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  1. There are trophies? O.o hmmm.. PSNP name pls. Tks
  2. Hi... I was told that I could sign up here for the KHIII LP? Also, do you offer Sea Salt Ice Cream to whoever finish all the games?
  3. [Operation Abyss] Huh... I think I hate this game xDĀ I think this is the first Dungeon Crawler I've played where I needĀ to google every mission becauseĀ the game's clues are very vague. Need the power of Rant in PSNP atm. I dunno what the heck I am doing wrong in Kagura District. I am stuck for hours now in this area.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Yeah OA is not the best dungeon crawler to play. I recommend Demon Gaze, Demon Gaze II, and Mary Skelter Nightmares. Those are by far my fav 1st-person dungeon crawlers.

    2. JaM


      Here's the thing, I really thought that I've bought Demon Gaze II, turns out, it is Operation Abyss xDĀ Loved Demon Gaze, I have a bit of different opinion I guess with Mary Skelter and I am excited to play DGII, I want to get over with OA asap xD


      And of course the ranting in PSNP worked. xD

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Ranting on PSNP usually does the trick :DĀ . Sucks about DGII, I hope you still buy it one day.

  4. The Preorder digital got free Avatars... The physical one got a folder thingy... Dunno if I made the right decision Won't be able to play this game anytime soon though...
  5. I always go for default or official name if the caharacter has it. I remember spending some time searching for the name for P5 protag before I played it which was "Akira" by that time.. And then months later turns out to be Ren.. Oh well. For characters with no official/default name I use the Random option, then I pick a name that I think fits the character's appearance. If no random option, I always go with Nanami for female characters. And for male, Jin. Heh, I am lazy on thinking name so when new character join - they are either Jun, Jon, Jan or Jen.
  6. Is it? I beg to differ. Especially with how it ended. On topic, has just rewatched these 2: Watching the Live action of Hyouka made me want to watch Hyouka again. It is interesting that the live action and anime has different plot on Hyouka arc. I really can't bring myself to rewatch S2 of Sangatsu. I dunno if feels can handle the Bully arc again.
  7. Yay, another Pooh trophy. And looka like no MP trophies. Huh... So Jiminy is not in the game? Hmmm... And no FF *cough* Sephiroth *cough* related trophy? Interesting. Optional bosses looks like they are not from KH, FF or Disney universe as well. Overall looks like a typical KH trophy list without the Difficulty related trophy like DDD.
  8. *bump* The game ia currently at 50% off(with ps+) on NA store. -Final thoughts on game? -Any missable trophies?
  9. Hmmm.. Key anime? (Clannad, Angle Beats, Little Busters etc.) which are also games... Aside from those I guess Lovely Complex and Sakurasou.
  10. BeenĀ seeing it in sale couple of times... Guess time to ask: Yooka-Laylee, buy or pass?


