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  1. I ordered the Joker figure made by ARTFX J the other day, but I had to cancel Ni No Kuni II Kings Edition, I think I made the right decision. 



      You sure did bro! by the time the joker figure price go up the NNK2 game already would drop...

      Sweeeet figure BTW!

    2. Venocide


      I actually didn't think about that lol. You're right, the Joker figure will only go up, Ni No Kuni II Kings Edition hasn't even sold out yet so might be able to get that cheaper.  :) 

  2. I'm at that point right now where I don't feel like playing any games at all. I've just been sat here browsing the internet for the last few days and catching up on some anime. I have had the urge to play the new Pokemon games but I sold my 3DS 16 months ago, I may just buy a new I'd probably buy one with a capture board installed, I had lots of fun streaming Pokemon ORAS. 

    1. Temmie


      I feel you on that one.  Some days I just get blank spots in my gaming, too.

  3. I'm kinda glad they didn't add DLC trophies because I sold the game after I plat it. Now my 100% will stay intact.
  4. Nothing. I did consider backing Mighty No. 9 back in 2013 but decided not to, and what a great decision that turned out to be.
  5. I have to resume my play through of Sonic Forces at some point. It's a shame that the game is absolute dog shit. 

    1. Temmie


      Having played this game, and getting the plat (still need the Shadow trophies), I would wholly disagree.


      While the levels weren't as long as Generations, the mechanics and gameplay was still pretty interesting.  Not too fond of the grindy mechanics they introduced, but it was an okay step in the right direction.  The story was interesting and getting the plat felt like a legit accomplishment.  Sonic 2006 was dog shit.  This, this is not dog shit.  Not super great, but not dog shit.


      However, the Number Coins and Silver Coins can go die in a hole.

  6. Well I'll definitely be buying this again, would be great if it has a separate trophy list, even better if it has a plat this time. Mighty as a playable character... didn't expect that.
  7. Ico, possibly? I seen someone mention that earlier. What ever their working on, I look forward to seeing it.
  8. [Mass Effect] Crap, I messed up one of the sidequests, now I can't obtain the Find The Keepers sidequest it seems. I made multiple saves so hopefully won't have to backtrack too far. 

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      What happened to playing Yakuza 0? :P

    2. Venocide


      Mate, there's no way I'm gonna plat that. I read up about it and those mini games look like a total nightmare 0_0 So I've decided to play through the story casually because I've still enjoyed what I've seen so far story and gameplay wise, but the plat is out of my reach, which is unfortunate :(. So I've decided to work on another game and just bounce back and forth between the two :P.

    3. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      You sure are quick to give up on things. :P I wasn't expecting you to plat it, but you should at least finish the story. It's so good!

  9. Danganronpa V3 was on sale on the PSN store so I snagged it
  10. #132: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS4) Chain of Memories Master Obtain all trophies. Probably the only Kingdom Hearts game I was dreading to play-through, mainly because of the battle system being so much different from the rest but it was quite enjoyable. Only 2 bosses gave me trouble, in Sora's story. Riku's play-though was a breeze even with a set deck, I could just abuse the duel system and all bosses went down easily.
  11. Room Creator Synthesize 300 rooms. Level Master Sora Max out Sora's level. Level Master Riku Max out Riku's level. Chain of Memories Master Obtain all trophies.
  12. #132: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS4)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jaco


      Nicely done!

    3. bezdomnekoty
    4. Terra


      @Venocide RNG kills me. Ugh, well It's my list to play after I platinum the first game this month. Only have time this month to platinum those 2. I'm ready for the grind!

  13. Hard Hitter Obtain all attack bonuses for Riku. Overcoming the Darkness Clear Castle Oblivion B1F. Road to Dawn Clear Riku's story mode. Novice Player Riku Clear Riku's story on Beginner Mode or a higher difficulty level. Natural Player Riku Clear Riku's story on Standard Mode or a higher difficulty level. Proud Player Riku Clear Riku's story on Proud. Character Professor Riku Collect all Character entries in the D Report. Record Keeper Riku Collect all D Report entries. Card Master Sora Collect all Card Collection entries in Jiminy's Journal. Record Keeper Sora Collect all Jiminy's Journal entries. Expert Deck Builder Edit a card deck 500 times. Regular Customer Use over 20,000 Moogle Points at Moogle Shops.
  14. Moogle Mogul Get over 10,000 Moogle Points. Storyteller Sora Collect all Story entries in Jiminy's Journal. The Truth Clear Castle Oblivion 13F. No Escape Clear the game without fleeing from a single battle. Undefeated Clear the game without using a continue. A Slumber to Remember Clear Sora's story mode. Novice Player Sora Clear Sora's story on Beginner Mode or a higher difficulty level. Natural Player Sora Clear Sora's story on Standard Mode or a higher difficulty level. Proud Player Sora Clear Sora's story on Proud.
  15. [Kingdom Hearts COM] That's Sora's playthrough completed. I got all difficulty trophies plus the No Retry & the No Fleeing trophies in a single playthough. I didn't really have too much trouble, only 2 bosses were a pain the the ass.