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  1. So I got married in FFXIV on Sunday, I wanted to record it but was having issues with OBS but my friend Pan came through, she actually recorded it on her end and I uploaded it to YouTube ^^ I would love to marry this lady in real life one day, but for now I'll settle for this. Was lovely though. 



    1. kindajustin


      I liked the video ^_^ and best of luck with the real life equivalent one day

    2. Asuka Takemi

      Asuka Takemi

      Thank you!!! ^^

  2. Well here are some of the things I hope happen.. Persona 6 (Seems very likely this will happen) P4G ported to PS4/Switch Persona 1 - 3 ported to everything Persona 3 Remake (If the above doesn't happen, I really hope a remake is in the works) Persona 5 Arena (Surprised this isn't even out yet, this has to be one of the announcements) Persona Q 1 & 2 ported to the Switch (Dunno how the dungeons will work since it relied heavily on the 3DS touch screen, but I'm sure they can work around that. Cmon...LIGHT THE FIRE UP!) New dancing game that features all characters from 1-5
  3. I love taking photos of my FFXIV char, kinda got addicted to it. Using Anamnesis to make them look even better. 



    1. NERVergoproxy


      Looking good. 

  4. The amount of new players I'm seeing in FFXIV is staggering, I'm seeing sprouts literally everywhere, and that was before the Asmongold, makes me happy. On the topic of FFXIV I just got the achievement for soloing Palace of the Dead, Red Mage of course cause op, pretty tough up to floors 1-30, but once you hit 54 and get Vercure it's pretty easy, floors 1-30 really are the hardest xD



    1. Doomed_Gary


      That's great to hear. Even though I'm a retired Warrior of Light I still have a very big soft spot for XIV. I'm glad it's doing well.

    2. Asuka Takemi

      Asuka Takemi

      Ever thought about returning to Eorzea? c: 

    3. Doomed_Gary


      I do from time to time, but I don't think I'll seriously consider it until I build another PC. I was at my limit with the controller and hotbar stuff at the level 70 cap. With the new level cap and another rise on the horizon I don't think I can pull off controller and be good enough to not make people cross with me.


      Here's my big boi: I do miss him!

  5. I had a very close friend tell me yesterday they have been having suicidal thoughts, he's 70k in debt and has been losing sleep because of it, understandably. I've only known him since January but I consider him one of my besties, we talk every single day and for him to tell me that upset me quite a bit. He said he'd never do it, he said he's too much of a pussy but still..there may come that point where he does actually do it, that would destroy me. 

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Hoping the best for your friend. That's a lot of debt to be in, but he can definitely overcome it. Consider pointing him towards personal finance communities like /r/personalfinance or motivational speakers on the topic like Dave Ramsey. Debt can really feel like a noose around your neck, so I was really happy to finally be rid of mine. 

    2. kindajustin


      I don't have anything wise or intelligent to say, but I sure hope your friend can walk away from those thoughts. I wish the best for you both @Asuka Takemi

  6. Goals to complete in game before FFXIV Endwalker releases:


    -Collect all Stormblood savage mounts

    -Complete mentor roulette 2,000 times

    -Get the Speed Demon title

    -Solo POTD (I'll settle for floor 100, but will push on to floor 200 if I feel confident enough)

    -Get Kayda to marry me

    -Level every job to 80

    -Get all Heavensward relics

    -Climb Kugane tower c: 





    1. Dreakon13


      All I really want to complete before Endwalker... is Stormblood and Shadowbringer stories. xD

  7. No fucking way... lmao Okie LRG, time to stop.
  8. That Final Fantasy Origins doesn't look very impressive, maybe 10 years ago when the PS3 was still a thing. This is a next gen game, right? 

    1. Dan-lives-here


      watching the trailer I'd have to agree .Looks like an older PlayStation title. 

    2. MidnightDragon


      And the trailer was meme worthy

  9. Old vid, but just got recommended to me xD It's funny but I'm most impressed by the editing, how they got the character creation screen to fit so cleanly on Michaels monitor, perfect. 



  11. Just bought Dragon Quest XI off Steam, I'll probably get around to playing that in about 8 years, though I did promise a friend I'd play it this year xD we'll see. I want to buy Trials of Cold Steel 2 as well, but I'm waiting for a sale. 

    1. Lorajet


      Got a few (hundred) of those type of games sitting around :awesome:

  12. New SMTV trailer please ^^ Also, maybe an update on Metroid Prime 4?
  13. Some new FFXIV merch, been waiting forever to get a figure of my XIV waifu. 



  14. PS2, PS3 PS4, PC..yeah that's four times I've bought Kingdom Hearts now, I have no way of playing the games anymore so PC is my only option now, glad they finally got a PC release but had to wait a bit for a sale, got 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX all for £16.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Asuka Takemi

      Asuka Takemi

      If I were to talk about how many systems I bought the Mega Drive Sonics on, I'd be here all day ngl 

    3. SnowxSakura


      Shame Lunar 2 never got the same treatment.

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      @SnowxSakura Right! I love Lunar 1, but it really feels like the second game just got left behind, which is a shame because everything about it was amazing.

  15. Oh and I wanted to share a video of FFXIV composer live shitposting. LA HEE!! 



    And then this one, which just might make you cry T_T I love this dev team so very much. Welcome back, Soken!! 



    1. kindajustin


      I'll watch all of these later when it's not 4AM in the morning local time haha

    2. Shera L Greenwood

      Shera L Greenwood

      I'm glad he's ok though. Sad and hardening because of the fucking COVID-19 that fuck us all last year. It's unspeakable for words though.