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  1. I miss the online, I had great fun setting traps for people. Like having a Cyclone Trap in a doorway, someone runs in and gets their neck snapped by hitting the doorframe. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
  2. So there are trophies are both the digital and disc versions?
  3. I have to say that the Kreig DLC is the BEST out of the bunch of the first Season Pass, then Moxxi's. If you can get it cheap, it is well worth the effort, the payoff at the end absolutely the journey through Kreig's is very good. The Wild West DLC was trash imo, so the Cthulhu DLC comes third for me. As mentioned, the second Season Pass is UTTER trash, x3 trophies on each one. And there is a time-sink grind on each one. Gathering x100 Weapons and gathering x100 Mysterious Eridium Piles.
  4. 8-Bit collection is on Sale atm, Ā£3.99 I think it says for EU, About $4.50 US. I bought the "Deluxe Edition" of each game for Ā£1.49, I was a bit disappointed with the Themes you get as they don't have individual music, just the generic background music. You do get some Avatars aswell if you like collecting those, so you can kick about with shiney new Avatars! šŸ˜œ
  5. You do need x4 people max to gain the MP trophies, since of the "normal" trophies may need to be boosted with other person. Such as, using x100 Nukes, killing x40 units in one Nuke blast, etc.. There are x4 MP trophies in Armies & Hordes and x2 MP in Invaders that need x4 players. If you still haven't gotten them, organise a Boosting session to get that last person or two people of you don't want to buy them again. How this helps!
  6. I found replaying a level I enjoyed three extra times with "force maximum" zombies helped. You will get about 30-35K doing it solo. I had played the rest of the game in co-op.
  7. With glitched game trophies, I had to delete my saves and start from scratch to get them to pop, e.g. Throwing a mug into the Hoop on the station. The ones that hadn't popped, I redid the requirements and they popped. Hope this helps you Dwarf Brothers out there!
  8. Leo, make a Boosting Session then you all know what you want to gain, use your mic then you can maybe make some new friends. I am very good friends with people who I met on PS3 games ages ago. You can do it!
  9. It is a case of keep playing and he will turn up I am afraid, it is totally RNG as far as I am aware. I sometimes see the same couple of Bosses over a few matches, then it will change.
  10. Anyone know when they will get the Darwin Trophy and throwing a mug into the hoop fixed? I keep knocking all the barrels into the Launch Bay every few days, but... No Trophy!!! Still!! šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ šŸ˜µšŸ˜µšŸ˜µ
  11. Some trophies are most assuredly glitched atm, I have completed: "Foreign Objects in the Launch Bay" "That's Not How You Play This Game" & "Darwin Award" Approx, x9 times each and no trophy as yet, while some friends have completed while in the same lobby. The Devs are aware and hopefully it will be patched soon.
  12. Thank you, duh me, lol. Going to and fro from PS4 to Vita, I forget the simple things.
  13. Does anyone have a good guide which shows what Abductors spawn on which level? Many thanks.
  14. Are the Ad-hoc bots better than your team? I have x3 at lvl 10 atm.
  15. Your save will be safe, deleting and reinstalling should sort your problem. Are you sure you have spoken to everyone and visited areas, sometimes the story can be a bit obscure at where to go. Maybe the Cell Garden is where you need to go?