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  1. #295 & 296 Bonds of the Skies Complete Conquest Obtain all trophies. Alvastia Chronicles Alvastia's Hero Obtain all the trophies. My last 2 games played my first Vita. Thanks for the 6 years of fun Vita-tan.
  2. Been a while since I have watched since I have watched an anime... Tenki No Ko Well, Makoto Shinkai, you never disapppoint me so far. Have a feels of Kimi mo Na wa with a reminder that 5cm per second is also Makoto Shinkai works as well
  3. Well... Another one that already got the plat but in case someone is wondering... Platinum is located in the Volcano dungeon
  4. Welp, looks like you both got thr plat already but in case someone else is wondering... It is indeed in Ice Palace
  5. After years of waiting. It's finally here!!!

    Been a while since I used my 3DS xD

    1. Thrintus


      That's canon, right? I've always wanted them to come to the PSVita. :(

    2. JaM


      If the Dancing ones were canon = Long Nose Song is Canon = Persona Q universe is canon xD I think the Q ones are spin off with the youll forget these stuffs when this is over plot.


      Same, been wanting for the game to be ported on Vita or even on PS4. Well, Ace Attorney and 999 made it in PSN so there is a glimmer of hope.


      At least I don't fully regret getting 3DS for now.

  6. #292 Dragon Sinker Descendants of Legend Obtained all trophies. After finishing Horizon Zero Dawn, I have been on slump(is it the correct term?) and I have started like 4 games but nothing is really make me hooked/excited playing them. Then I went to front page and notice a new Kemco game trophy list, then I noticed only that time yhat I could click on game company now(which I am pretty sure not a feature before, right?), I clicked on it and I stumbled on this game's trophy list. I wasn't even aware that this game exist. I am a sucker for games with job system, and recruiting lots of character is always an icing of the cake for me. I usually wait for Kemco games to be on sale before I buy them but I was really intrigued with the game so I bought it at full price. Do I regret it? No. Loved the game. Sure it is a port of a freemium mobile game but I really didn't care. I had fun playing it from start to end. I also didn't mind the grind and RNG as well (thanks to Netflix I guess) and the optional boss is quite challenging(I ended up winning with Abram with 3 Villagers ) Would recommend, absolutely esp if you like me that loved FF5. Also, no plat for a while I guess, cause Persona Q2 is finally here
  7. :shakefist:


    Does anyone has spare discount code for US PSN? xD

    1. damon8r351


      You will never know why, but your status about your PSN purchase makes me the happiest I will be this morning. And not for the reasons you think it might.

  8. #287 Grand Kingdom Hero of Resonail Congratulations on getting all the trophies! Wow, it has been a while since I have platted a PS+ IGC game. And well, I now have a new rarest plat. Thanks PS+ IGC I guess. This game is sitting in my download list for a year now. I haven't played it before because I thought this game is SRPG like Disgaea. Well, sort of but the gameplay is quite addicting. The game become repetitive at some point but I dunno why, I just enjoyed playing it for hours daily. The grind and RNG is quite awful though, it took me a loooong time to get Short Sight and Weapon Crush. Unfortunately this also means that I only have 1 perfect glass canon because the scroll farming is not really fun. Kinda bummed though that the best way to grind exp and money in the game is to play online. But still, fun game and and not really tough plat. Would definitely recommend this game to anyone.
  9. #285 Axiom Verge PatternMind You have fulfilled your legacy I have heard lots of positive feedbacks about this game and I was interested in it but I keep to procrastinating in buying it. I guess it was a good thing because months later, I saw a Multiverse Edition for thr Vita. It was the sign for me to buy this game - but due to lots of backlogs, I have shelved the game for months. Anyway, it is a great and fun Metroidvania game. I am even unsure if I like this game more or Guacamelee. The only down side I guess is unlike the other Metroidvania game, the collectibles in Axiom Verge is not really that easy to find and also at some point, I get lost and unsure on where to go next plotwise - I guess I am glad that I bought the version that has a free map on it. It somehow made me worried when I was about to do the speedrun, I had to rely on the map and guides to know the routes. I would definitely recommend to anyone that loves that genre.
  10. I was thinking of getting Persona Dancing Endless Night Collection for days now and now it is on sale, $30 off is really tempting. Tokyo Xanadu's price drop is also very tempting
  11. I guess this counts Weeb Plat #14 Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! 6 left I guess. So close yest so far away
  12. Have fun, I am guessing you are pkaying with Mrs. Bee? IMHO Scholar is the best job in terms of exploring dungeons.
  13. Thanks Kweh. Yes. It is possible to change Job and Buddies every hundred floor.
  14. Hmmmm... I am not so sure, but I think just to be sure, you need to identify the Greens, Potions and Collar to count. I was not able to test because I was wearing an Appraiser' Collar when I got the trophy for getting all collars. For the Talon's though, I got the trophy while I was in a Mirror of Training so the last Talon I got is Purple'd. Also, I am not sure if Key Items counts as "Items". I got the All Item trophy without receiving the Letter from Mog for Maxing Alpha and Letter from Everyone.
  15. #281: Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! Beak Performance Collect All Trophies. Before I met Vivi, Chibi Chocobo was (and still one) my favorite FF Character. Chocobo's Dungeon on PS1 was my first Roguelike game and I do still remember until now how to get Ramuh It kinda sucks that Chocobo Racing 2 was cancelled. Anyway when I knew that there is going to be a new game(well, remake) of a Chibi Chocobo game, I preordered the game. Off topic, Good thing that theme is fixed now. The game is a roguelike, so yeah, lots time spent for Grind and RNG. I didn't mind though, it wad fun for me(though, I had to take some days away from the game thanks to Omega) - the game having version of previous FF games helped a lot. My fave are definitely Dungeon Hero X Theme(or as I call, The Mog wiyh the Mogchine Gun), Treasure Hunter's Theme, and Battle with Emo Final Boss(too bad the game has no Gilgamesh. Trophy-wise, not really hard but time consuming (well, you judge it - 3-5 times of either 500F dungeon or 50F from scratch that you have to do in 1 sitting). Some parts are tricky and might require trial and error and lots of luck. Overall, I had fun with the game, would recommend of you like Roguelike and Chocobo ofc Fingers Cross for more Chocobo games.