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  1. On top of being incredibly easy, it also counts the PS4 and PS5 versions as seperate lists allowing us to double dip. I don't know if saves are transferable for auto-popping but even if it's not, playing through the game a second time is going to be trivial.
  2. On closer inspection of the list, it seems like good endings aren't even required. There's a trophy for unlocking Super Sonic but once you've done that in one game the chaos emerald and time stone collection in the other games is not needed. No need to engage with SonicCD's time-travel at all (beyond one single use for the trophy), you just need to haul ass to the end of each stage. I guess we don't know all the requirements for unlocking museum items yet. They could put some cool challenges in there. Or they could just let us unlock it all with coins.
  3. Not yet. PSN lists the expected preload as the 21st. https://www.(URL not allowed)/game/Sonic-Origins/trophies We now have confirmation of a platinum trophy. Looks to be pretty easy unless S-ranking the mission mode ends up being more involved.
  4. Sounds like you have a faulty R2 trigger. After general wear and tear, the trigger's stop registering a "full press" even when fully held down. My previous PS4 controller had to be replaced because I could get enough acceleration to make it up hills in Mafia 3 when using heavier vehicles.
  5. Triads become hostile to you after you complete Triads and Tribulations for Toni Ciprianni
  6. Marty Chonks' phone missions are also easily missable and required for 100% The OG version also had a glitch that stopped Purple Nine gang members from spawning, subsequently making D-Ice's "Uzi Money" mission impossible to complete. I don't know if it's still present here.
  7. I didn't realize the police car got repaired after each level. I had to keep trying to sneak in some free repairs in my garage while the timer was still running. In either case the 15 in a row is done now.
  8. Despite having a 50+% earned rating, I was having real troublle getting this trophy to pop. I have been able to deduce that due to idiosycracies with backwards compatibility on PS5, the boost in this game doesn't work properly. Subsequently it's close to impossible to get the Perfect Nitrous required for the Build category. Your only other option is to try and trigger the 0-100KMH Build multiplyer in your combo but that is pretty counterintuitive with the other objectives. I tried muliple times to get this to work and ultimately gave up. My solution was to pull my PS4 out of storage and hook it up just for this one trophy. I earned it immediately. tl:dr PS5 makes this otherwise innoculus trophy close to impossible.
  9. I'm earning trophies right now (The game has released in the UK) but can't view any of them in my profile. Edit: PSN is now recognizing the game's trophies but psnprofiles has the game registered as "Unknown (22647)"
  10. Although the DLC trophies have their own seperate lists (and thus not required for the platinum), the trophy for "get all gold medals" in the main trophy list is not able to differentiate between what medals are are part of the base game and what ones are from the DLC packs.
  11. I just found Watch Dogs: Legion on PSN with 50% off. That's an insane discount for a game that's still new. I don't know if this is an EU exclusive sale or if the US can also pick the game up cheap.