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  1. Now Im curious lol. Maybe because PS5 launches that day in your country?
  2. Actually it will be released on december 8th. I dunno where these folks are gathering info from, about release date and trophy list.😬
  3. I read somewhere that you cant Share Play SF5, but this is something you can try for yourself. Simply create a party and try to start Share Play.
  4. Pretty sure they gonna change the trophy requeriment. They did it both on Destiny 1 and 2 once, but dont quote me on that.
  5. Keep in mind that doing Last Wish wont award you with the trophy from Leviathan prestige.
  6. The game just became more interesting. Thanks, I was running out of coop games.
  7. I wouldnt skip jump showdown, its the final that requires the least amount of luck. Some you should skip are jinxed, that team tail game, slime climb if you arent confident about this one, tip toe can be dangerous too mainly if only 6 can pass.
  8. Also, beware of this while going for the trophy, I lost a 2 and a 4 win streak. http://youtu.be/aDfNnOJvFAw http://youtu.be/xmHijMoLFmo
  9. I got kudos twice while going for trophy. I dunno if this makes any sense but Im starting to think that you get kudos if you quit while your character is rolling in the ground. I got kudos once in block party just like the video above, the wall was pushing me when I was downed, I knew there was no way to recover so I left while I was still above the platform. Kudos went up The same happened in jump showndown. The pole was pushing me while I was downed, left with my character was still in the platform and still points went up. Btw, everything worked just fine everytime I left when I was falling, about to touch the mud. So I guess you dont need to leave 5 seconds before you fall.
  10. Good thing you managed to fix it, theres nothing more depressing than a glitched trophy, haha.
  11. Did you play it in coop? It has been a long time since I played it, but I remember my friend had some issue in coop and had to play all over again.
  12. I dunno why every game with local coop must be like this😡
  13. But there is local coop.
  14. What about coop mode? Do both players get trophies?
  15. So it has began. People from the future wasted all their resources and are traveling back in time.
  16. Dont quote me on that, but I think it doesnt matter. You can even throw enemies in a hole and the result will be the same. Its about the total energy enemies has.
  17. That's right. They should change the combo system to show total damage instead of hits, or both. That's why you can't get the combo related trophies by getting 100+ hits on those steel balls, I have tried myself, thinking it was an easy way to get the trophy, hahaha.
  18. I barely touched the multiplayer mode, but last time I checked you had do choose one mission from that list in order to make progress through the objectives. I dunno if thats your case, though.
  19. Nice finding! Very useful information for when I finally play it (its on my backlog).
  20. I thought Frozenbyte would have learned how to make private games by now, after the mess it was Nine Parchments.
  21. Star Ocean 4, first trophy obtained 7 years ago, will be 8 in november. Actually I first played it when the game was released, but then after playing for around 200 hours my PS3 passed away and I wasn't used to backing up my save file back then. Then in 2012 I started all over but played for just a few hours and left the game catching some dust, just recently I went back to it and now I try to play a little bit everyday. It should take another year to finish it.
  22. Even with a guide I wasnt able to beat the first game, though I started following it after many hours into the game. But I loved it!
  23. It's the first time I see this word 😬