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  1. Dont quote me on that, but I think it doesnt matter. You can even throw enemies in a hole and the result will be the same. Its about the total energy enemies has.
  2. That's right. They should change the combo system to show total damage instead of hits, or both. That's why you can't get the combo related trophies by getting 100+ hits on those steel balls, I have tried myself, thinking it was an easy way to get the trophy, hahaha.
  3. I barely touched the multiplayer mode, but last time I checked you had do choose one mission from that list in order to make progress through the objectives. I dunno if thats your case, though.
  4. Nice finding! Very useful information for when I finally play it (its on my backlog).
  5. I thought Frozenbyte would have learned how to make private games by now, after the mess it was Nine Parchments.
  6. Star Ocean 4, first trophy obtained 7 years ago, will be 8 in november. Actually I first played it when the game was released, but then after playing for around 200 hours my PS3 passed away and I wasn't used to backing up my save file back then. Then in 2012 I started all over but played for just a few hours and left the game catching some dust, just recently I went back to it and now I try to play a little bit everyday. It should take another year to finish it.
  7. Even with a guide I wasnt able to beat the first game, though I started following it after many hours into the game. But I loved it!
  8. It's the first time I see this word ūüė¨
  9. Im sorry if its a silly question or off topic but, cant you just set a time with an alt account and beat it?
  10. 62 Platinums in a single day! Not bad, is it?!

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! That's about double what I did a couple years back. :lol: And yeah, I have to agree with you. Leaving a trophy for later isn't going to lessen your enjoyment. I've done so many times, with Rain Day events and to set up milestones. 

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats! That's little over 3/4 of my total.

    4. RangyRV


      Thanks everybody. You know, lately it hasn't been that enjoyable to platinum games anymore, so I might take it slow from now on.

  11. It wouldn't be Treyarch if they didn't glitch a trophy every update.
  12. I found his item yesterday after a long time, maybe the drop rate was lowered.
  13. I only have Reznov left, I would buy it without thinking twice, mainly because I have those free points we get for buying the pass.
  14. Here's an idea for 3arch. You know those keys used to buy item boxes in BO3? They could add a system in which we could buy these character mission items, I wouldn't mind if this was a one match thing or very expensive, it would still be way better than playing dozens of matches without finding anything.