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  1. Need help with changing lanes trophy. Thanks!!
  2. Why did you close my dispute?
    My arguments are valid.
    The decision is entirely arbitrary.
    Unfortunately this happens just when I was going to activate the premium registration. I am a member for 4 years, and it is bad to receive this deal.
    I sincerely hoped that you would remove this Flagged.

    1. grimydawg___


      Be lucky I'm not going to flag you on another game.  I'm not gping to waste my time with it.  I closed the dispute because I'm done with it.  It's that simple...

    2. ccespedesg


      Too bad, I hoped you would analyze my situation with better disposition.
      Judge Dredd. I need a better judgment.

    3. grimydawg___


      For your sake, stop talking.  I'm being lenient right now because you SHOULD be flagged on at least another game.  However, I'm not in the business in looking at people's profile just to flag them.  So, just stop, please