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  1. There is only one title for me: Splatterhouse. It was given to me by a friend and he took it back after a few days. The game is violent and gory and it's highly unlikely that i'll ever finish it.
  2. It started during ps3 era. Back then digital games were not allowed to have more than 315 points worth of trophies, and RE4 was released only on psn. I really hope they would add platinum trophy with the imminent release of the game on the next gen consoles, same as did with Resident Evil Code: Veronica X.
  3. Worms 2 Armageddon - some are based on luck but still you can get all mp trophies in no time. Painkiller Hell and Damnation - several dlc gold trophies can be self boosted.
  4. I've found that the best way to hit home runs for me is to choose to play left handed(i myself am a righty) and do a tennis backhand swing with my right hand. This is way more consistent that anything else I've tried in this game.
  5. I also have screen tearing issue. It's omnipresent during gameplay. I did not notice audio clipping in cutscenes, but while collecting audio logs, one of them simply stopped playing and game had lowered it's volume for a minute or two. 5.1 sound does not work properly for me either. The game froze on me twice, both times during loading screen animation, both times i had to eject the disk. When playing couch co-op framerate drops drastically, input latency issue is also present. This was the first pre-order for me in 6 years and it did not turn out ok. P.S. I also play on ps4 pro and i've been asking around - it seems that those folks who play on regular ps4 do not have screen tearing issues.
  6. I went to my local gamestop and had the same result: pre-order is not available, their website says i can't pick it up in store. My guess is Gearbox is playing it safe by being conservative with physical copies. I think the number of said copies is very limited so we'd better get them now while we can. I ended up reserving my copy online, being delivered to my home on the day of release for 10$ handling fee.
  7. Hmm. I don't see Xcom EU in US ps store anymore. It might've been pulled from it alltogether. It's still avaliable in HK store, however, alongside with free demo. So this is what i would do: i'd create HK psn account, get the demo on it and test whether or not it's playable on your main account. If it is, i'd proceed with full game purchase and then with dlc from HK store.
  8. Complete the game on any difficulty setting
  9. Played for an hour and twenty minutes today and i feel much better than before. Motion sickness is still there, but nowhere near as bad.
  10. I used Talisman of the Realms to slow down time and then went with Rampage of the Furies light runic attack followed by Fire of Ares heavy runic attack for Blades of Chaos. For axe i used Njord's Tempest light runic attack and Frost giant's Frenzy heavy runic attack. Have gear that gives you more rage per hit such as Brok's Royal Dwarven Breastplate with Raging Fury perk. Use Legendary Runic Vestment armor for Atreus which will give you chance for lifestones during the fight as well as increased lifestone potency. For resurrection stone pick one that revives you with full rage so you can regenerate your health while bringing her health bar down, if she attacks you during rage, stomp her, when she moves back, throw rock at her. It took me many tries, but eventually i've managed to beat her on normal. Good luck.
  11. What's your difficulty level? Anything but easy means very hard time with this boss.
  12. Wonderful track, hope to hear more from Raison Varner and Jesper Kyd in Borderlands 3.
  13. Shadow of the Colossus: it takes a lot of time and effort to get it.
  14. It can be done, sure, but if you go for the platinum on the first playthrough starting on honour mode all the charm of this game will be lost because high learning curve combined with tougher foes will make the game very frustrating. My completion times for DoS are: 111 hours(24 ingame days) for explorer mode and 21 ingame days(honour mode save file doesn't show time) for the hardest playthrough.
  15. That's the right way to go about this game. Enjoy your first playthrough don't think about trophies at all. When you are done you will need crafting guide(along with trophy guide)for honour mode to make it a bit less painful.