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  1. #452 Far Cry 6
  2. Now that there are 9 Far Cry games, how would you personally rate them from best to worst? What did you like what didnt you like? Far Cry 3 - widely regarded as the best in the franchise and I have to agree, everything from story, visuals, things to do in it all just click and its an excellent game Far Cry 6 - for me this is hot on the heels of FC3, I really enjoyed the story, setting and environment. They really captured the "brutal" part of dictatorship and the politics were not in your face. all around the 2nd best in the franchise. Far Cry Primal - wooly mammoth and saber tooth tigers what's not to love! Far Cry 4 - I dont remember a great deal about FC4 but it was a solid game, nothing horrible nothing amazing. Far Cry New Dawn - More of FC5, was meh but better than FC5 Far Cry 5 - Loved the visuals, the landscape and fishing etc, i was really turned off by the strong religious push. couldnt stand the main antagonists so it drops score because of it. Far Cry 2 - Low because i havnt played it myself, only watched videos. Its on my to do list. Far Cry Classic - Low because i havnt played it myself, only watched videos. Its on my to do list. Far Cry Blood Dragon - I liked the story and setting I just couldnt stand the visuals of looking through a "retro" camera. Struggled to even finish it because of this.
  3. For those that are playing FC6 what are your thoughts on the soundtrack? I think its excellent, I only recognize Ricky Martins song on it but all of them suit the game really well when it autoplays for certain missions. The Máximas Matanzas concert rap song was probably the best mission I have played in the Far Cry series. Listening to Talia rapping while defending is a fantastic thrill moment
  4. Well the title of the thread suggests that lol. Im not advocating for B4B ive no intention of ever playing it, was just saying we have been served many steaming piles of shit in the last few years, Avengers, Anthem, godfall, cyberpunk, balan wonderland just to name a few just from the last 2 years lol
  5. Worst game you have played in years? you have either not played many games or have been under a rock for the past 3 years. the industry has forgotten that QA even exists
  6. Seems to be just bugs mojang brought in accidentally, there were no bugs when I was writing the guides for the base game and DLCs so i suspect mojang will fix them promptly.
  7. I personally couldnt care less about either one over the other. The PS5 controller for me isn't all that amazing. it vibrates, wow. sure it vibrates in different ways or the triggers are harder to push down but i usually turn them off anyway because i dont want to push a hard trigger down whenever i am shooting something or using a bow and arrow. At the end of the day there is no real difference between the PS4 and 5 controllers for me, my focus is on the game not how a controller vibrates
  8. Interesting, the general consensus I've seen online so far is that the poison bullets do not work as well as the Fantasma and El Besito. I havnt had much luck myself with the combo so I might try the bullets.
  9. Uncharted and The Last Of Us
  10. Oluso the Black Panther is hands down the best Amigo in the game IMO. She is the perfect stealth killing machine and quite strong, i rarely have to revive her
  11. I connected with my brother fine yesterday so try to find someone close to you region wise, or just wait for the first patch
  12. @Tiffanniebaby and I came to the same conclusion as @Skrilus and will be updating the trophy guide. There are also new crafting recipes for food but i am not sure if this changes the trophy requirements
  13. after, was at the gym didnt read your post properly lol
  14. 10:09 to die
  15. Whats the difficulty out of 10? how long does it take to platinum? Is solo harder than co op?