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  1. #302 The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Alliance Alive Acquire all trophies I rarely visit PSNP lately and on one rare day that I decided to check the forums, I found a thread that says that this game is from the creator of Suikoden. I love Suikoden so without any doubt, I bought the game without any knowledge about the game. And I didn't regret buying it. It was a fun experience. Well, the story is not that memorable but it is not bad. Unfortunately, like Ni No Kuni 2, the recruiting part leans more on quantity, rather than quality(well, 167 recuits so not that surprising I guess). The gameplay is quite interesting, it lets you pick what weapons you choose for most of the playable characters(well, obviously Flippers are the best ) - it give you more freedom on which strategy you want to play the game. The road to platinum is not hard but not easy though. I was lucky that there is a guide already for the game which makes it way easier. Like the other JRPGs, it has Missables, Grind, and RNG - and of course a Speedrun for a cherry on top. As said, it was a fun experience so I highly recommend it to anyone that likes JRPG.
  2. #300 AI: The Somnium Files AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES Obtained all other trophies Another Milestone, Another Uchi-sama game Anyway, I guess it is a good game(?). Unfortunatey not as good game as the Zero Escape series or even Punchline. I guess because I have picked the right route at the start so when the "twist" is revealed, it is not as surprising comoared to the previous Uchi games. My biggest gripe.... The characters - It might be also depends on the taste but to me, I really didn't cared much to most of them, especially Iris(my new Clover). Like, my fave character is an Otaku and his mother. But I must give credits when it is due, at this moment, I can't find a loophole with the plot, the branching point are well done and it makes sense. And of course, the humor and the puns(even some are too much of a reach), Love them. Would highly recommend if you enjoy mystery games.
  3. Hello World I watched the movie without any knowledge about it, I guess it worked since I kinda enjoyed it. Only gripe is somehow near the end of it, it felt like a fever dream. I am pretty surprised that it was rated G in our country o.O
  4. Ok, bump? trophy stuffs I guess.... there was a thread and a doc found in gamefaqs with regards to this game(very useful)... it requires 2 runs to plat the game.... there is a NG+ where you can carry over your equipments, Talent points, equipments, skills. There is also a skip function, it is said that NG+ speedrun is doable within 4 hours... so, for further details with regards to trophies...there is a point of no return, and there are some missables... Highly Missables: Everyone REALLY gather round! - the 3 optional characters are recruit-able as early as clearing Crystal Arc, so just to make sure, after clearing it, recruit optional ones. check Everyone Safe and Sound to recruit Shiki (unsure if necessary but if you are going for the plat, no harm in following it anyway) Everyone Safe and Sound - During the part where you split in 3 parties in Hakurei defense, make sure you prioritize in saving civilians and let Party 1 deals with most of defeating enemies. Chaosium Gem Collector - quite misleading, you need to have 100 Chaosium at once, be frugal, wait til you have 100 before buy stuff using it. Apparently, there is also a glitch that allows you to farm infinite (takes time) but is easily missable because you will reach that part very early in game. Somehow Missable due to point of no Return: My First Big Monster Hunt/Destroy All Monsters! Water Devil Wipeout Sigil Meister/Sorcery Meister Map Master Only doable in NG+: See Sub Ending 1/ See All Endings Recruit President Hard-working Player/Speedy Player/Super Speedy Player And of course, there's the Grindy/RNG related ones: Talent Tyrant - requires to earn 100k Talent points, I have found the "good" grind spot in Crystal Cave and it only gives me 200-300 TP depends on number of battle links. Battle Arts Meister - What is JRPG without RNGesus Sorcery Meister - Requires slight RNGesus Not hard game tbh but might take lots of dedication and time to get the plat....
  5. I guess you hate potatoes? Have you finished the story? I have played lots of dungeon crawler and I will say, this has the best plot so far. Gameplay wise, I also liked that you need to strategize on what pacts to use to clear the game, makes the game less repetitive somehow. My only gripe is to get the plat, it will require you hours of grinding exp to transfer soul just to defeat the post game final boss.
  6. #298 Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Grand Finale Obtained all trophies in Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk [/center] A Dungeon Crawler that is a diamond in a rough. I didn't even knee that this game existed. I only stumbled upon it when I saw it's avatars were free for PS+ users months ago, I was interested back then but I got used on playing Dungeon Crawler in my Vita and it was pretty expensive at full price so I thought of skipping it, then months later, I founs a physical copy of the game and decided to bought it on a whim. The story is good IMO. Feels like a story with a mix of Disgaea and Nepnep games esp. on humor. The twist is not really surprising but I enjoyed it from beginning to end... The yuri part is just an icing on the cake for me. Gameplay... Well, the one flaw for Dungeon Crawlers is it become repititive fast, and this one is nkt an exemption, and then post game happened. Difficulty spiked so high that it madr me spent hours grinding just to get the plat. Speaking of which, trophy-wise, it is deceiving, most of it are straight forward and you'll get most in playing the story, and then there's that one last gold trophy that will test your masochism... Err I mean, dedication. Overall, worth buying at full price IMO, and probably one of the best Dungeon Crawler I've played and maybe my fave game this year... Well, it depends I guess on how I will enjoy playing my 299th and 300th plat.
  7. The lack of cat and dog puns in this thread is disaPAWnting. Looks like a straightPAWrward trophy list like the FURst one and hopefully no MEOWssable trophy. Forgive the terrible puns but one question, Is it PAwsibe to plat this one solo?
  8. One Piece STAMPEDE I am, kinda, updated in the manga so when I knew that this.one will be on the theater(learned it when I watched Weathering with you), I know that I will watch this is cinema as well.
  9. #295 & 296 Bonds of the Skies Complete Conquest Obtain all trophies. Alvastia Chronicles Alvastia's Hero Obtain all the trophies. My last 2 games played my first Vita. Thanks for the 6 years of fun Vita-tan.
  10. Been a while since I have watched since I have watched an anime... Tenki No Ko Well, Makoto Shinkai, you never disapppoint me so far. Have a feels of Kimi mo Na wa with a reminder that 5cm per second is also Makoto Shinkai works as well
  11. Well... Another one that already got the plat but in case someone is wondering... Platinum is located in the Volcano dungeon
  12. Welp, looks like you both got thr plat already but in case someone else is wondering... It is indeed in Ice Palace
  13. After years of waiting. It's finally here!!!

