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  1. when i eventually finish my backlog
  2. So is it worth the purchase? im wary about any new game being released these days as its always a half finished game
  3. I quite like Origins, and just started Odyssey
  4. I think Rainbow Six Siege is more toxic than DBD by a long shot, you get kicked from the game for no reason in R6
  5. I have a session set up https://psnprofiles.com/session/177614-assassins-creed-iv-black-flag I dont need it anymore personally as i did it with 4 of them already but there are 7 who joined it
  6. @Spaz Id forget GTA V because GTA Online sucks
  7. Just a PSA If anyone is having trouble finding enough terminals or locks you can just server hop the ammunition factory as they will always be locked, other terminals you cant sever hop anymore as it stays unlocked
  8. I've hit 10 levels so far halfway into it!
  9. Depends if you can find someone to powerlevel you. Crawmerax is much better to powerlevel than BL2 raid boss, Id personally focus on DLC if you have already got the plat in main game no point wasting time in a 2nd playthrough when its not needed
  10. Sekiro is a fantastic game but personally I would say Bloodborne is more forgiving a game. But as Yrva said, From Software has been excellent in making the titles different each run so if your starting it wont matter if you try Sekiro, BB or DS as they are all different
  11. I'm just running through all the DLCs now again since I've come back with BL1 remaster. I've forgotten most of the boss but master gee was a bit annoying as it took a while for his shield to go down and I was too lazy to look online when he isn't invincible lol
  12. Ah well the more you know I guess. I havnt looked at BL games for years outside of BL1 remaster, but if someone dropped you a modded gun it will port your character across to the ps4 version. My assumption is if you didn't mod it yourself then you get a pass?
  13. Gearbox has always allowed modded games that's why WillowTree existed in the first place. The rounds never crashed for me and I did it in public mode but I still spent quite a few hours on it even with the round skip
  14. Ive been using both of these and their youtube channels to learn how to best fight each boss. hope it helps all future players Fextralife https://sekiroshadowsdietwice.wiki.fextralife.com/Sekiro+Shadows+Die+Twice+Wiki Powerpyx http://www.powerpyx.com/sekiro-shadows-die-twice-trophy-guide-roadmap