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  1. I had a very close friend tell me yesterday they have been having suicidal thoughts, he's 70k in debt and has been losing sleep because of it, understandably. I've only known him since January but I consider him one of my besties, we talk every single day and for him to tell me that upset me quite a bit. He said he'd never do it, he said he's too much of a pussy but still..there may come that point where he does actually do it, that would destroy me. 

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Hoping the best for your friend. That's a lot of debt to be in, but he can definitely overcome it. Consider pointing him towards personal finance communities like /r/personalfinance or motivational speakers on the topic like Dave Ramsey. Debt can really feel like a noose around your neck, so I was really happy to finally be rid of mine. 

    2. kindajustin


      I don't have anything wise or intelligent to say, but I sure hope your friend can walk away from those thoughts. I wish the best for you both @Asuka Takemi