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  1. Can't remember if I already posted here... My first anime was DragonBall Z (I got the VHS before it even aired on italian TV, I was a pretty spoiled boy). Then, my first manga was Death Note. And it was the seventh volume. Man, I should really begin series from the first entry.
  2. When you have only 16 gold crowns to get on Monster Hunter: World and Capcom has already announced event quest to get 5 out of them, but they also probably made Deviljho necessary for the trophy...As it is for investigations.

    Damn it.

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I saw someone say Deviljho's crowns aren't required for the trophies, but maxing out its research is.

    2. Ryuzaki1993


      I really hope it's true (totally didn't post a status update to gather information on it XD)

    3. A-Brawl3r


      the first 3 events made getting half of the crowns so much less of a hassle.

  3. Edited, thanks.
  4. Good news everyone, by looking at the icon on the event schedule, you can tell that Bazelgeuse will be the fourth monster in Effluvial Opera event quest starting on 30 March. I'm focusing on Elder's Recess and Elder Dragons from now on.
  5. I'm doing it on Microsoft Access...Anyway I doubt it could be implemented here on PSNProfiles.
  6. As a hammer-user I have trouble with every monster that doesn't telegraph enough its hip check...Still, my most hated monster is Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. Stupid blue chicken, going around and blinding hunters just to go away right after that, laughing. I can't wait for Coral Highlands crown quest to bring hell onto all of its kind.
  7. Nope, you bought it on sale, I browsed the list on Wikipedia and Ni No Kuni hasn't ever been on IGC. It would be a really good game though :-)
  8. I really want a new PSVR game, but even if they put one up I know that this month I'm going to spend all my playtime on MHW. Still, I like the Dark Souls 3 rumor from a week ago, and I'm looking forward to get Ratchet & Clank too. My PS3 has been kidnapped by my SO so I can't play anything we'll get, but I still need Arkham Origins and some of the old Tales of in my backlog. On PS Vita I'd really like to see World of Final Fantasy and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, but again I should lower my aim.
  9. Mine was Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere trophy in Dead or Alive 5 on PS3, 16th March 2013. It's a damn silver for fighting 50 times through invitations. I mean, I've got some really cool UR trophies, but my Earliest is this joke of an achievement.
  10. From Deep Green Blues I got Giant Great Jagras Crown Giant & Tiny Pukei-Pukei Crowns Giant Tobi-Kadachi Crown Giant & Tiny Anjanath Crown Giant Rathalos Crown Combining it with another user that posted earlier, I could at least try again to find Tiny Great Jagras. Has anyone found Tiny Tobi and Tiny Rathalos by doing the quest?
  11. When I played Crash back in PS1 era only the first one was actually difficult, just because the game didn't save any crate progress at checkpoint during the level, so you had to beat it without dying in order to achieve a gem. The 2017 remake is difficult to many players because they actually changed how Crash's hitbox is shaped, from a squared box to a much more slippery "egg". So, if you do not land precisely on a platform you will fall off. Always. Still, the real challenge in the game are time attacks, but...I don't know. Every time I achieve a plat I feel like it didn't require as much skill as it required patience. I think it's the key to almost every plat.
  12. My list is: Batman: Arkham Knight The Order 1886 Assassin's Creed: Unity Day of the Tentacle Coffin Dodgers Starwhal Uncharted 4 The Walking Dead: Season One (second time) Horizon Zero Dawn Tales from the Borderlands (second time) Final Fantasy XV Crash Bandicoot Warped Deponia The Sexy Brutale The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Skyrim (second time) Game of Thrones (Telltale) (second time) Spy Chameleon Color Guardians Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 2 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City The Playroom VR Doom Severed Far Cry Primal Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Destroy All Humans! Destroy All Humans! 2 Monster Jam: Battlegrounds Amnesia Collection Assassin's Creed Origins Tekken 7 South Park: The Fractured But Whole Stikbold! And I'm working to make J-Stars Victory VS+ the 36th and last one. This is the year where I hit 100 Platinums and I set my record for plats in the same day (8). EDIT: Also, I made Crash Bandicoot Warped my 100th plat because it was my very first videogame back in 1998...Fondest gaming memories :-)
  13. In my humble opinion Andrew House f'ed up a little too many times. The "Vita is dead" statement isn't the first time I had to question his interest in holding PS gamers united, so...Kind of a good news.
  14. Thanks for all the kind answers, maybe I was overreacting a bit I looked for the percentage stated in the save and it did say 100%. I guess it really doesn't need all side missions for it, as Kapika said. Thank you again.
  15. Good morning everyone, I had a little problem with Alien Overlord trophy, that being it unlocked before I did all Santa Modesta and Capitol City side missions. I was trying to land the saucer in front of the Congress to attempt the "Destroy all buildings" quest, and accidentally exiting the city made it pop. Now, is it something that has already happened to someone? Could this lead me to get flagged for cheating? Any answer is welcome