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  1. Will hold off on this, its annoying to see developers release games in these states, do they even test it lol?
  2. I cant even get in a match. It disconnects me every time I try, I tried for a few days then deleted it. (I live in Australia)
  3. someone wanna fill me in on what is happening?
  4. Hi mate, Can you please elaborate on the current state of the game? I was locked out of trophies from Ain't no rest for the...trucker? but their patch back on June 26thish fixed it, Last I saw doing the free DLC russia map unlocked trophies for people. What DLC are you referring to? I have not looked at the game since I got the platinum so I am out of the loop
  5. its my GOTY so far, im really enjoying it
  6. Ill make a guide if this one isnt made and converted
  7. I dont mind the graphics, but the water just looks like it came straight from the PS3 and throws off the whole immersion of the game whenever I see it. So that was a bit disappointing to see
  8. If i got the game 3 weeks ago when he did i'd also be one of the first achievers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. played a couple of hours of it, first thoughts are excellent, I think i will enjoy this game very much
  10. thanks boys, i can finally take this game off my HDD and put another game on it lol
  11. yep, had to do all of rifts stuff as well and it popped
  12. Oh my lord the new patch finally fixed my issues. I have the boiis. months later but finally
  13. the minimum power level needed for final boss on apocalypse mode is 91. if you skip adventure and apoc and just fight the boss you will not be anywhere close to being strong enough to take him on. You cant shortcut it, unless you have a friend already high ranked I guess to carry you
  14. I will be buying 1 of each at launch, but I prefer the disc version
  15. I look forward to playing it,I remember literally nothing from the first game lol