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  1. Platinum no. 163: Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! + DLC


    Gave up on this game over a year ago because I couldn't get lvl 15 ninja arts cause' I suck at these type of games. I gave it another go and nailed it after many attempts.






    1. DamagingRob


      As someone else inexperienced with the genre at the time I played this, I can relate. That trophy took some practice. Nice work!

  2. Only Forza. That's the only Xbox exclusive I care about.
  3. #162: Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition! 


    I would have got this much sooner if a little game called Kingdom Hearts III hadn't come out haha I was hoping to plat it before KHIII but I messed up the save point trophy. 



  4. One more trophy left in Vesperia :D Streaming it in a mo.




  5. Only two more trophies left in Vesperia. One of them them I just need to wait for 5hrs and with the other, I need to beat Barbos at lvl 15 or lower. I'll pop the plat today :D

  6. Well I don't think it's sad, I think its awesome. Bit bummed I didn't think of it myself lol I'll add you both in a moment I'm on my phone right now so it'll take me a little longer. @KANERKB At the the moment you come under Keyblade Wielder because you only have the one platinum trophy. I have added you to Aqua Fan as well because you have a 100% in all the games without a platinum I beat KH3 the other day and all I say is....I loved every minute! I did stop playing for a few days, that's because I knew I was approaching the end.... and I didn't want it to end. Now I've beaten it, I can say that I loved every god damn minute of it. Well done to everyone who worked on this masterpiece, and the entire KH series. Not ashamed to admit that I shed tears about 4 times Haha
  7. Some new pick ups :) 



  8. Done! And you made them all milestones? Wow, impressive.
  9. I haven't earned a platinum in over a month! This is what happens when you work on five games at the same time lol I usually just focus on one at a time, I think I'll focus on Vesperia for the time being, not too much left to do. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      I haven't in 3 1/2...what do I win? :P

    3. ee28max


      Before my recent plat the last time I earned one was about 8 months ago 😁

    4. Venocide


      I don't feel so bad now knowing people are worse off than me :P 


  10. Sorry, would've updated this a bit sooner but I was really sick over the weekend. Added Fairplay, you killed it during your Speedster + Unchanging Armor run The way you're going you'll easily hit the Keyblade Wielder rank Keep it up! Added Added Added And yes, at this moment in time you can only apply for Seeker of Darkness and Aqua Fan.
  11. Streaming Tales of Vesperia :) 


  12. Streaming Tales of Vesperia :) 


  13. All of you have been added
  14. Well, that's it for me, I can't plat IA/VT -colorful-. All of the game is easy except for Step Up Mode on Hard, I can't clear Step 7 and from what I read on .org, step 13 is a lot harder. Sad but it is what it is, now I'm gonna resume my Vesperia playthrough.