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  1. I'm not exactly sure if this is the correct way to trigger it but it gave me the option to sucker punch both Cirno and Remilia once I beat the game and replayed its difficulty. So when I cleared the game for the first time with Reimu on normal difficulty, I replayed it again on the same difficulty. This time when I got to Cirno, it gave me the option to press triangle to sucker punch the boss during the pre-battle dialogue. By doing so, you'll skip the first attack phase of Cirno and it should unlock the trophy. The same the can be done when you get to Remilia and the trophy should unlock as well.
  2. You can use the two continues on the last stage/battle and still beat the game. I'm pretty bad at these type of games so I remember having to use both retries on the last stage when I first played lol.
  3. The patch was released this morning so you guys can get the platinum now! It didn't pop up immediately for me when I booted up my save file though. I had to go into the Buccanary shop for it to unlock.
  4. Someone posted a pic on twitter today showing their completed achievement list for Owlboy so I'm guessing the patch was released today for Xbox users. Hopefully the fix is on its way for us as well. Maybe we're just waiting for PSN to give the ok for the patch to go through. :\
  5. I got a reply from the dev last night and it may in fact be a bug. They're working on a fix at the moment so it'll be a bit of a wait before a patch comes. The devs are pretty cool when it comes to quickly replying to their emails. 😄 Here's a snap of the email in case anyone was interested.
  6. Just a heads up for anyone trying to platinum the game at the moment. The trophy "Treasure Seeker" which requires you to "collect every Buccanary coin from all zones" may be bugged since it hasn't unlocked for me yet even though I've collected all the coins in all the areas listed in the pause menu. The trophy is currently sitting at a 0.0% achieved rate so I don't think I'm the only one with this issue. I've emailed the developers about this problem so I'm hoping to hear from them soon. EDIT: The problem has been fixed.
  7. Getting awakenings during the boss fight does count towards the trophy progress but it won't unlock it. It'll unlock after you get a gold orb from a regular battle. So since you've already grinded out the 50 awakenings, go out and fight random battles until Lofty throws out a gold orb and it should unlock once you get it.
  8. I was pretty close to the guide's estimated plat time as I platted the game with 77 hours logged in and my party leveled at 76. About 15 of those hours were spent idling at the kingdom in order to grind out some Kingsguilders while I do some IRL things.
  9. Yeah you definitely don't need to be at a super high level to attempt this. Just got done beating him with Evan, Tani, and Bracken who were all at level 74. I brought all possible healing and revive items with me so it was pretty much a breeze. I spammed the hell out of Evan's flurry skill which knocked the boss down for just about the entire fight.
  10. User Arrawnt from gamefaqs made a platinum checklist that is really helpful so far in collecting gear, weapon orbs, and Flammie locations. They even answered some questions regarding trophies in the game so the original thread is definitely worth checking out! Checklist: Original gamefaqs thread:
  11. Your video guides are looking great! If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you to beat the main game? The Secret of Mana remake comes out this week and I'm at a loss on which game I should start on first. 😅
  12. They stated on their website that three DLC packs will be released on the the game's launch (November 17) which can be bought individually or in a bundle called the "value pack". - City Living Expansion Pack - Vampires Game Pack - Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack Other expansions/stuff packs will be added in the later months. Hopefully these expansions aren't too pricey but knowing EA they'll probably try to nickle and dime you with these DLCs.
  13. If you're still wondering if it counts towards completion percentage, then the answer is yes it does. I remember getting a pop up stating that I was making progress for a task for one of the mini games in the gambling den even though it was my first time playing it. It counted towards both the completion of the request and progress for the completion task. If I were you, I would wait until after you complete the story and get access to premium adventure mode before you start on some of the minigames since most of Haruka's requests will require you to play most of the minigames again.
  14. Did you make sure that Majima interrupted a fight with his slugger stance? I don't think fighting Majima while he's walking around town will count towards the trophy. Sometimes a lone NPC will stop you on the street and pick a fight with you. During the fight, Majima will appear with a random stance; in your case, you'll have to hope for the RNG to give you slugger Majima. You should unlock the trophy as soon he joins in the fight.
  15. Maaaan I am so glad they got rid of the whole cheering thing whenever you and the opponent tie up in rock paper scissors. It was painfully obvious in Yakuza 0 that some ties were unwinnable no matter how many times you spammed the circle button. 😒 But yeah so far I'm having a much easier time with minigames in Kiwami since you can get cheat items for almost every activity.