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  1. I played Endless on map Elysium solo with a level 21 Berserker, I fought her three times getting to wave 21 before I got bored and logged out. She is a good boss, came very close to killing me the last two times I fought her. Hope this helps you get her!
  2. Have the developers said it is unobtainable? I have had another thought, if anyone has tested to see if the physical or digital copy makes a difference.
  3. Hi guys, when I played RAMBO the first time I rented a copy, when the game came up cheap on PSN I bought the digital game. I have recently tried to play it again and my save will not load up. Does anyone know if the physical and digital games have incompatible save files? Many thanks, Arkon. 📂👍😀
  4. Damn, thank you for the speedy reply, I will try though! Lol. I will also try it on two different PS3s, see if that makes a difference. I have had games that pop a trophy on one, but not the other, that is why I am thankful I have x2 PS3s. 😊
  5. Hi guys, I know this hasn't been commented on for a while, I am planning to go for the trophies soon. Had anyone tested a playthrough NOT using the Wrath glitch? I will try this, see if it makes a difference. Damn DLC! 😂
  6. Hi, I completed a couple of UCG missions while playing the story, they popped up. I had to complete the story to get access to UCG missions on my map. However, when I went to the ones on my map they said there was an error connecting to servers. I did a manual search for "fast" missions and a load appeared. If I played missions by the same author however, they didn't count for the 20 missions trophy. I selected different authors and got the trophy a short time ago. I hope you guys going for it succeed!
  7. I can tell you this is 100% correct on the amount of people needed to start a game in both games.
  8. You can boost the Werewolf, armour to zero then a kill, my friend and I did this later at night, then he and I searched for a game at the same time, eight out of ten times we met up. Therfore, making this easily boostable. 👍
  9. It is 100% a human trophy, you can have a combination of beast and human kills, e.g. I had 30 beast kills and 170 human kills. The easiest was to get the kills I found was to just jump at the areas lots of others jump and have a few for all. You will die a lot, but it saves getting 1 or 2 kills for a full match, I got 80 kills in about five hours skiing this method. Don't bother with taking up with friends, just a true battle royale.
  10. On a side note, there is a costume challenge to "fire x1 flare". This is undoable!
  11. The answer is moot for your question now, but the servers are still going and are stable if you want to play the campaign with friends or go for the online battles trophies.
  12. If you are after coop play or want to get the x500 online battles, etc... The servers are very stable, you will get the odd drop from a game but nothing annoying. This is still a great game to play with friends though! I am still eating away at it after 10 years!!! Lol.
  13. FEAR 3 is ok to play
  14. Has anyone got PSTV and vita to work?