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  1. #241 Tales of Berseria Champion of Berseria Proof of conquering the world with Velvet and company. Thank you for playing! I was skeptical with people saying that this is a great Tales of game since I was really disappointed with Zestiria. Glad that I have finally gave this a shot because it was an awesome Tales of game. Fun Gameplay. Great Characters. Solid Plot. My only gripe is the EX Dungeon has very cheap sponge enemies that lessen the fun and made the grind worse. One sad note though, it made me want more for Xillia to have Japanese Dub Overall, would definitely recommend if you like JRPGs. Vesperia Hype?
  2. Oh, Makes sense, since I saw Rukia's Bankai.
  3. Don't worry you're not alone... I disliked Zesteria as well... It's the main reason I didn't plat Berseria til now. And I am glad I did. It seems that most of your question has been answered so might add few of my personal opinion.I find this game that have the higher the level, the better system. I personally just switched equipments to master the skills and upgrading them for bonus gauges. There is a Post game dungeon and I am not loving it atm. The enemies are basically cheap sponges esp. if you are playing in Normal and higher. No ridiculous Equipment system as well. So yeah... Basically Berseria>>>>Zesteria(and ofc Eizen>>>>>>>Edna) so I highly recommend this game.
  4. Didn't know that this thread exist... First, as said - No Saiki = No Buy. Adding Osamu will be nice as well. Anyway, Ichigo... Looks different or maybe it's been a looong time since I saw him. Also wondering if Deku and Asta will appear here even both have their own game coming
  5. Still no sign of Vivi... Oh well, at least Dav and Satoshi is happy.
  6. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV) 2 Dedinitelymy fave Jump manga/anime atm. I even watched it's live action film. No Saiki in Jump Force = No Buy.
  7. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara - Toutsuki Ressha-hen Not enough Megumi this season but it ended up wity Megane HanaKana so no complaints
  8. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Synopsis My AOTS this season Wished that it was longer. Time to read the manga.
  9. Shimoneta? Kangoku Gakuen(make sure to read the manga after watching it)?
  10. WeebPlatty#11 Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord As usual Matsuoka is too OP Gotta love when he is doing insane characters though... One gripe though, where's the Meganneko???
  11. #240 Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord Overlord Acquire all trophies. Once again, huge thanks to @Leon Hasegawa's guide (in .org). It helped me a lot. A hidden gem. I loved playing it from start til the end... of story (post game is definitely a different story). A solid SRPG with fun characters and pretty good story. The road to plat is a torture to me though. That Post-game dungeon was brutal to me. Overall, would definitely recommend to anyone that likes SRPG.
  12. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen Synopsis Thanks to The Nostalgia.BUT... It might be because I watch the original one when I was a kid that I didn't care but... The pacing of this anime... Sucks. Was this meant to be episodic? It felt like I could only watch the pilot, then the last 2 or 3 episodes and I wouldn't miss anything important. And that final episode.. Really???
  13. #239 MARY SKELTER: NIGHTMARES Escapee Obtained all Trophies! Unfortunately, I didn't enjoyed it as I thought I would. It actually made me like MeiQ more. I really didn't like the characters and with plot, errr.. Well, I came to the point that I skipped dialouges and it felt like I didn't missed anything important with the plot. The gameplay is "ok" I guess but halfway, it became too repetitive. The road to plat is not that hard, but quite time consuming. On a bright side, thanks to this game, I caught up with a couple of anime tjat I stalled... I really wished I enjoyed it, I guess that's the con of playing 2 Dungeon Crawlers back to back.
  14. muehehe, I finally got something to gain from Akiba's Beat = Weebyplat #6 WeebyPlatty # 10 (woohoo... Celty-chan. I prefer Anri TBH, can I have Anri instead?) MeiQ Heh, didn't noticed that I even made it as second fastest achiever so far. *sigh* I really need to have "life". Time to procrastinate I guess. I can't bring myself to be back to Disgaea 4, Dark Cloud, Shiren and FFIX atm.
  15. #238 MeiQ Master Completionist Obtained all trophies! Few weeks ago, I have been hearing lots of good things about Mary Skelter that made me buy that game when it was on sale. When I was about to download Mary Skelter, I remembered that I have bought MeiQ months ago from a sale when I was looking for UR plats for Weeblympics. Thinking that both game are the same, I thought playing MeiQ first is a good decision. Well, I was wrong. Meh Characters. Meh Story. Meh Gameplay. Ridiculous Grind. Would recommend? NO. This even make me appreciate and like Mind=Zero a bit. I hope that I will have fun with Mary Skelter.