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  1. Nice one ^^ moved you to Keyblade Master for completing all seven games.
  2. People have to remind Persona 5 fans that Atlus didn't created Shibuya, it's actually a real place in Japan. 


    Please play a different game. 







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    2. xDerErnst


      This is exactly why I stopped using twitter. Everyday another headache.

    3. starcrunch061


      LOL. You'll never go broke betting against the stupidity of Twitter denizens.

    4. MidnightDragon


      The average IQ of Twitter users is negative

  3. I've been waiting for them to bring it to the PS4 but it doesn't look like it's happening, I recently got my hands on a Switch so I'll buy it and beat it before the sequel releases next year.
  4. Congrats! Added you back to the Master of Hearts rank 👏 The plat doesn't seem to be too bad.
  5. Square Enix has announced NEO: The World Ends With You for PlayStation 4 and Switch. It will launch in summer 2021 worldwide. The game is set in a 3D Shibuya and stars new protagonist Rindo, who takes part in the “Reaper’s Game” of life and death.
  6. That key art though... Check the link for all the info, here's a quick rundown: New main scenario quests: Futures Rewritten New raid: Eden's Promise New dungeon: Matoya's Relict Chronicles of a New Era: The Sorrow of Werlyt New Trial - Castrum Marinum Save the Queen - Past to Rest New Large-scale Battle - Delubrum Reginae Blue Mage Update Ishgardian Restoration Updates New Unreal Trial Skysteel Tool Update Treasure Hunt Update Ocean Fishing Update Triple Triad Update Doman Mahjong Update Explorer Mode Performance Update New Game+ Update And more!
  7. Star Ocean 4 gave me such a burnout I decided to take a permanent break from trophy hunting, other games have given me similar burnouts and I've taken breaks before but nothing has flat-out made me quit trophy hunting. I feel better playing games for fun these days, SO4 was fun until that absurd grind started...well, it wasn't the grind that kill it for me, it was one battle trophy that forced me to do the same dungeon over and over again because I kept messing up.
  8. The word "normies".
  9. I just realised this morning that Bayonetta 3 got announced 3 years ago and we haven't heard anything since, hoping to year something on the 3 year anniversary at the Game Awards My recent pick ups, it was really hard to find a new copy of Pokemon Let's Go for less than £40, and finding it at £40 was hard it enough...I haven't played a Pokemon game since ORAS so I'm exited to play again. I'll get Sword next month.
  10. Pre orders are up for Kingdom Hearts III tissue covers on the Sqeenix merch store, only $36.



    1. UltraFire121


      Guess i'll blow my nose through that shit lol. :D

  11. I've started levelling my Dark Knight recently in Final Fantasy XIV, I ran Doma Castle this evening and I just came across the nicest group and they said the nicest things about my tanking ^^ I still think I'm not very good but when I see comments like that it builds my confidence ^^ 


    My confidence was shattered when I started tanking in World of Warcraft during the Mists expansion and it's put me off ever since, only started tanking again recently when I realized the community is the complete opposite to wow's. Anyway, just wanted to share that little story because it made me feel good :) 

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Always make me happy when I hear other playing this great game not for trophies. 👍

    2. Venocide


      I haven't thought about earning trophies for months ^^ 

  12. I have two sites I use to get my Anime, these are not streaming sites, you download the Anime to your PC and both sites have everything you'd want, pretty sure I ain't aloud to post them here so PM if you're interested. I do like to support the shows I enjoy by buying the Blu Ray after I watch them, the prices on some of them are quite outrageous, you are right there.
  13. Happy Memory of Melodies day everyone I've updated op, who's gonna be first to platinum I wonder? Those ranks are looking pretty empty good luck everyone!!
  14. I know it's been out since June but I was a bit burned out on Persona 4 Golden at the time so I didn't bother buying it at the time, just bought it now on Steam. I sold my Vita last month so I'm very happy Atlus released it on Steam and in glorious 60fps ^^ 


  15. Streaming some Mario Kart 8 online :)