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  1. game is fun so far, pretty standard platformer, the bulk of the trophies will be to collect everything in each level so all diamond, the 3 letters of KAO, scrolls etc etc
  2. I was just thinking I might block everyone with a low platinum count 😎
  3. On timezone GMT +10 Jan 1, 2022, 5PM. Radioactive Exclusion Zone 7 Aquarqs, Double XP, Elite Enemies Modifier (+30%)
  4. I havnt had any and I am 2 missions off platinum and have been playing for around 10 months on and off
  5. Main missions for the trophies, side missions do help a lot as they tend to be easier and will give you XP and money to unlock more perks and equipment. The moose caller unlocks at i think 33 or something which you need for the caller trophy. I tend to focus on main missions and then some side missions will line up with them or unlock without me going for it
  6. If classics had trophies it would give incentive to buy the Premium tier lol
  7. Thanks for the response mate ill buy the game and add it to my to do list
  8. How is this game for the people who play played it? Is it worth the cheaper price on the store? How hard is the platinum?
  9. Who is picking this up? It looks like a pretty cool indie game!
  10. The issue is the lawn mower will get damaged coming off the trailer no matter what you do so dont even use it. find the smallest map you can and use the weed whacker and the trophy will pop. make sure to not hit any walls etc with your character either
  11. didnt look till now but yes you are correct. point still stands they look to be the same game so ill prob pick it up on a sale
  12. Minecraft Dungeons Clone. As long as they dont bring out 600 DLCs with increasingly annoying trophies ill add it to my wishlist
  13. It does yes. furthermore it wiped my save with no warning and reset me back to level 1 when i was getting close to finishing. It has been an issue on PC from the start from what I can see and now PlayStation. The devs do not respond on their own discord and the publisher just keeps fobbing people off with 'the devs will reply when they can'. I liked the game but an obvious sour taste in my mouth and id recommend that you avoid it.
  14. I like simulator games so doesnt bother me, you dont have to buy them if you dont like them lol
  15. So my save was corrupted and deleted. Was playing as per usual and then saved and quit the game then went to upload my save to the cloud. Booted the game back up and its reset me to level 1. So now my cloud save and local save has been reset to the beginning. Suffice to say, ive now deleted the game. Hopefully it doesn't happen to others.