    Been a while since I used my 3DS xD

    1. Thrintus


      That's canon, right? I've always wanted them to come to the PSVita. :(

    2. JaM


      If the Dancing ones were canon = Long Nose Song is Canon = Persona Q universe is canon xD I think the Q ones are spin off with the youll forget these stuffs when this is over plot.


      Same, been wanting for the game to be ported on Vita or even on PS4. Well, Ace Attorney and 999 made it in PSN so there is a glimmer of hope.


      At least I don't fully regret getting 3DS for now.

  14. #292 Dragon Sinker Descendants of Legend Obtained all trophies. After finishing Horizon Zero Dawn, I have been on slump(is it the correct term?) and I have started like 4 games but nothing is really make me hooked/excited playing them. Then I went to front page and notice a new Kemco game trophy list, then I noticed only that time yhat I could click on game company now(which I am pretty sure not a feature before, right?), I clicked on it and I stumbled on this game's trophy list. I wasn't even aware that this game exist. I am a sucker for games with job system, and recruiting lots of character is always an icing of the cake for me. I usually wait for Kemco games to be on sale before I buy them but I was really intrigued with the game so I bought it at full price. Do I regret it? No. Loved the game. Sure it is a port of a freemium mobile game but I really didn't care. I had fun playing it from start to end. I also didn't mind the grind and RNG as well (thanks to Netflix I guess) and the optional boss is quite challenging(I ended up winning with Abram with 3 Villagers ) Would recommend, absolutely esp if you like me that loved FF5. Also, no plat for a while I guess, cause Persona Q2 is finally here
  15. :shakefist:


    Does anyone has spare discount code for US PSN? xD

    1. damon8r351


      You will never know why, but your status about your PSN purchase makes me the happiest I will be this morning. And not for the reasons you think it might.