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  1. Well done to everyone!!!
  2. I'm okay with the chibi art style, but it could have looked a lot better.
  3. Completely agree, this is not what I expected Diamond & Pearl remakes to look like, so disappointed by this reveal. I may as well dust off the DS and play the originals because they do look better!
  4. I know I spoke to you on Twitter but I'd like to say thanks again for the tremendous compliment ^^ and I'm so happy my guide got you to play the game and that you are enjoying it!
  5. It's been confirmed though that Days Gone will make it's way to PC this Spring, It's inevitable that more PlayStation make their way to PC and I can't wait.
  6. A quote from the article:
  7. New tank glam, really like this one.
  8. Never heard of Snack World I own Astral Chain and Bayonetta 2 but have yet to play them, I have put a lot of time in to Super Mario Galaxy and I would easily recommend it, good luck if you plan going for 121 stars with both Mario & Luigi it's not hard, I had a blast collecting them all.
  9. Too much cleavage on the Japanese cover for the western audience to handle, if they kept that for the western release the pedos over on ResetEra will start reeeeee-ing.
  10. Few new goodies ^^
  11. Well my predictions got shot in to oblivion, there is a new Mario game that's not what I wanted lol. Two things, I've wanted to own a physical copy of Hades so I'm happy about that, and two...I like those Skyward Sword Joycons, I may actually buy them they look really cool.
  12. I mean,..a remake would be fantastic but I think they'd remaster the PS2 games then shove them on the Switch, which I'm okay with, I just want Persona on the Switch ^^
  13. I've been thinking about selling my PS4 and PS3 recently, I've hardly touched them in 10 months and don't plan on doing so for a long time. My Vita is long gone though, I still have my VitaTV which I plan on getting rid of soon, I sold every Vita game including P4G, but I have that on PC now so I always have it on Steam. My life is dedicated to one game these days and I've gained so many new friends I never won't to stop playing since I'm having so much fun, I play on the Switch as well from time to time, I have no plans to get rid of that. It's a big decision, something I have to think about for a while, seems these days that nothing on Sony's console catches my eye, I'm a big Persona and I still haven't played Royal, it's still sitting on my shelf...I just don't care about it, that's how much of a grip this game (FFXIV) has on my life right now lol. 

    Like I said, it's something I need to think about, but I can honestly see me selling them, and all my games. 

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    2. FawltyPowers


      I was the same with World of Warcraft, that was it for 4 years, still not a game to touch it in my eyes. It's a great feeling to have just one game like that. I hoped that FFXIV would be the game to replace it but unfortunately it didn't even though it is a good game. Maybe World of Warcraft was just what I was looking for in that time of my life.

    3. MidnightDragon


      I have thought of selling my PS3, but I want to be sure I'm completely done with it.

    4. BlackSquirrell1


      I have mixed feelings on this.  I do agree that Steam/PC games are really fun and I love the add-ons.  If you really think it is time to part with the consoles, this might be the time to do it before sell prices get any lower.  


      I still have the PS2.  Why?  For friends with kids that want to play Midnight Club and stuff like that.  That way I don't fret over them wrecking my PS3 and PS4.

  14. Well done ^^ I'll update it now.
  15. Of course ^^ P4G will sell well on the Switch, it's gotta happen at some point, maybe P3FES as well 😍