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  1. True, but for platinum sake, the description of the trophy says we just need to log 142 different accessories so the hopeful part of me believes that these upcoming accessories will count lol. I'm only missing 4 at the moment so these new accessories should cover it for me if they do count towards the trophy. It would make it difficult for those who want the true 100% completion experience since it would indeed dilute the item pool but I'm personally fine with just having the platinum. Either way, I'll pick this game back up once new content drops in the coming months. I am curious as to what the new mode is as well as the dungeon changes they have planned.
  2. Hopefully the two DLC packs releasing in August/September which includes 10 new accessories will count towards that one annoying trophy where you need to collect 142 accessories. I really enjoyed my time with the game and I definitely got my money's worth, but I would rather tackle my backlog than to deal with RNG at the moment.
  3. Ohhhh I didn't know you could revisit some of those areas later on. That chest was exactly what I was wondering about because I probably spent like 30 minutes trying to find a way to get that chest above the drawbridges the first time through until I eventually gave up and moved on. I'm relieved to find out that I can get that later though. Thank you for the clarification and also for the work you've put into that guide!
  4. Congrats on the platinum! I actually have a quick question regarding chests. Do the chests that you open during sections actually count towards the 100% chests trophy? I'm seeing conflicting info as the JP guide on PlaystationTrophies says they are highly missable while others commenting under this wiki said they aren't needed as they were able to get the trophy despite missing those specific chests.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to list them all and also congrats on getting the platinum!
  6. You only need to win once as Warame and that is it for the completion list. For the "Waryori: Win 30" I think you can win however you like regardless of whether you are the warame or not. Just think of it like the other Mahjong completion lists where you are required to go out with a winning hand a set number of times.
  7. Yes, win the hand while calling open riichi and it will count towards the requirement for completion. Note that it is a bit harder to win with open riichi compared to regularly calling riichi since you're basically showing your opponents the section of tiles you are waiting to complete. This means that they will know what tile you need to win and therefore will not discard said tile for you to call ron and take. You basically gotta rely on luck that you draw the winning tile and call tsumo. Winning by wayori is when you are wareme.
  8. Yeah the bosses' spawns are a bit random since they appear on certain in-game days according to other players. The way I went about it, if the boss I need isn't there, then I move on to other Shigabanes so that days can pass and hopefully respawn later on. - I found Pride consistently in his stage 4 boss room quite often but if he's not there, then try Stage 4 - Flooded Area. I remember running into him often whenever I was down there on higher difficulties. - Sloth gave me a hard time too since he's rarely in his boss room in Stage 1. I did run into him a lot on Stage 4 - Cabin Deck in the room with the ladder leading to the boss floor. - Armored Kurosuke only spawns in stage 7 and it alternates between his normal form with his knife and his armored form with his cliones. If the Kurosuke you need isn't there, then pass some days in game and try again later. Reloading auto saves is a must when it comes to grinding out boss Shigabanes because if one of your characters die and you didn't you get the Shigabane you wanted, then you gotta exit the dungeon and revive which runs the risk of the boss despawning which is very annoying.
  9. Some general tips for farming Shigabane: Abuse your autosaves. Since the game autosaves every floor, use this to your advantage when farming shigabanes. This is especially helpful for getting status ailment Shigabanes off of bosses who rarely spawn (like Wrath). So if you get killed and you didn't get the Shigabane you were grinding for, reload the autosave and try again till you do. Revive without shigabane bonuses so that you can save points since you're just going to lose it all the bonuses by dying anyways. None of the Shigabanes are missable. For the Shigabane where you need to be surrounded by enemies, I'd suggest doing it on the last floor of stage 2 (treehouse) where there should be an overabundance of monkeys. Make sure to bring disposable, low-level armor so that you don't die too quickly while you wait for the monkeys to surround you. I was able to get it on difficulty IV. Which boss are you trying to get Shigabanes from?
  10. Just came back to say that my profile merged perfectly! I was able to log in with my new name and all my premium benefits now work flawlessly. I'm surprised that even the profile view counts from my old profile got added onto the new profile as well! Keep up the great work Sly!
  11. I'd love to be a guinea pig. 🙂 Old PSN: deadaim100 New PSN: Gudetommy-
  12. Talking egg...are you talking about Northernlion? lol I've been meaning to pick this game up on PC ever since he's started his series on YT I but never got around to it. I'm happy to see that it's coming to consoles though so I'm definitely buying it in the near future. A deck building roguelike is such a neat idea so I can't wait to finally try it out!
  13. I'm not exactly sure if this is the correct way to trigger it but it gave me the option to sucker punch both Cirno and Remilia once I beat the game and replayed its difficulty. So when I cleared the game for the first time with Reimu on normal difficulty, I replayed it again on the same difficulty. This time when I got to Cirno, it gave me the option to press triangle to sucker punch the boss during the pre-battle dialogue. By doing so, you'll skip the first attack phase of Cirno and it should unlock the trophy. The same the can be done when you get to Remilia and the trophy should unlock as well.
  14. You can use the two continues on the last stage/battle and still beat the game. I'm pretty bad at these type of games so I remember having to use both retries on the last stage when I first played lol.
  15. The patch was released this morning so you guys can get the platinum now! It didn't pop up immediately for me when I booted up my save file though. I had to go into the Buccanary shop for it to unlock.