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  1. Not relevant in MonadStanley's situation, my advise was based on his game profile at the time.
  2. A great medley of Alice in Chains songs. Can't get enough of it.
  3. Good point, i forgot about exams. Even if you can't manage to get this trophy, worry not because you will need a full second playthrough for platinum, which in turn requires you to go all the way through mementos. Focus on maxing out social stats, reading books, playing video games, and crafting all tools, then you will have only requests, confidants, and compendium on your "to do" list in NG+
  4. I think you'll be able to get back to school on 12/19, from then you'll have 3 to 4 days to finish all the requests, so in theory you'll have plenty of time to do it. On the other hand you are in an uncharted territory: i was never in that situation myself and who knows how the game will behave because this quest is supposed to be done early, around may.
  5. Watch this video and do exactly what he does. I was always 25 seconds behind in the fourth area, but after watching this got the trophy after a second attempt.
  6. This is how i got the trophy. Took me about 45 minutes after i switched to these characters.
  7. This is without a doubt the best way to deal with this whole situation. Personally i only trust Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream of all publishers, the rest were proven to be unreliable more or less. Also if you are patient enough it makes sense to simply wait for the entire game to be released as GOTY or complete edition, where you will get not only a full but a glitchless product. Also here is a good read on the subject http://kotaku.com/i-like-to-buy-games-on-day-one-this-post-originally-ap-1719690013
  8. Can anyone tell if they made audio cd's playable on ps4 with this new firmware. This is the feature Sony have promised to add after launch. I'm still waiting for them to deliver on this promise.
  9. Raison Varner - Flamerock refuge - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - Borderlands 2 Jesper Kyd - H2 Exploration - Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Akira Yamaoka - Theme of Laura - Silent Hill 2
  10. Well, that complicates things a bit and i don't even know anymore)) Anyhow, platinum trophy is a further improvement for a beloved game, and if Capcom will miss this opportunity then it's a major bummer for me. Still gonna buy the game though.
  11. Here is my take on this: RE4 was released on ps3 as digital only game, which is why it was allowed to have no more than 315 points for trophies. For games that see retail release the it is different: they must have a full trophy list and a platinum. The rules have changed after ps4 came out: digital games now can have a platinum trophy(the Binding of Isaac Rebirth for example) and some retail games do not have a plat(The Walking Dead season 2) but i think there is a good chance we will have a full trophy list because physical copies of the game will hit the shelves this time around. We'll see it's only a few days left.
  12. Well, hope they will not implement microtransactions into this game... Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games, but it was released seven years ago and now in 2015 i have mixed feelings after Fallout 4 announcement. Would be interesting to see the story they came up with. After playing and enjoying TeS Oblivion, Skyrim was a disappointment for me in a story department. I hope for something original this time, not a clishe ridden opus. Fallout 4 costs Bethesda a lot of money. No doubt they want to get it back, so no doubt we will see pre order incentives and a season pass of some kind. I would like them to be smart about it: if you want 40 or even 50$ for a season pass make sure that the content is worth it. A big disappointment would be to feel like you are being ripped off by this. I don't believe we will see a true current gen game in terms of graphics here: the development most likely started in 2011 if not earlier. At that time specs for new consoles were not finalised. It should be enhanced and tweaked engine from the last generation whish i'm totally fine with as long as the game itself is good. Overral i want to see what happens next. I've had good and bad time with Bethesda games so they have to earn my money this time.