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  1. I really enjoyed it, enough to make the trophy guide for it. Since its announcement when it was called gods vs monsters or whatever I thought it looked silly and almost ignored it with its new name but I think it is a hidden gem and certainly worth looking at if you enjoy more light hearted tones were they make jokes at Greek mythology. It shares a lot of elements from assassins creed franchise obviously but it is different enough to be its own game
  2. Just got my platinum 2 minutes ago and nothing glitched for me. PS4 did but PS5 was fine
  3. Yes it will work if its just before the trigger. The big trophies i had to do as I had the same situation was the 2 arcs. Luckily I had saves for orlog and collectibles
  4. Not a bug, those trophies are well documented in the forums on here for valhalla. It sucks but you will have to load saves before unlocking these trophies on ps5 if you have them. Its the only way
  5. Exactly, my opinion. Just like you have stated yours You disagreeing with it is fine, there was no need to post your comment lol. We have now just gotten absolutely nowhere, well done
  6. Here we go again lol. I bought it at launch for the ps4, didnt play due to the game state quickly being realized. I asked for a refund from Sony. I was refunded. I moved on. The world didn't end, I was shocked to be honest. You are all turning into a bunch of Karen's. Its literally no monetary loss if you got a refund. Your family member could die from covid and you are all acting like this is the most important thing in the world. Go play your stupid big backlog like every other gamer.
  7. Picked up these games for $60 which I'm pretty happy about
  8. Just watched a gameplay reveal and the game looks pretty bad, is anyone going to get it?
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for recommending Nexomon Extninction!

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the game, to the point where I don't know if i'll ever be satisfied with a pokemon story again haha 😂

    Just hoping Tem Tem will be as good 🙌

    1. Ac3dUd3-


      My Pleasure man, I got hooked myself and played it till :platinum:


      If you like 2D sidescrollers where terraria graphics meets pokemon check out Monster Sanctuary, I love that game as well. I wrote a trophy guide for it which should be approved on here soon but its also on .org if you want to check it out

    2. VannQ


      I'll definitely give it look once I finally put Nexomon down!

    3. Ac3dUd3-


      These are on steam but im keeping an eye on them if they ever come to console as they look pretty good.



      Chain Monsters:

  10. Had this on my wishlist, might wait till I get it after reading this lol
  11. Seems like most of the problem here is you. You hate the term gamer girl yet in the same sentence say you hate all girls that game. You then go on to say you dont like your boyfriend watching any female streamer at all regardless of what they are doing and/or streaming as you automatically assume its because she is attractive, which shows you have no trust in your partner at all. You clearly have self esteem issues, jealousy and insecurities which you have stated but you are hiding behind it to explain your terrible outlook on the community. Of course there are girls who sexualize their bodies for views and money. There are men that do that too and not just on twitch. On literally any platform in existence to gain followers, sponsorship, viewers etc. Humans idolize celebrities, musicians and anyone who they deem to be higher on the social ladder than they are. They all do the same thing to earn money and/or fame so its not just "gamer girls". The post is pretty sexist really and I feel you made it just to find attention and someone to agree with you to make yourself feel better. A normal healthy person does not feel these thoughts and it is good that you can admit you have issues, but dont hide behind them with posts like this. Go to counselling and work on them. And just to point out, I am a male.
  12. I really dont see why companies do this. There is literally no point in announcing stuff 3+ years away
  13. same situation as all of you, pulled the PS3's out of my storage unit and had to do what Baka_Marimo said with the device password then it worked fine
  14. Might actually pick this up now that it has a