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  1. Trophy stats for September. Bit rubbish but I can see this month being even worse, I predict a big fat 0. Just not feeling it anymore, I'm having a hell of a time on FFXIV to even think about trophy hunting.





  2. Persona 5 Royal will have DLC where you can fight Makoto Yuki and Yu Narukami! 😲
  3. Streaming some San Andreas, finishing up the remaining trophies. 


  4. Streaming Yakuza 0 on Twitch!!




  5. Weight of the World + FF Melody remix... omg... 





  6. cheers fella I needed my daily dose of cringe.
  7. Streaming Yakuza 0 on Twitch! Let's gooooo!




  8. Love this! When the staff can't/won't do it, just do it yourself.
  9. So the Dreamcast released in the west 20 years ago. That's crazy, I remember my mother asking me what I wanted for Christmas, a PC or a Dreamcast, of course I had to choose the Dreamcast! I was a Sega kid so the choice was easy. My parents went all out and bought me almost every launch title and bought me all the accessories except for the keyboard, fair play though they tried so hard but it was sold out everywhere. Man... Christmas 1999 was dope. 

    1. thepeaguy


      I was a Sega fanboy back in the day. Those times are gone now.

    2. MMDE


      Kz3 online at the end was a depressingly poor experience.

    3. ShonenCat


      The SEGA fanboy still roars within me to this day 🙃 Even if Saturn is my favorite, Genesis and Dreamcast get their fair share of attention as well.


  10. Okay, I've played too much FFXIV, I'm burnt out now, time to start trophy hunting again. Now, what to play... probably Yakuza 0, I need to finish that this year at least. 


    @Undead Wolf 👍

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Yes, please do. Me and @Redgrave have been eagerly anticipating your next Yakuza 0 stream ever since the last time you last played it 3 months ago. How many times will you give us false hope that you'll finish it? Just do it! :P

    2. Redgrave


      You can't avoid him forever



  11. I'll add you both now Well done I'll update it in a sec.
  12. Sorry, I went awol for a little while, I'm back now so I'll add you to the list
  13. I predict that games will be shown...
  14. I messed up my playthrough, I only discovered one of Faize's rapier weapons in the item creation. There's so much to keep track of that one flew over my head. Not sure I wanna continue now :/