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  1. What I've bought over the last month
  2. My copy of Xenoblade has dispatched but I still don't have a Switch to play it on. Understandable that there's a short supply at this time but I was hoping some retailers would have got some in stock by now. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      I think Nintendo said they hoped to in June. Regardless, hope you like it once you play it.

  3. Back in FFXIV again, been doing up my crib and I love how it turned out. I have a jukebox in the corner for some chill tunes. This is something I wanted Blizzard to add to wow, can spend hours here doing it up. 



  4. [Star Ocean The Last Hope] I just beat Ethereal Queen and I didn't get the 10 minute BT :/ But I know what I did wrong and I'm confident I can get it next time. 

  5. Surprised they haven't done it already, World of Warcraft is hemorrhaging subs so adding it to consoles would easily provide a boost in numbers. FFXIV proved you can plan an MMO with a controller so there's nothing stopping them.
  6. Advanced BattlerObtain 75% of all battle trophies. 1.81% ULTRA RARE Dutiful DelivererComplete 100% of all quests. 3.08% ULTRA RARE
  7. [Star Ocean The Last Hope] I just finished all  quests ^^ I was worried about that one, I wasn't keeping track of the quests early on, I was going by memory mostly, it wasn't until I got to Tatroi I started keeping track .Fortunately I didn't miss any missable quests at the start. Tomorrow I'll be going deeper in to the Wandering Dungeon, I've got as far as Runaway Dragon, could've gone on but it was 2am so called it there. 


    Current BT progress: 


    Edge: 88%
    Reimi: 88%
    Faize: 53%
    Lymle: 80%
    Bacchus: 88%
    Meracle: 88%
    Sarah: 58%
    Myuria: 59%
    Arumat: 70%







  8. Well my rarest trophy is the DragonBall Fighterz platinum and I am super proud of it, it's an easy platinum but I'm not very good at fighting games so it was challenging. If we're not counting platinum trophies here then my rarest is also from DragonBall Fighterz where I needed to grind 20 million zeni. No, I wouldn't say I'm proud of it, it's a long boring grind and for most of it I just used a turbo controller. I'm in the middle of playing Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope, if I do platinum it then my current rarest trophy will be replaced by a trophy I can say that I'm proud of.
  9. this still happening? Hello......hello......hello......hello......hello......hello
  10. Deciding now what Anime to watch next, I finished Kaguya-sama: Love is War the other day which was fantastic, and I'm caught up with season 2 now. Thinking about starting The Rising of the Shield Hero.


  11. I'm probably the only one excited for this buy Inuyasha is coming back :D A sequel adaptation "Hanyo no Yashahime" is in the works which will focus on the children of both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. The original creator and music artist are returning for it. Inuyasha is the first Anime show I ever watched and I adore it, can't wait for the sequel. 



    1. Masamune


      Wow, really? That's cool, I didn't expect anything after Final Act. :hmm:


      Inuyasha was one of my earliest anime I remember watching too, it was definitely a large factor for getting me into anime in the first place. :D

    2. Avatar_Of_Battle


      This would be nearly last in a list of things I'd expect from the manga world. Very interested though.

  12. Just updated my About Me section, first time in forever. It's not complete but it'll do for now. 

    1. eigen-space


      Nice About Me!

      It is a little hard to read on a phone without zooming in though...

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Really nice! What platform or app did you use? 

  13. I had a bad experience talking with someone through a headset in 2005, it was a bit awkward and it pretty much put me off speaking with other people over the internet. I did try again when I was playing World of Warcraft and the guild decided to raid Karazhan, but I freaked and and just shut the computer down lol never again. I've made gaming sessions before but we just usually communicate through PSN messenger, bit slow but my gaming sessions normally don't require a headset anyway. I have a mic but it's just used for my Twitch streams, I don't mind that since I'm just talking to the chat.
  14. If it's true, then it's about damn time! Should've been remastered 5 years ago.
  15. Just thought I'd show my face in this thread one final time to say that the box art sucks so goddamn much. Seriously? That's what they decided to go with? I've seen some phenomenal box art from fans that blow the official art (if you can call it that) out of the water. Sorry, just had to rant about that, it's ugly.