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  1. Well I thought they would get the base game, that's why I thought they'd announce it on a different day. If they announced Persona 5 Royal, then the Switch Port of the base game immediately after it would probably piss a few people off. With Joker in Smash as well it seemed like a certain thing to happen, but no... it was not too be. I knda wanted it to happen, though, I feel there's more of a chance of us getting Shin Megami Tensei V. Plus, Atlus did that online survey a few months ago, which mentioned porting games like Persona 5 and SMT to other consoles. Could still happen.
  2. I gotta be honest, when I saw that name I thought it might have been a Persona soccer game
  3. I'm sure you, and everyone else thought P5S stood for Persona 5 Switch It looks pretty good to be fair, I've always said that as long as the games are good, Atlus can milk Persona as much as they like
  4. Just watched the live show, it's an action RPG for PS4 and Switch developed by Omega Force. I told Nintendo fans on Twitter not to get too hyped up, P5S could be anything, and it turned out to be this lol Trailer.
  5. Already tons of fan art popping up on Twitter
  6. Updated the OP with a bunch of new iamges.
  7. Just looking at her Phantom Thief outfit, she's already my favorite girl. That's all I needed to see.
  8. Box art: From the web site The English website shows just a logo and 2020 release date which we pretty much expected. A few high quality images
  9. Persona Super Live 2019 is streaming now. New Persona 5 Royal news to be revealed. 



  10. My recent Vita pick ups
  11. #177: Borderlands GOTY (PS4)



    Borderland Defender
    You have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with


    Best Borderlands IMO. Now it's time to finish the DLC, I've completed Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, I've done most of the General Knoxx DLC, I need to find a group that will to help me take Crawmerax down, something I've never done.

  12. As @KingGuy420 said, NG+ is also included in the update, as well as: