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  1. I did it, I actually did it...I cleared Diamond Weapon on Extreme...quite an accomplishment for me, I've never attempted extreme or savage when it's current content, it's only because Jen said I could do that I decided to try, plus she said she'd be super upset with me if I didn't clear it xD now I'll be able to join clear groups so I'll be able to farm this for the weapon, and mount if I'm lucky. 




    1. Dreggit


      could you imagine if every achievement in FFXIV had a trophy tied to it? :giggle: the community would hate it

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment ^^
  3. Only recently I started falling in love with someone through Final Fantasy XIV. I met her in the Ul'dah city state, I was playing music on my Bard using Bard Music Player and she's mocked me for it lol I teleported to Limsa and she said I ran away, I told her to come find me and she said "I'm not a dog! I can't sniff you out!!!", after that we had a bit of a back and forth, not too long after that she dm'd me saying she was in my house, after that we...had a little session, that's all I'm saying. Since that day in February we've spent a lot of time together, we do everything together in game, speak all the time on Discord, I love her.
  4. I just noticed that my final trophy was trophy number 9,000, that was a total accident, what a nice number to retire on. 

  5. My Omega M and Omega F statue arrived this morning ^^





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    2. Masamune


      Very nice, that price though... 😅

    3. Venocide


      Yeah the price will put a lot of people off lol but at least it came with two really cool emotes I can use in game, nice bonus :D

    4. Dreggit


      To this date, probably one of the funnest savage fights for me (and music). It's up there with with T9 as well

  6. Omg I did it, I bought it lol rip wallet, was nice knowing you 





  7. Never thought about doing extreme trials in FFXIV before, I always thought it was out of my reach and I still think it is, but Kayda has convinced me to give the new Diamond Weapon Extreme trial a go, I screen shared with her over Discord and she made it look so easy. I'm going to join a practice group tomorrow, see how it goes. She believes I can do it, and she wants me to have nice things in game as well >< I absolutely love her.  We had a long chat tonight, it was lovely. 


    Took a pic of our chars in gpose <3 love how it turned out



  8. Look what arrived ^^



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    2. Honor_Hand


      Lovely. Awesome purchase right there. An outstanding anime series overall, and certainly one of my most favorites. One of the very few anime series I own a physical limited edition of just because I wanted to support the studio and, well, have a nice collectible too.






    3. Venocide


      Oh very nice ^^ yeah I'm the same, any show I enjoy I go and buy a physical copy if I can, though that's not really possible with some shows. Clannad never got a Blu Ray release in the UK till now, as far as I'm aware, I did buy a Blu Ray steel book from Amazon last year but it's in German and only has a few episodes from the first season, but I had to own it.

    4. Stephanie Dola

      Stephanie Dola

      I too for one who likes Clannad 1 and 2. Great animation series and yeah it has that dark story to it lol.

  9. Sitting down with my bestie in FFXIV watching Anime together, loving it! ^^ We're watching HunterxHunter, on episode 111 and I've been enjoying it quite a bit, it's her favourite show.



  10. All those people that panic bought ><
  11. Easy way to approach it, just start any crafter class you want, lets say Carpenter for now, go to the guild supplier at the Carpenter guild and stock up on stacks of Maple Log (a stack of 99 costs 198 gil which is nothing) to create Maple Lumber. Open up the crafting log, Maple Lumber is the first recipe, craft it yourself once, then after that hit 'quick synthesis', change the number of attempts to 99 and hit 'synthesis'. the game will then craft 99 stacks of maple lumber for you, keep doing that till the trophy pops.
  12. Looking forward to farming the new Nier alliance raid today in FFXIV with my lady, WHEN I CAN LOG ON TO THE GAME!! T_T


    Love patch day me. 

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      I am feeling the FFXIV call at the moment, it's been an age since I last played. I got to the end of Heavensward before life took me elsewhere. I just saw how much content has come through since 😨

    2. Venocide


      Oh you're in for a treat if you do pick it up again. Get to Shadowbringers, it's soooooo good ^^

  13. LOL have fun grinding 3,000 fates people.
  14. I have no problems getting in to pvp games, there are a couple things I can suggest though. Do the Frontline daily roulette, you'll have much better luck getting in to a game than just queuing for single Frontlines. Have you tried Hidden Gorge? People are farming that for moogle tomes and it's the quickest method, and with the release of 5.5 on Tuesday, people will be trying to get as many tomes as possible before then so I can see Hidden Gorge becoming more populated over the next few days. Also, try queuing in the late afternoon/early evening for better chance.
  15. I feel I need to avoid the status update section for a while. There is probably a reason for this, but I just can't figure it out, so weird... :o 

    1. Dan-lives-here



    2. Venocide


      Jesus is a fictional character.