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  1. Seaweed is by design, I do not think there is any way to speed these trophies up, we are in it for the long haul and grind
  2. Looking for lvl 50 crew for trophy PSN: Ac3dUd3-
  3. Maybe they were Russian who tried to speak their mind and the-
  4. Will certainly watch this to see the reviews, I do like disney but I have lost trust in all devs and publishers to make a game that isnt a half baked bugfest
  5. Edge of Eternity - PS4 version will not boot on PS5, it immediately crashes
  6. lets not brigade the damn thread with the PSNP trophy discussion. I am about 9 hours into the game, some things I like, some things I dislike. Learning more as I play but so far its a solid attempt to get into this space but it has a long way to go to really be a rival of theHunter
  7. Not sure if it has changed but it never worked like that, specifically it will only count if you are already in the game when someone DEPOSITS the bittergem into molly or the dropship. If you join and it has already been deposited then it won't count. It didnt need to be you who deposited it, just anyone on the team. I can not test as ive already got the trophy however I am happy to add this to the trophy in the guide if anyone can corroborate to confirm this change
  8. Unfortunate that there is no platinum but this game looks great, its about time theHunter has a true rival! I look forward to playing it
  9. played a little of it today, im liking it
  10. Deleted save game and its working now. Game seems to be buggy
  11. So ive just started the campaign, finished the tutorials on the farm and then had my first campaign race. The menu says i need to speak to my team but nothing happens when i try to press X near them and no beacons are on the minimap. Looks like a bug to me but wanted to confirm before i delete the save data and start again, have any of you had any issues progressing to week 2 and beyond?
  12. Excellent stuff mate, Ill follow your guide for my trophies 😀
  13. Lucky I saw this, I tried to import my save as well but got error code -1 so I got saved by their own bug haha. It seems this PS5 update has come with bugs and issues such as Adaptive Triggers not working.....which is literally one of their selling points in the trailer 😆
  14. yeah getting the last heart in the level didnt matter to me, the KAO letters havnt popped and the wells havnt either, when i check them some of them are 'completed' in 4 seconds and do not change when i try again
  15. All Wells, All KAO and all Hearts havnt unlocked for me.