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  1. Im sorry if its a silly question or off topic but, cant you just set a time with an alt account and beat it?
  2. 62 Platinums in a single day! Not bad, is it?!

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! That's about double what I did a couple years back. :lol: And yeah, I have to agree with you. Leaving a trophy for later isn't going to lessen your enjoyment. I've done so many times, with Rain Day events and to set up milestones. 

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats! That's little over 3/4 of my total.

    4. RangyRV


      Thanks everybody. You know, lately it hasn't been that enjoyable to platinum games anymore, so I might take it slow from now on.

  3. It wouldn't be Treyarch if they didn't glitch a trophy every update.
  4. I found his item yesterday after a long time, maybe the drop rate was lowered.
  5. I only have Reznov left, I would buy it without thinking twice, mainly because I have those free points we get for buying the pass.
  6. Here's an idea for 3arch. You know those keys used to buy item boxes in BO3? They could add a system in which we could buy these character mission items, I wouldn't mind if this was a one match thing or very expensive, it would still be way better than playing dozens of matches without finding anything.
  7. I didn't even start BO2 for this reason.
  8. I think this games trophies shouldn't be flagged, once its not our fault if we just play the game and a trophy pop all of sudden. I mean, it wasnt us that hacked whatever in that game.
  9. Can't you just change your control scheme either on in game or PS4 settings? I dunno why make a topic to complain about it.
  10. In my opinion Nioh is far easier than DS series or Bloodborne, I'd give it a 5/10 platinum difficulty. Even less if you summon help. I was able to solo everything, I dont like to summon anyone to help on this kind of game, but it might require some grinding sometimes.
  11. Dang, really?! Im glad I havent unlocked any trophy yet, I can still delete it from my list.
  12. You know what would be better than 2 platinums? Some Mega Max X9 teaser hidden within the collection. I heard they did something similar to the other collection, adding a concept art from Mega Man 11.
  13. The grind is real with this one. 1000 MP matches? Destroy 1000000 blocks? You cant be serious o_O
  14. wow

    Bronze, silver or gold, trophies are always fun to get (mostly).
  15. wow

    Wow, 60+ trophies and not even a single silver!