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  1. #62 Oddworld: New ´n´ Tasty Even before aiming for the platinum, I felt ashamed with myself for not playing this awesome remake from one of my favorite franchises ever since I was a kid until now. The developers made a fantastic job by respecting the original and modernizing it at the same time, My first playtrough was without a road-map, I wanted to see If I still remembered every secret to find all the mudokons on my own, managed to forget 30 of them, but that didin´t stop me from doing 3 more playtroughs in order to make some clean-up, and I enjoyed every second. The speedrun trophy was a little bit stressful and was the one I leaved for the very end after I felt comfortable enough with the environment patterns. Even this game at one time made its way to PS Plus, I still think many people did not give due value, even so I can´t wait for the next installment in the franchise, Soulstorm!
  2. #61 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled I always wished in my heart for a remake of the original CTR, but never thought it would actually be possible, even after playing it since the launch, I still can´t believe we got one! As for the platinum itself, when I was a kid, I played the original till death and back then I managed to get all Oxide trials except for sewer speedway and dragon mines. But in this remake I got in trouble with a few more tracks to get that perfect time, I thought I didn´t play so well as before, but I never gave up, and started training until I dominated SF and USF even in the tightest corners while pressing Square and R1 at the same time, I thought it would be a matter of time, dedication and patience till I got all the Oxide times. Even sewer speedway and dragon mines I didin´t leave them to the end, because If I did them sooner I taught I could do all the tracks and obtain the so wished platinum. Other than the Oxide Trials, the hard mode was just difficult at the beginning, because I didin´t think the IA would be so much more difficult than the original game. I got a blast with this remake, Im gonna play this a lot for the months to come, im loving every second of the game. Thank you Beenox.
  3. I still had the rewards yes. Got back to the game after lunch and now it has a patch 1.02, maybe it fixes the issues.
  4. I lost all my adventure mode progress when I entered Tiny Temple, luckily I still have all coins and characters, but my save file got corrupted
  5. It still works eheh nice one beenox!
  6. Since I dont have a gaming pc, it will be nice for me to revisit DS once again in glorious 60 fps!
  7. Just came here to say I´m excited for this one more time and that I 100% agree with you!
  8. #59 Wipeout Omega Collection I love Wipeout, HD is still for me one of the hardest and most fun platinum I achieved till today. Since the Omega Collection was announced and since I never had the oppurtunity to play 2048 on the vita, I knew this would be a must buy, and boy what a blast it had been again. I almost felt like obligated to platinum this again, now with a new challenge since I didin´t knew what awaited me in the 2048 campaign and I never finished the Fury expansion back in the day. Even though I appreciated every minute, I must say this was way easier than the original counterparts to platinum, even if I found a little difficult to elite pass a few zone events in 2048 campaign, just because that color pallet was so abnormal that it hurted my eyes when i was reaching higher zones, never happened in the HD zones. A must-have for any wipeout fan out there and another great platinum to have on the collection.
  9. Feel free to add me, just warn me that your from here.
  10. #50 Saints Row IV What can I say about this one, it´s good old Saints Row! Now have the platinum for both 3 and 4, both of them were such a joy to platinum except a few grindy challenges, but co-op helps a lot passing the time and having fun, now moving on for Gat out of hell eventually.
  11. Could I get Crimsonland and Intake? http://steamcommunity.com/id/insodp Thanks a lot for doing this
  12. #47 Killzone 3 Another one done on my backlog, I always enjoyed Killzone and I always wanted to platinum a KZ game, since 2 was too harsh because of the MP trophies, I thought 3 was more reliable to do it so.
  13. A month ago I was thinking like you, I just tried for days and finally made it thanks to changing the driving options for the car not feel so heavy at the turns, have you tried changing them yet?
  14. #45 Gran Turismo 6 It´s no big news that Gran Turismo 6 is what 5 should have been, I had a blast doing this platinum since I lost my passion for GT after 5 was released. I took until now to buy 6 and before I realize I was near the platinum and thought going to the end since it wasn´t near impossible like the platinum for 5 was, the real grind for me was the autobarmy trophy since it took me a while to get it as everyone, other than that, great experience, now for GT7!
  15. #44 Dead Space Concodrance Officer It has been a long time since I platinumed a game, I just got tired for a little bit of trophy hunting but I never pulled away the possibility of returning one time or another just for the fun, so I decided that Dead Space which was on my backlog for 2 years was left unfinished in my road to the platinum, so I taught this was the right challenge to go for, made me revisit USG Ishimura which still gave me the chills even today on a second walktrough,such an awesome journey Dead Space is, now if I could only achieve the platinum for Dead Space 2