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  1. Joining someone else's game would be the way to achieve what you are after if you have tried reinstalling, etc...
  2. A new DLC trophy... I foresee a new trophy every holiday season for the next 30 YEARS!!! NEVER uninstall this game...
  3. I was playing the online a few weeks ago and it was very active, you don't need to get to max rank but you will need EVIII Ibelieve it is for the suit parts. I waited for double exp. events and you can get good exp with x4 people min. I was getting about 50-60K a match.
  4. Eternal, did you ever hear back or it get sorted?
  5. Hi, bit late as I only just saw this 😵 But it should help others, if you level up magic for ex. you will still receive the buff for that mission, then you can erase the level if you wish before starting a new mission. If you get both light and dark the same level again during said mission, you need to change nothing! 😁
  6. Heya, you can do the online trophies solo playing in Ad Hoc mode, the online is pretty dead unless you set up a gaming session.
  7. I would recommend waiting for another x2 exp weekend then create/join a Boosting session doing Sectors, you will get all the way to Esc. 8 in about 15 hrs
  8. DOUBLE EXP this weekend!!!
  9. I loved this game! I have put about 200 hours into it, getting lost with side quests, looking for unique weapons. It was the first Fallout game I played and I have carried onto the other console Fallout games since. I experienced a few game crashes, game slowed down a few times & I saved often to make sure I wouldn't lose much time. I was obviously fortunate I didn't experience all the problems Freelancer Tex experienced. I never had a problem with conversations, quests, audio, etc... I found FO: New VEGAS to have problems in crashing frequently, glitched out and it didn't live up to the hype I had given it personally, I have started FO 4 but just haven't had the time to give it my full attention so have stopped playing for a while. Overall, I have enjoyed the console version of Fallout and prefer it to PC as I can play it in bed ✌️
  10. Tbh, at least the devs are hot on fixing the exploits in this game, we would be cursing them if it was broken and they left it. We get new maps, new trophies, free 4tw!!! 🕶
  11. The servers are still up as I played DM with a friend. You can only boost DM I believe with two players, TDM requires four players, hope this helps
  12. I have been connecting well with others, the ranked search I have known to take 10 minutes or longer, it is slow going
  13. This doesn't help for high level Cyborg missions very much, but x2 Slow-Mo, x2 Flame Strikes can be a huge help. The Slow-Mo at least gives you time to leg it and you chuck another one a couple seconds later to extend your lead to get things back to normal. 🚀
  14. If you buy the DLC, doesn't it give you the experience to get everyone to level 15? Or is that standard?
  15. Hello! I think this game is definitely worth it, the DLC you get is ofc fluff, but a couple extra transformers is always fun, I would have gotten the Gold Ed. if it had been on sale when I bought it. You can earn 64% of the trophies just by doing escalation, the upgrades you gain and levels stay for the campaign also, I have achieved Prime Mode and still not gained all the upgrades for weapons. This is because you gain "Gear Boxes" from levelling up and in these you gain extra characters, weapon upgrades, and you also gain "Hacks". These allow you to...hack a level even the whole game, they give you a bonus to experience but, you will have a negative e.g. You have no hud, enemies do more damage, enemies drop more ammo, etc... Hope this helps!