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  1. During the whole season 1 they didnt bother to fix the trophies, why would they do it now?
  2. First you set the time in your console for the mission you wanna grind, then in the loading screen simply go back your console clock in 1 hour.
  3. Finally managed it to work, thanks a lot. Unfortunately I have no internet to play since tuesday, so Point Extraction by myself isnt very rewarding. I tried doing it in a escort mission, but for some reason the button on drilldozer doesnt work while using the glitch.
  4. Same, tried to ask 2 guys and no reply.
  5. Its february 16th, 6am in my timezone (-3 gmt). I dont remember the mission name, but it was in the radioactive zone, with 2xp and explosive bugs modifiers. As I said I did find the mission, but it still had enemies... there must be something else Im missing.
  6. Yesterday I joined a guy that was using the date trick to farm xp, but there were no enemies on it. I asked him the date he used, I found the mission but there were enemies on it. What I did wrong? Has someone seen this before?
  7. If you re talking about the level required for GM, then yes, you must reach it within one season. When the next season starts the artefact level is reseted.
  8. Is the Kodama trophy fixed now? I plan to play the PS5 version from scratch, I dont want to add the PS4 version to my profile just to get this trophy.
  9. I mean, nothing trophy related, but you can easily feel lost about whats going in the story, if you care about it at all. There are many vaulted content and after the introduction mission, the game let you do anything you want in any order. If you havent played every season in order it can be confusing.
  10. Its still possible to obtain 100%, but story wise it can be messy if you start now.
  11. Yeah, it has couch coop.
  12. Let the justice deal with it. Dunno why people would need to stop watching his stuff.
  13. Im going to acept your recommendation and stay away, maybe I play a bit in an alt account just for fun. I was excited about the trophy list with 102 trophies, but thats not worth at all.
  14. Thanks a lot. I dont have much patience for games nowadays, so I just avoid AAA games, I wanted to spend my time with something more casual, but if the grind is this absurd Id better avoid it then. I guess thats the price you pay for a free game.
  15. So, is it safe to start playing like, today, trophy wise? How long is the grind?