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  1. Just an update. The issue is fixed now
  2. Finally, Neptunia Virtual Stars is on sale, will definitely get the Deluxe edition since it is cheaper than the standard game, lol.
  3. Lol, I learned about this game from watching a streamer saying it is 2D Souls game, and I was confused since Salt and Sanctuary exist.... Bought it anyway since it looks fun. Just got the plat yesterday, not a hard plat IMO. It is pretty much like your typical Metroidvania, the boss battle might take some retries to learn their movesets... pretty short game too compared to othet Metroidvania games I have played. Nothing is missable trophy-wise, you just need to make sure to check out every breakable, chests and NPCs to avoid backtracking to get an equipment.
  4. *bump* I guess? I just got the plat of the game and I could confirm that the Glitchy trophies have been fixed. Nothing is missable trophy-wise and it is actually fun. Welcome Aboard trophy became a chore for me in the end but aside from that, not a hard game to plat. Oh... One thing tho, I thought there was a difficulty spike in the final boss but it turns out, you could merge/combine the patches only learned it after dying multiple times on the final boss(and almost rage quit) - dunno why the game didn't taught you that.
  5. Oh, we were on same boat. Do you have any Unfinished Side quest? It seems that some won't trigger if you have unfinished side quests. Also I have read somewhere that getting all spells is required for some quests to trigger. Try looking at this this guide (section C10SQ) and check the ones you are missing. Aside from the ones I mentioned before, IIRC none of the othet side quests are time sensitive(ofc most of NPCs are only available from 7:00 to 18:59 and Pumkin's only available on the night she is in Paw Village selling stuffs). What I did is I visit every NPCs on every area on day time to check, I think the one I was missing was A Warm Drink.
  6. Thanks to replies, I reached out to them and it seems like issue is on PSN side... I guess I will stall the game for now until the issue is fixed.
  7. For some unknown reason, the NA trophy list for this game is missing in my trophy section in my PS4 when I am online and it is also missing here in PSNP. The trophy list is also not appearing in PSN App: https://i.imgur.com/dqN9r29_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium More bizarre is I do have the screenshots of the trophies I earned in my Screenshot folder and I can view the list if I am offline: https://i.imgur.com/gw0JTJJ_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium https://i.imgur.com/qHhwq3z_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium I have been receiving this error when I try to sync my trophies: https://i.imgur.com/mOhDxu6_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium I know the issue is not in my PS4 and Internet since I was able to earn trophy on other game and I was able to sync it in my profile and here in PSNP and it looks like I am not the only one with this issue. Any idea on what cause it? It is my first time encountering this issue.
  8. Hmmm... I could say around 25~ hours for the platinum. The story is pretty straight forward and short, you might spends hours farming materials to upgrade your equipments. Bow + Lifesteal is highly recommended IMO. Oh.. have fun
  9. Just got the plat yesterday. Could confirm, Nothing is missable trophy-wise. For the side quests, make sure to check NPCs now and then. Took me some time to trigger some in later part of the game. -Start of Selene(?) quest line seems to only trigger at night. - Make sure to visit the kids in Paw Village at noon time with candies in your inventory to trigger a sidequest(make sure to not give the candy to Caramel) Also, it seems like you can only trigger one Side Quests line at a time near end game(?) I had to finish Selene's quests then let one day pass before I could trigger the start of Chief Oliver's Sidequest.
  10. NGL, I didn't enjoy it, at least compare to the other Metroidvania games I've played(If you are looking for new Metroidvania I'd recommend Ender Lilies or Tails of Iron instead). Not really excited to replay the game for the plat. I guess just don't expect the gameplay to be the same as the first game.
  11. The only 6-Pin Ensembles are the Mew Pins. The next one to that is the 4-Season Ensemble (Gatto Nero too) Pins - 4-season is very helpful set since it has HP Vampire. Finally got the plat. Not a hard game but I won't be surprised if the rarity remains in Very Rare or even Ultra Rare. The Drop rate is so low it took me hours to get a Pin even with lowering the level to 1. Nothing are missables trophy wise but some Trade related Pins requires you to replay chapters and do all optional stuffs. And of course there is the money grind. You will need at least 10M Yen for the platinum. Lastly... Sucks that Deja Vu didn't return, it is my favorite song from the first game.