    1. Hemiak



  11. Some things I did in my run: -have Goofy only have the transfer-MP-to-others active skill on. -Using Strike Raid makes you invincible while you use it. Prerty useful if you know you can't dodge the upcoming attack and also long range. For first phase, I spammed Strike Raid, have Goofy refill my MP and continue on spamming Strike Raid. For Darksider II, I use that phase to refill my MP. -For the third phase, the key is observing and learning what moves you need to dodge and what moves that you can block. His most annoying move is when he grabs you, make sure to listen/observe well and be prepared to dodge that move. The onky move I find to be blockable is his multiple dash move. It takes a while and patience is needed. -For the final final phase. Aerora(better if Aeroga) and Tinkerbell(when you have all your party members). Just charge and spam attack button when he attacks. Retreats and avoid lasers and ignore the enemies he spawns. With good RNG, you will not have to die and repeat this phase. And if it still fails, grind. The section before the final save point always respawn and the enemies there can be dealt in a minute (except the Neoshadows ofc) by spamming Strike Raid.
  12. And after 6 years, I also bought another Vita
  13. No MP trophies please.
  14. Just some random couple, definitely not shipping them Lockscreen haven't(and never will) change though:
  15. I think I will not get another plat this year so I guess it is time for me to share my liat this year I think I will again skip the Online related awards sinxe I think I've only played 3 with Online game this year and well, not that fun experience overall. PIECE OF CAKE AWARD Telltale's Batman At least I got to play it for "free". Thanka PS+ for "free" plat I guess. Other Nominees: The Walking Dead 1-3 Mecho Tales IT'S LIKE DARK SOULS YAKUZA KIWAMI Dragon of Legend Completed the game in Legend Mode. Great game, Fun experience overall but getting the plat sure is not that easy. The game has gave me flashbacks to rage days of God of War's challenges. It also made me hate a girl who wants me to play against a very skilled AI in pool just to satisfy her request. But above all, clearing the game on Legends is probably the toughest one for me. The mode overall is easy especially with Golden Pistol but that car chase sequence! I gave up on platting Uncharted cause of Insane Difficulty, now you want me to play this Dino Crisis like minigame??? And if I fail, I would have to fight these guys again? Luckily I got this boss where I could vent my anger. BAD ASS AWARD DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Suzerain Completed Summon Trial in gauntlet mode. The game might be very grindy(hint hint) but I can also say that I have very much fun playing this game. And fighting the Summons back to back to back is definitely my favorite moment in the game. Clearing it in Hard mode is very satisfying and probably one of reason why I will play the game again(well, of course only if they give me my Vivi DLC) GRIND OF THE YEAR DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Champion of Champions Obtained all trophies. 300 online wins... 300 treasure chests... Ugh, if having bad internet connection is not bad enough, they decided to have this unnecessary grindy trophy. Playing Y'shtola while using only 2 moves foe hours is definetely not fun(thanks podcast for existing). I was not really surprised that after stalling the game for months, it's plat rarity didn't changed. Other Nominees: ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 3 QUEST OF DUNGEONS ATTACK ON TITAN SLEEPER HIT OF THE YEAR TEARS TO TIARA II: HEIR OF THE OVERLORD You haven't heard of the game? I don't blame you, I didn't know that this game exist either until I saw it in game list in Weeb Olympics. I searched for Image on it and I thought it is a cute chibi SRPG and the price of physical copy is cheap as well. And then I had a blast, this gme reminded me why I enjoy playing SRPG. Other Nominees: CAT QUEST - I expected lots of puns. i got lots of fun. DEMON GAZE GLOBAL EDITION - as saus for the nth time, one of the best Dungeon Crawler that I've played so far. BIGGEST BOMB OF THS YEAR THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS: KNIGHTS OF BRITANNIA I really like the manga and I've watched the first season of the anime. When the game was announced, I was so excited to play it. Bought thanks to hype, got disappointed on overall experience. It has no replay value imo and the RNG is a bit of the pain. It is also very short that I managed to plat it in 1 day. Not worth the full price and one of the reason why I haven't bought Little Witch Academia, Black Clover and Boku no Hero games yet. Other Nominees: GRAVITY RUSH 2 MEIQ BEST TROPHY IMAGE NI NO KUNI II: REVENANT KINGDOM WORST TROPHY IMAGE DIGIMON STORY CYBER SLEUTH: HACKER'S MEMORY Great game, but seriously? They just copied the trophy image of the first Cyber Sleuth. BEST MALE AND FEMALE CHARACTERS Weeb answer: Shinpachi from Gintama and Shinon from SAO Hollow Fragment. MALE: Evan from Ni No Kuni II(explanation in next category ) FEMALE: Velvet from Tales of Berseria. One of the reason why I loved the game is because of Velvet herself and her character development. BEST PLAT OF THE YEAR NI NO KUNI II: REVENANT KINGDOM Suikoden II is my all time favorite game, give me a game that somehow some similarity fron that game and I will play that game til the end. That was my initial mindset when I've started Ni No Kuni II. 100 characters? I will recruit them all. Build Castle from scratch? No biggie. Skirmish Minigame? Let's go! After few hours of playing the game, I was starting to love Evan. He is not the best protagonist out there but I really dunno, I really liked Evan. And there's the gameplay, I was skeptical at first since I liked the First game's gameplay. After few hours of getting used to it, I started to like the gameplay, playing KH games before helped as well I guess. Overall, I enjoyed playing the game from start to end. Probably one of the very few game that I am willing to pay for the DLC. WURST PLAT OV TEH YEAR AKIBA'S BEAT My rant thoughts about the game Kinda funny since it is one of the first game I've played this year and it is now end of the year... And I do still dislike the game. MOST ANTICIPATED PLATINUM OF 2019 Kingdom Hearts III Dragon Quest XI The Shadow of Colossus Spyro Trilogy Megaman 11 Disgaea 4 ...games I bought from sales. Well, aside from KH3, it is just basically the games I've bought already or stalled games. I do need to cleanup my backlogs T_T