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  1. Ugggh... MP trophies. The characters trophy icons looks good though. Trophies looks easy, well - depends on how hard to win a fight online I guess. Very few story related ones(I guess they will cover until Licht battle), I am guessing the game is more into fighting battles online than campaign/offline stuffs. As much as I like the anime, I really dunno if I would like to buy this game at full price. Hopefully the MP stuffs is doable solo
  2. PS4 (In order): The Walking Dead: Season 2 - doing one chapter per day. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone - 1 song per day (woohoo 140+ songs to go) Enter The Gungeon - 1-3 runs per day. PS3: Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland - I really need to google more before buying games, thought this is the sequel for Alchemist of the Dusk. *shrug* PSV: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - making very slow progress, not really loving the game atm NORN9 Var Commons - really having mixed feelings about this one. The characters route were a hit or miss for me atm.
  3. hmmm.. got any anime to recommend this season? I noticed that I am only watching Gintama, Black Clover and Boku No Hero this season.
  4. Figures. Thought I could get One Piece for Vita.
  5. Currently unable to check site atm, is there no sale for PS3 and PSVita?
  6. Been thinking for months what to put on 250th milestone, why not plat them back to back... #249 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom One True King Awarded for achieving 100% completion. As I have said lots of times, Suikoden II is and will always be my all time favorite game. So if there is any game out there that let you build kingdom from scratch and make you recruit ~100 characters, expect me to play it and enjoy it. Adding a bit of Betrayal is definitely an icing to the cake. I have played Ni No Kuni and I really liked it, to the point that I didn't mind the RNG and the grind. I was somehow skeptical when I first saw Ni No Kuni II because they changed the gameplay and they removed the feature of putting monsters in your party. But when I learned about the build your castle from scratch and ~100 recruitable characters, that skepticism was replaced with excitement. I know I would probably biased by this one but I really enjoyed it even with it's flaws, and I really dunno, I really like Evan and Roland. My major gripe on this one is the plot though, I felt that it gave me that weird turn of events that somehow don't make sense. *shrug*. Would definitely recommend and you don't even need to play the first game to enjoy and understand this game (just like Suikoden II ). One of my fave game this year and I would probably get back on this game to tackle the DLC. 75 + 175 = #250 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory Perfect Hacker Collected all trophies. 4/4 DigiPlats Loved CyberSleuth and I was really excited when this game was announced. I didn't even watch the trailers/gameplay just to avoid a tiny bit of spoiler that I ended up to the point that I thought that the guy in the cover is the Villain So glad that it had the same gameplay like in Cyber Sleuth. I find this game a bit more grindy though and the MP trophies quite more troublesome this time around. But luckily, I really didn't mind those since I enjoyed playing the game from start to end. I am also glad that they gave some love to Frontier and thank goodness for finally adding Shoutmon. Would definitely recommend to anyone that likes the series or to anyone that wants to play a fun JRPG.
  7. I really want to get this one but those MP trophies... I dunno. Can it be done solo like in J-stars? Looks like it is an easy but grindy plat?
  8. Sidekicks Unison Attack??? Please just take my money Atlus.
  9. *sigh* was about to post long whiney stuffs about GR2 but my post disappeared before I was about to hit Submit Reply #248 Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Platinum Get all other Trophies 2 words to describe the game: Zelda Clone I was looking for a game to play while waiting for Gravity Rush 2 RNG when I stumbled upon this game while browsing games on sale. I've searched stuff about it and it seems like people are comparing it to Zelda and it looks fun so I bought it. And surprisingly, it is a fun game(well, most of the time) and it looks really good for a mobile game. The gameplay is really simple and it is also straightforward, I was actually having fun... until the fishing mini-game. Fishing is one of my favorite mini-games and I would say, this one probably had my least favorite game fishing mini-game to date. Would recommend, uhmmm... sure if you are looking for a Zelda Clone game. now then... Ni No Kuni II or Hacker's Memory... which will be the 250th
  10. *bump* Sooo, any tips on this one? I have just spent hours grinding gems to only find out that this is worse If I understand it correctly, new mining events appear daily right?
  11. Well, I have played the Japanese version so I know what to expect. But to anyone that is not familiar with this game, it is the game adaptation of the anime with the same title. It is also from the one that made Zero Escape series so if expect a mind blowing plot twists. As the OP said, the game is a Visual Novel. The tricks parts are used on some scenario, treat it like having Puzzle Rooms in Zero Escape series, not hard puzzles though and well, failing tricks does not means a bad outcome tbh . For trophies, straightforward with few miscellaneous stuffs.
  12. #245 Gravity Rush Remastered It's all Relative Collected every trophy. Congratulations! I have bought this game months ago (along with Gravity Rush 2) but I have keep on stalling this since I thought redoing the challenges will be quite frustrating for me. I was wrong I guess. Aside from the challenges, I thought the story was longer - hmmm... Anyway, I have finally decided to play the second time to prepare myself for the Gravity Rush 2. I still enjoyed playing this game even I am not really good with heights. I had some trouble with controls again but luckily the game is not that hard. I am really looking forward to start Gravity Rush 2. Hopefully some questions in my mind will be answered this time.
  13. #244 Rainbow Skies Rainbow Skies Winner Team Unlock all other trophies. Been waiting for years for this game, definitely worth the wait. Love this game. This game have the stuffs I loves in Rainbow Moon. I didn't mind the grind, the long walks and even watching the same skills animations over and over. Love every momwnt of playing this game. I will still play this game tiI clear the final post game dungeon and I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes to play SRPG.
  14. Woohoo.. finally done it. 巫女学校物語~楓編 101 Ways To DieARSLAN: THE WARRIORS OF LEGENDBattle Princess of ArcadiasCLANNADDigimon Story: Cyber SleuthEthere OneFINAL FANTASY X-2 HDGRAVITY RUSHHatsune Miku: Project DIVA XIA/VT COLORFULJ-STARS Victory VS+KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep FINAL MIXLone SurvivorMURAMASA REBIRTHNi no Kuni: Wrath of the White WitchOdin Sphere LeifthrasirPuppeteerQuest of DungeonsRainbow MoonSorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry GodThe Guided Fate ParadoxUnepicVirtue's Last RewardWheels of AureliaXBLAZE CODE : EMBRYOYs: Memories of CelcetaZero Time Dilemma
  15. #243 Quest of Dungeons 100% Complete all Trophies only took me 1 year and 5 months I haven't heard of this game before, I stumbled on this game while searching for a game with a plat that starts with Q. I enjoyed it tbh, it is a short roguelike game... until the road to plat. The game is really easy, there's just this one trophy that tedious - add procrastination and tadah... stalled for more than a year. I just get back to this game recently again when I want to play some roguelike game again after watching Isaac and Gungeon videos. Would recommend. YES. It is a fun game, if you want to plat it, you need to have a bit of patience and dedication though.