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  1. I had to reload the game like 5 times in order to get the bull in the location. Just make a camp nearby and save. Then go look for bull and if its not there just dashboard and reload until you get it. Worked fine for me. Otherwise, there are other bull locations in the world other than the one on the video.
  2. Joke of a list, even worse than BF1. Judging by the beta, the game is looking like it will be worse than BF1 also; which isn't saying much. Probably going to pass on this one at least until the price drops.
  3. I accidently did the same thing. You can go back to the fishing location and fish out another one. I don't think the game registers the fish caught until you send it in the mail. Worked for me anyway.
  4. If this is actually the case, this is great news. Cant wait to play this. If only there was a trophy for reaching like prestige 5 in multiplayer (if there even is prestige levels) along with it.
  5. Wish the online trophies were more difficult and time-consuming.
  6. Congrats, welcome to the 100% club.
  7. Happy to have just finished the Wolfenstein 2 100% :). Second fastest achiever on PSNP. Considering buying German version at some point, really enjoyed game.  

  8. If you do survival with a team of randoms it can be somewhat challenging. If you have a good team of 3 that are level 50 with level 5 guns is actually pretty easy. Even easier, is the fact that many people on PS4 communities are willing to "Carry" you through 3 stars crushing or any stages you are having trouble with, as long as you have the proper One-Use Boosters (You get about 10 of each free when you start the game). Try adding RULER2009 and joining his community. He has like 125 days played on U4 survival alone. He or someone else in the community may find time to help you.
  9. Just obtained my 100th platinum with "Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus".
  10. Just obtained "Mein Leben" on my second attempt. First time around I died on the final level "Auzmerzer" to one of the big guys because I alerted a commander on accident. Second time around was very smooth, I was incredibly confident with every chapter except the last. Practiced on "I am Death Incarnate" for 15-20 hours and ran through campaign about 4 times before even starting "Mein Leben". Very much enjoyed the challenge, although it's not 10/10 difficulty. Looking forward to completing the DLC next.
  11. Na I disagree. Furthermore, there are a lot more games that would also qualify including the much more difficult Crypt of the Necrodancer. Just gave Wolfenstein as an example, there are plenty.
  12. That's easy, the Wolfenstein 2 100%
  13. Wish I could still be in the running for 100% completion; easily would have it by now without my 2 games that have their servers down.
  14. Trials Fusion
  15. 74 now; probably the lowest since I created my account.