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  1. The game has been patched to 1.02, and repentance now works with the afterbirth+ disc. Update history for the game should say "preparations for repentance dlc".
  2. I own physical versions of the game for both NA and EU. NA works fine, EU, however, does not, just as you describe it. When i finished downloading repentance from my EU account, i've got a pop up notification on my phone that an add-on is ready to play. This should not have happened, it's as if i downloaded an American dlc from the European store. With them being a smaller studio and with a chaotic release schedule it's plausible that they either overlooked physical versions or put them on a low priority list for now. We'll have to wait and see. P.S. i'll try to install the game on my ps4 later to see if it changes anything.
  3. The expansion will be released on September 28, no word on price though.
  4. My guess is that folks at Media Molecule would be glad to bring PS3 servers back online, but it's not their call, and the fact that current SIE leadership tends to completely ignore PS3 nowadays, ensured that the servers stay down for good.
  5. Dead Space 2 has a list, but without Severed dlc https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/827-dead-space-2
  6. I would recommend playing base game, yes. Finish it first, and make sure you keep few save files untouched from early to mid game. Do not install any dlc before you get a platinum(with the exception of gun runners arsenal), then do only one at a time. Load that early save for dlc if you have frame rate problems. That way it would be less miserable experience.
  7. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I have both NA and EU versions at 100%. At the time i write this it requires you to unlock 403 in-game achievements such as beating 10 major bosses with each of it's 15 characters(including one with no health), completing 35 challenge runs and many many more. The game is very addictive and rewarding though, it never felt tedious to me.
  8. Just finished New Game Plus on Ultra Hard. Went for it being level 60 fully upgraded character, having done the entire base game and the Frosen Wilds dlc prior. I used Shield Weaver and the dlc weapons for the entire playthrough, it was basically a story mode speedrun with no regard for side quests. I used my mount to run away from enemies encountered on my way to the next quest. The whole endeavor lasted about 6 hours.
  9. It finally unlocked for me 11 days after the crash. Now i'm just a few days away from 1000000%😀
  10. That crash happened around the time of 31st daily by my estimate. I've played seven more since and it did not unlocked for me yet.
  11. This one requires you to participate in 31 daily runs. I did not count how many i did, but i've played the game all of december 2019 and now came back to it in may. As the daily was loading up a week ago, my game had crashed, after restarting it the run was inaccessible and nothing unlocked for me since. I think the achievement itself should unlock at the start of the 31st daily run, if so then i'm out of luck. I have no control of this one, no stats are provided about daily runs and i don't know how often the game checks achievement requirements for them if at all. If anyone ever had this problem and can recommend a solution please let me know.
  12. If you bought the dlc from Hong Kong ps store then you are out of luck. It only works with North American version of the game. The solution for you would be buying a copy of Xcom Enemy Unknown from North America.
  13. 35 games are those that i did not touch yet on my ps3. Infamous series would be the most known titles on that list.
  14. Mafia the city of Lost Heaven
  15. The US physical version of the game (the one you have here) should work with HK dlc. As for HK version, i haven't tested it on my account, but i can't think of any reason why it won't work.