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  1. It’s 20 seconds to kill the remaining 2. After you kill the first the timer starts
  2. #111 - Project CARS. Very enjoyable racing sim. Unfortunately, the platinum is currently unobtainable for new players and may be forever. Only 9 UR platinums away from my 50 UR goal. 

  3. Grubs, jerky, nightcrawlers are all fine. Just got the trophy yesterday eating all 3. Good luck.
  4. Platinum #110 is "Flame in the Flood." Its a decent rogue-like that was a great value for only $4.00 or so on sale. Got around 30 hours of gameplay out of it. For a game of this type, the crafting system was quite limited with only about 70 total items, most of which is clothing. Also, the game is way too easy. Much prefer a game like Don't Starve. Best part was the 18 UR trophies.
  5. The moment you realize you need to begin another Kingdom Come Deliverance story mode and play another 3/4 of the way through because of missable trophies added in the newest DLC that rely on things you do in like the first 5 main quests....  All for 2 bronze trophies. Already have 160 hours in this game and played it twice. This sucks. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Wow, seriously? Damn.

    2. FinalMiracle13


      That's a terrible way to add DLC content.

  6. Finally finished Trackmania Turbo, pretty tough game especially for someone who has never played the series before. Would recommend it though. 

    1. Temmie



    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  7. This actually happened to me when the game was released. I had a problem where the next stadium would not unlock even though I had beaten all the previous ones and even though I was high enough level. I learned that for some reason, a contract I had not completed on one of the previous stadium events (forgot which) was preventing me from progressing. Once I beat the contract, the next stadium unlocked immediately. If you have exhausted all other options then you can try to beat all available contracts on all of the stadium events and see what happens. Good luck.
  8. Well, was just able to finish Track #180 only 0.03 seconds under the gold time, it was actually a pretty sloppy run. Those 2 boost pads with the turn way at the end of the track ruined 4 of my gold runs. Took around 4 hours for me to get it. Still have Track #175 and #178 to do, hopefully they are a little more kind to me. EDIT: Well, just did Track #178 in about 2 hours. I actually am quite consistent with the track except for the final wallride way at the end. Just need to finish #175 and #179 then I can finally move on to Lagoon.
  9. Not even close. If you play 2-3 hours a day with a reliable team you could finish U3 100% 2-3 times over before September.
  10. Damn good thing I finished U3 at the beginning of the year. There is still plenty of time to finish, I did all U3 trophies in about a month and got quite unlucky with the treasures. U2 would take only about a week if you play a decent amount and have a reliable team
  11. I also found a good one, and was able to obtain all DLC trophies within 15 minutes here. Both the outpost and village are literally right next to each other (within 5 steps; almost touching). The outpost is about 3 minutes of walking from spawn. Seed: 7050184172030655959 Coordinates: X: -877, Y: 79, Z: 519
  12. All 106 of them as of now 🙂 Breakdown: 0 Over 40%. 3 Between 30-40% 9 Between 20-30% 31 Between 10-20% 27 Between 5-10% 36 under 5%
  13. Strange. I didn't have any problems at all with the races on Ultra-Nightmare. Beat all but 3 first try.
  14. Please make it stop.
  15. You do not need to study the Carolina Parakeet for the trophy. I was able to get it and still have not studied it.