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  1. Not sure if this is your speed but you could consider DOOM. The game is on sale right now for $14.99 and includes all the multiplayer DLC.
  2. Yeah all DLC for GTA V is free. You do not have to install any of it separately.
  3. I'm at 34.5 % right now.
  4. The reason he got suspended is certainly due to the fact that he was not involved in the field of play. He was sitting on the sidelines and ran out and added to what was already a chaotic environment. If I recall correctly, last year Aaron Donald on the Rams put his hands on an official and was ejected but did not receive a suspension. However, he was already on the field when the incident occurred. I don't think I ever recall a player running from the bench to get involved in an altercation in the NFL. The NFL certainly should suspend Lynch because they do not want this to turn into baseball where everyone runs out onto to field.
  5. I would look for the Game of the Year Edition online first because I'm sure it's like 1/4 to 1/2 of the price for the original game + all DLC as opposed to the price you listed.
  6. I turned on the Indians game instead and I don't even like baseball. How the Bengals cannot score a touchdown in almost 7 full quarters with A.J Green, Tyler Eifert, and Andy Dalton is something I may never understand. Embarrassing.
  7. I used to not worry too much about my completion percentage and was near 80% for probably around 3 years. The main reason for this is I did not believe I could finish games like Gran Turismo 5 or Max Payne 3 anyway. Then I started seeing sales on DLC's for games I had played years ago thought it would be cool to go back and finish that game. The trend continued and slowly but surely I made progress, even completing games I never thought possible like Trials Fusion. I am nearly all caught up now but I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I would love to get 100% completion but since I made some bad decisions (UFC 3 and NBA 2k15) that is now impossible. I would be content with about 99.5% though.
  8. This is the type of game I would not see myself playing on a console. Too much sitting around and down time, especially if you go level 120+. Suits me much better as a game for tablet or mobile.
  9. No that is not flaggable. The method is common and even included on the roadmap on PS3T.
  10. When did I say he didn't deserve consequences? Last time I checked he was banned from playing college football for a year, was excoriated by the damn media and people like you for the last four years, and paid her who knows how much for a civil settlement. Let it go already, stop bringing it up; his record has been clean since so why are we still talking about this? If Mixon had gotten into a fight with a 120-pound 5'2 man who made the same decisions as the woman that day we wouldn't have ever talked about this but once on the day of the actual incident. When did I say him having played football had to do with anything, or that you should be threatening anybody? I am not sure where you pulled any of that information. If you don't see the clear double standard here get off your high horse and come back to reality.
  11. I don't think there is a rule against it. Hue Jackson (Browns Coach) actually said they were going to look for him to have a role on the offense in some capacity. The only real problem I see with it overplaying. Since many safeties play most or all of the defensive plays in a game I could really only see Peppers doing a few offensive plays a game if they do decide that is the route they want to go.
  12. You are absolutely right, who would anyone ever retaliate against a weaker person? I mean, why can't we just go around fucking with the big guys because they cant do anything back. I say screw them, they can't defend themselves. They not only have to take it but are 100% responsible for making good decisions and de-escalating situations all on their own. I am 6'3 and weigh 190 pounds but hey, tomorrow I will go up to a 6'7, 275 pound MMA fighter and start pushing him around, talking some shit, you know, because he is much stronger and larger than I am, so he is in the wrong if he hits me in return. And with your last point.... comparing a child's ability to reason with a grown adults ability to reason and understand the potential consequences of their decisions? Please. Also, I didn't say go out and start beating people for no reason "to blow off steam" like you imply. Don't come at me with shit like that. I understand I represent the minority on this view and that's fine. My rule is simple: Think about the potential consequences of your actions before you act, simple.
  13. Man Joe Mixon is a monster (in a good way). I think he will be a great NFL player and a fantastic pickup for the Bengals. I don't criticize him as much as the media does for that day. I think both he AND the young woman (something the media happens just skim by) were clearly in the wrong. With the video you can clearly see that the woman escalated the situation from verbal to physical by putting her hands on him not once but twice. Obviously, a simple push or removing himself from the scene would have been all he needed to do to de-escalate the situation. With that being said the woman could have also left the scene if she was so upset. What I takeaway from the incident is that if you are going to put your hands on somebody you need to be aware that you may get struck - or worse (whether male or female, big or small) because you just don't know how some individuals are feeling that particular day and what they may do as a result.
  14. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. I don't understand how you can tell them to be original. I mean, they create first-person war-based shooters, how many different options do they have? It's either futuristic, modern, or historic war-like material, there isn't many other options. What are they going to make a Call of Duty set in Mesopotamia during 4 B.C and have you throw rocks at each other? Next, you imply that Activision only worries about money but you fail to understand that money is the sole reason any gaming companies even exist, whether you believe it or not. You clearly do not understand business if you think they would scrap their guaranteed 1 billion dollars to "be original". I have been a huge critic of Activision and have not played a game since BO2, but this is what the fans asked for and they appear to be delivering.
  15. That is not true; all you had to do was look at how the previous Call of Duty games have been selling to understand that a change needed to be made. Not to mention fans were complaining every chance they could saying that the futuristic stuff was getting old. The last Sledgehammer COD was released in Nov. 2014 so this game was in development long before any BF 1 trailer or release.