  12. First of all *high five* for Riou avatar. Eiyuden hype? It is automatically done by finishing the other trophies. -Characters and Artifacts will be filled while you are woking on the 67 quests -Monsters will be filled as long as you don't turn off encounter. To check, after clearing the 67 quests, you must be only missing one entry. -Techiniques while you are getting all abilities and ST. -You have to reload your Cleared save file(the one with note beside the time), start new game+ and visit the encyclopedia in library in your room for the trophy to pop.
  13. Just Got the plat... It is the first time that I finished all the quest as well (I missed one once... I will never forget Rachel). I had to use(and re-use) the guides in gamefaqs(yes... Guides) to avoid the missables. For who are interested(or for future me... No future run perhaps?) Artifact Placement Guide - a must. Perfect if you are planning to play the game in one run. It also says the sequence of the Quest you need to do to avoid missable quests (and materials and demi human pets if you are interested) Produce Guide - another handy guide for the very RNG base trophy. Optional - Tempering - not needed for the platinum but nice guide if you want to learn about getting the best weapon in the game. What else I could add... -Rachel quest - the only one I had trouble progressing.Once triggered, Just make sure to talk to always talk to Rachel, Mark, Jennifer and Teapo in Domina if possible - you have to speak to Jennifer in the Market area(where the fortune teller is)during her rest day a couple of times, same goes with Mark on Rachel's room. -Best pet is Polter Box especially in farming Spiny Seeds and materials. I farmed Spiny Seeds in Luon Highway - 3 Lullabuds - Area after going Going in Bottom Part in Fork in th Road. -My best farming area for lucre is either 2 Polter box room in SS Buccanner with Polter box pet and tempering Wind Cap(Dropped by Spiny Cone) with 4 Clear Feathers(Dropped by Stinger Bug) - both Spiny cone and Stinger Bug are in Luon Highway. All of Polter Box drops can be sold on good prices and Tempered Wind Cap can be sold at 26k+.
  14. I can finally give my love again to Vanillaware - bought 13 Sentinels. Been waiting for a price drop for the game and at 50% off as well Odin sphere is on sale on HK store as well so I might buy it too. sort of rant: I have been waiting for Utawarerumono Prelude to the Fallen for a while now and now that it was on sale, I thought the PS Vita version will be on sale as well...surprise surprise, it is not and worse of it is the PS4 discounted price is still more expensive than the full price of the Vita version
  15. #363 Stranger of Sword City Stranger of Sword City You've got all of the Stranger of Sword City Trophies! Thank you very much for playing! heh... This game reminded me how creative I am in naming unnamed characters... luckily I am prepared. Can't wait to share you what I named my animals in Harvest moon. A game that I know it's existence for a long time now but I keep on avoiding it because I really disliked Operation Abyss. Few weeks ago, I have deleted few games on my Vita and I decided to check on the Playstation store. Kinda sad tbh since there are some games that are no longer available for purchase via PSN Store... anyway, I was then reminded of the game's existence while browsing the store. I was torn in between this one or the Revisited version but I decided to get this one because it is cheaper Anyway, I expected it to be Operation Abyss but luckily, this game leaned more on Demon Gaze gameplay-wise. Story-wise, it is good I guess, nothing groundbreaking or new in twist. What surprised me is it has some gore at some point.. As mentioned above, the gameplay is like Demon Gaze, so I really didn't have much time to adjust. If you are new to the genre, it might become repetitive and grindy at some point. It is also those type of game that you will need to save often because you can get a gameover fast. Trophy-wise. Classic NISA I guess... first it baits you with "easy"/you-will-get-along-the-way trophies and there will be those one that you will need to pray to RNGesus very rare drop... and of to finish it off, a trophy that you will need to grind for hours for better equipment... better stats and hope-RNG-is-in-your-side Difficulty Spiked Post Game Boss(*LABYRINTH OF REFRAIN flashbacks*). Overall, it is a fun DRPG. I guess I got used to it and I really didn't mind the grind, played it mostly while watching series. Really considering to get the Revisited Version but atm, pretty torn because the final trophy killed the fun a little bit.