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  1. Great giveaway man. Voted for TLoU as those gameplay videos got me fanboying all over it...Though I'm not a big fan of the first game, I must admit.
  2. I did not vote Nier just because I can't see it as a fair and square JRPG. The one and only classic, genre-defining JRPG in the list is DQXI...But again, it's just a question of semantics. Babbling about what is a JRPG and what is not I suddenly remembered I still need to play DLCs from FFXV, KH3 and Nier, but I don't think it would change my mind.
  3. The game slows down a lot passing from area to area, anyway it gets unplayable only in really crowded areas (towards the end of the game especially). Just platted this on a base PS4, didn't have such a terrible experience, anyway a PS4 Pro is surely a better platform to play it.
  4. Coming back after a LONG pause on PSNProfiles. I graduated in Medicine and began a post-graduation school in Radiation Oncology, so I really did not have that much time playing recently. Anyway I've found a sort of balance and I'm finally here again.


    With the closing of Official PlayStation Forums a big part of my internet experience in gaming just fades away, but I still enjoy coming here, reading about fellow hunters and just having fun with VGs. 


    Also, I really need to practice my English again, so be prepared to some HUGE FREESTYLE TYPOS.

    1. Spaz


      Medicine will become more important as the Baby Boomers continue to age and become fragile. But here where I am in the States they're not doing anything about it, mostly because of the political situation we're in.


      Medical School is just not something I have any interest in at all.

    2. Ryuzaki1993


      Here in Italy we have the same situation regarding aging people, and the main point of discussion in public health has become the absence of physicians and surgeon in the next 10 years due to retirements and a very poor number of students that can access studies after medical abilitation...So yes, the problem is about politics even here, overseas.

  5. After I read it the first time I understood that all 3 games are on disc, but game 2 and game 3 will not be playable without the day-one patch. I still have to find news and facts that go against my assumption, but I really hope they will not sell the trilogy as 1 game + 2 download codes.
  6. They said that there would not be any new feature during the beta...So everyone thought it could mean a big feature coming after the release. Now I just think that any new feature will be added with the next few updates
  7. I think that you may find in YT one of the reasons the studio failed...When you drop gameplay mechanics in its entirety in order to focus on interesting stories people will not find any reason to buy your game over watching its branching paths on a video/streaming online. I absolutely loved TTG, but I still dropped picking up their games after the price point went up from 20 to 40 euros. I know I'm being part of the reasons I won't get my TWAU season 2, but...I can't help feeling that if they kept a little point & click mechanics from their Sam & Max games every subsequent title would have been more exciting for players. Well, guess it's time for other developers to prey on the good members of the studio, and for THQ Nordic to jump in and take away the IPs they can collect
  8. I got a message after only one game and that was because I forgot to turn off background downloads and everything got pretty laggy. I apologized for my mistake and we laughed it off. Still, I hate teabagging survivor, especially those who wait by the gates in a 3-man-down game. LoL players hate on teammates and opponents alike...It's kinda difficult to find something worst
  9. I'm not interested as long as they don't get some rare gem in that game list. I still have my PSOne up and running, and I still possess 2 out of 5 games they have already announced...So unless it gets on with something I can't get to play legally it may stay on a shelf. Still, I can't see what kind of game they could add to make me change my mind. I managed to find even an European version for Legends of Dragoon, my PSOne collection is quite complete on its own...
  10. I'm a little worried about those "get X done in 15 seconds". Are there more fireworks than those tied to gem-boxes? I can't remember that detail. Also, what are sacrificable characters in Spyro 2 boss fights? Sheeps and lizards to recover health?
  11. This time I'll wait for a missable alert on the thread, last year I got to the 100% just because there were workarounds...
  12. It's possible, just try and find other 4 people who are willing to boost. I didn't think it was possible but as you need to get to Prestige III level 50 with one character and you will progressively get better and better at the game you may as well try doing everything legit. My project is to boost the memento mori/trapdoor escape with my team if I cannot get all by myself in another way...I'll save those trophies for last tho.
  13. Mine too, standard 1TB PS4. It sounds like they are coming to catch me on a chopper after all those sacrifices on Dead by Daylight.
  14. Oh snap...I feel we're gonna grind Club matches...
  15. Adding people from this thread to gain some xp! My code is 5106 4248 8748