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  1. I think that in a game where the platinum achievers are 32.12% of players (at least in my list) and the completion average sits at 48% (with base game only at 71%) it's pretty accurate to have people who achieved platinum at rank B. In comparison, RE5 plat is at 16.35%, with average completion (rank C) at 36% and base game trophy percentage at 72%. That means: you have better completion than roughly 83% of RE5 players and better completion than 68% of FFXV players in those games. Somewhere between those numbers is lying the rank border...My bets are on the 75% landmark.
  2. Alright then, I've been saving orange missions in Far Cry Primal because I thought there was a glitch preventing people from achieving the Expert Wenja trophy, but apparently I got it wrong from the beginning. Totally gonna plat it tonight ^^

    1. Captain Anura

      Captain Anura

      Best of luck! :) 

  3. I got all my games from other people...But I have Dexed, PS VR Worlds, Battlezone, EVE Valkyrie, Rush of Blood, Eagle Flight and obviously The Playroom VR (which is surprisingly good). Next game I'm planning to play on VR is Superhot :-P
  4. I agree with everyone who said that "trophy shaming" is becoming old. I did a status update once here about trophy shaming and people were very supportive and easy-going on the matter. They're right, who cares what you play as long as you enjoy it? And, by the way, the trophy I'm most ashamed of is Starwhal's plat, which alongside GTA Vice City hit me with the most pointless and boring grind I found in ANY game.
  5. Hey guys, does somebody know if you need a gold relic for the Ancient Antiquity trophy? A friend of mine asked me, but I did gold time on the first time I beat the level while doing time trial.
  6. I don't like being the party crasher, but it seems that TellTale has answered a direct question from fans reminding that Bigby's voice actor is also Groot's voice actor in the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy series. Soooooo...I guess we're going to wait a loooong time until we see another Fables game.
  7. They changed requirements, but forgot to patch an essential glitch like that? What a shame.
  8. Officially arrived in the 100th plat. It took me only 9 years xD Now back to study!

  9. In my limitless backlog of time-sinking games, I choose the Tales of series as the one I want to play more, and yet the one I dread to spend too much time on. I'd also like to take FFXII, but back then I spent 150 hours on it without even getting close to be able to fight some bosses...
  10. When you preorder Crash Bandicoot eight full months before release date and end getting it 7 days after anyone else, if everything goes right. Joke's on me

    1. starcrunch061


      Sorry to hear that. I'm not a fan of preorders myself, but I would be incensed if that happened to me.

    2. Beeinhollywood


      That sucks! I hope it arrives soon

  11. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair on Vita
  12. It took me nearly 20 minutes too, but just because learning the right position and right timing for get through the last 2 robots is damn difficult
  13. And here I am, waiting for that Horizon theme mail Also, if I remember correctly Platinum Trophy achievers for Furi could get a discount on the game developer official merchandising site. Things like this would be very welcome, anyway I don't see it become a thing in the near future. I'd love a new iteration of PS Home though. Maybe make it PSVR-compatible and let you have a "Trophy Room" like rumors anticipated for the original one. I dream of a customizable virtual space where you could have 3 trophy stacks, a Platinum case, a personal favorite cabinet and a HUGE graph with notable milestones :-P
  14. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Trust me, get to the final chapters and you will have to face some hard decisions. That is, as long as you let the game be your reality. When you break the "suspension of disbelief" this game could get kind of a wall of text without any appeal.