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  1. They havnt announced it yet
  2. Dont care about the Jim thing, just weighing in on the price increase. Games are one of the few things that have stayed the same price ignoring inflation for over 10 years, a lot of companies give bonuses at the end of games launching, it costs more to develop games, with everything else in the world increasing with inflation but you want to cry over a $10 increase that was due 10 years ago? The way some people act like babies on here about such tiny amounts of money is insane. The increase goes to innovation for new IP, remakes, infrastructure, maintenance of servers for *years* after launch for some games, salaries and more. If you can not afford a $10 increase then maybe you should rethink your current finances and put it towards something you actually need to keep surviving, not something you want just to play. ~ my 2 cents ~
  3. The risk you run when you make a game around 1 specific game mode. I daresay that they tried to get in on the Battle Royale craze of 1 game mode but it was never enough to do much, SW was fun while you get the plat but even a few weeks into launch it was full of bots and never really had much of a playerbase
  4. Platinum difficulty ratings I find are just as useless as estimated time to platinum ratings. I constantly feel that people say they can plat a game quicker than what I do and I feel im going through the game pretty fast. These ratings are best judged by user submissions of course, people who finish Souls games without being hit or killed will obviously rate it a 1 or 2/10 however someone with horrible hand eye coordination might rate an easier VR game a 9 or 10/10. Such a vast difference in skills most of these ratings would be inaccurate until you have dozens or hundreds of ratings to balance out the extreme ends of the curves.
  5. yeah i posted the trophies in the ps5 thread yesterday lol, looks simple enough, ill write the guide for this one as well
  6. Another game released when it shouldn't, I'm shocked /s
  7. Weird, It showed 4 silvers for me. Ive edited them Thank you good sir
  8. Just noticed that the trophies have shown up on PSN for the PS4 version but not the PS5 version. The Ultimate Price - Make The Ultimate Offering Opportunist - Unlock all Heroic Gifts Full House - Fully upgrade your Gear Masochist - Lose 20 health chunks from using Heroic Gifts Stomp-A-Mole - Eject 10 Abas from the ground Ash the leech - Gain 10 health chunks using Heroic Gifts Full House will likely require a bit of time to collect the shards needed, hopefully its just unlock 1 item and not everything. The new Gods from the image looks to be Hestia, Poseidon, Hades, Artemis and maybe Icarus
  9. So does the game autopop the plat if you buy the ps5 version?
  10. I loved Dungeon Defenders 1, played it every day. I immediately gave up on it when DD2 had only a handful of trophies and no platinum, not to mention it didn't have the spark that DD1 had, even back then DD2 you could see had the roots of P2W shit
  11. Patch should be live and trophies should unlock, can you confirm @jmaigret
  12. Some interns gonna get the blame for them uploading the full game instead of the trial lol
  13. It was free on the Japanese store a couple of days ago
  14. Congrats you are famous (once I finish the guide and publish it) 😎
  15. thoughts on the DLC guys? Im a few hours in and I have to say I am quite disappointed. Its basically the same game with the names changed on things. I think this IGN review sums up my feelings quite well on it.