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  1. I think its worth it, I use mine quite often
  2. have played literally 5 minutes of it, It immediately put me off when it first came out and I put it on the shelf, I am aware the tutorial is slow and it takes a bit to get in to it so I will go back to it at one point. The skinning animals and MP trophies is mainly what is holding me back
  3. Nothing special but I quite like my skin on the pro
  4. Happened to me, your not the only one. I didnt get the lvl 7 boss one
  5. Same thing happened to me in the crypt on stream haha, I had to leave the game and do it again
  6. I returned the game, ill rent it when a patch comes for it
  7. I also havnt got the trophy yet, revived a online player easily 40 times. I will try with 2nd controller
  8. you have to manually search for it on the store AUS: UK: US:
  9. Worked first go, thanks!
  10. I jumped up and tail whipped it and it worked
  11. glitched for me as well sigh. Im getting quite sick of games releasing and locking you out of trophies
  12. Seems to be mission locked, locking thread
  13. SO as the title says, I am currently level 26 and still an Adult Shark. Not sure why it didn't pop. I can only assume its because I did not go to the grotto when I hit level 20, I was messing around with the infamy levels and didn't return to the grotto till like lvl 22 or something. Heads up to anyone playing, make sure you hit the grotto on the correct levels in order to evolve, I might have to do another playthrough now
  14. making the edits to the guide as you all post, thank you for the help everyone
  15. Nice video, very helpful!