game lol. But I do enjoy games like this.
  9. And you could put the game disc in a CD player to listen to that bonus track. Man, the PS1 era sure was the best!
  10. I have seen a few like these. Gravity Rush and Ressonance of Fate are some of them. Ressonance of Fate is even more awesome, because the trophy list is just a single image when you put trophies together.
  11. I think the only trophy you can not get in coop is the one for not using magic, in online mode at least. I tried twice and nothing. Got it first try playing solo local.
  12. No BC at all, I bet. How are they going to keep selling remasters if they do it?
  13. Phew, Im so relieved I wont need to unlock everything all over. I shall give it a try, thanks a lot! EDIT: Just got it 😁
  14. What exactly you did to unlock Artisan? I even have beaten a dungeon using every weapon (including DLC) and still no trophy. Did you start a fresh save or just kept using diferent weapons until the trophy popped?
  15. Hard to pick a favorite game. I will choose Xenogears.