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  1. Oh wow, this is going to be terrible. I think I am like level 2 support 😂
  2. I bought the Mark IV on a hunch that it will be required for trophy. Hopefully it is, otherwise what a waste of 4.6 million credits.
  3. Yes, I remember braking hard and slowly feathering gas up that first hill, and around some of the other bends also. The first 20 seconds is by far the hardest to get right. Also, go slow when your going around those two bends that begin heading back down the hill, you have plenty of time. For the straightaway near the end of the track, dont brake at all for the first right-hand turn, just briefly let off gas. Halfway through the straightway there's a small bend just lightly brake there and then step on the gas. Overall takeaway is Its almost never a good idea for this track to hold the gas fully when accelerating, be deliberate and ease into it each time. I finished 3-4 seconds over gold time easily.
  4. I didn't find S-10 very hard at all on controller, only took me about 15 minutes. I had all the assists on for that one, with traction control of 4. You just need to be light on the throttle around various bends. I thought S-1, S-4, S-7, IA-10, and A-9 were the most challenging licenses. S-7 and IA-10 took me about an hour each.
  5. I was finally able to unlock this trophy after 30-ish hours a week ago. I have a few theories that may surely be inaccurate. I believe the mender rewards may be tied to specific pieces of lore within the game, and that each player require a specific random piece of lore before they are able to receive the award. After obtaining all of the lore in the game I have received the cash reward not once, but about 4 times within a 5 hour period, after going 30+ hours dry. Either this, or the reward is tied to a specific item and you can only get the cash reward for one specific item at a time, as determined by the game. I had to use a Juice Cleanser to get the cash reward the first time around, which I do not believe I ever had put in the altar before, it was one of the only items left which I hadn't. Some I put in 20+ times each. So my suggestion, if you cannot unlock this trophy, would be to unlock all lore and also try to use every different item in the game on the altar.
  6. So, I know nobody really plays this game but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to me, and what they did to unlock this trophy. I have completed over 20 runs and put hundreds of items into the Mender Altar and never have received the cash reward. I don't know why this is the case... Anyone has some ideas?
  7. The trophy is not for playing 1001 days in game. Its for passing through 1001 day/night cycles. With day/night cycles turned on, and 3X speed enabled, a full day/night cycle in Cities Skylines takes approximately 9 real-life minutes. To unlock this trophy, assuming you have not played the game previously, it will unlock sometime around the year 2325. This equates to about 155 hours of real-life time spent simulating. You will need to leave your system on for approximately a week straight to unlock this trophy. That is why the trophy is quite rare, if it was only 4 years in game the rarity would be like 90+%.
  8. Quick question: Does the day/night cycle option need to be turned on for this to count? I have played a total of 377 years across all of my cities, which should be more than enough time, but still have had no luck unlocking this trophy. I played about 220 of those years with the day/night cycle turned OFF because I did not like building in the dark. I have it on now, for the empty map I am just sitting in and simulating. Should of probably thought about this beforehand...... If anyone can clarify that would be nice.
  9. Ended up getting the trophy after 130 years of simulating in game. Year 2171. Glad that’s over
  10. Have been simming my map for 120 in-game years, still nothing. Have a sustainable 50,000 person city on the back corner of a 9 tile region. Created massive mountains that stop any magnitude tsunami in its tracks. Have been simulating on and off for about 2 weeks. This is ridiculous haha, have never done a trophy quite like this.
  11. A sure-fire way to fix this glitch is to call EA support and have them delete the EA account that is linked to your PSN profile. You will lose all of your multiplayer progress in basically every EA game played under the same account but it will definitely fix this glitch as well. You will then need to level back up from 1-14 and the trophy will unlock. This was the only solution that worked for me about 3 years ago.
  12. Pathetic.
  13. Disappointing. Will still play it though
  14. It’s 20 seconds to kill the remaining 2. After you kill the first the timer starts
  15. #111 - Project CARS. Very enjoyable racing sim. Unfortunately, the platinum is currently unobtainable for new players and may be forever. Only 9 UR platinums away from my 50 UR goal.