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  1. oooh... 35 and counting atm... wonder how long it will take you to pop these. BTW... Not sure if it is already asked but will ask anyway... Is there going to be Round 5? I remembered that I already have Xhilia but i find it strange now to play a Tales game without being in an event
  2. hmmm... 6 new characters? Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Ultimecia, Jecht, Noctis +1 more or the Duodecim characters?
  3. Well.. weeb time.
  4. Well.. I get your point. But dunno, I just can't love the anime (or even the game). Which sucks cause I love FF BTW... forgot to mention, Hatorijime is indeed good. EXACTLY. that's the only thing that only like from Brotherhood. Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Well.. It's Fairy Tail so it is quite obvious that I will really like it... and of course I liked it very much. The movie took place before the last arc - it actually makes me hyped and excited about the anime adaptation of it. It has Comedy, Fights, Fan Service(I've read the manga and I didn't actually imagine Charle and Lucy have transformation sequence) and of course, pairings(poor Erza though - no Jellal). Every Juvia's scenes are my faves though - it keeps on reminding me why I love her. Lastly... FT Zero has HanaKana and Dragon Cry has Yuuki... will Satoshi finally watch FT?
  5. probably off topic but what happened to animenewsnetwork? o.O not sure now where to get my anime news
  6. oh thanks for info... unfortunately, don't have both... I actually have to join an event here just to get a Premium Membership might try to go to other game stores not so near me to try my luck later... and then maybe watch Fairy Tail Dragon Cry
  7. UHMMM.. I am quite interested... what is "pretty good" with Brotherhood? I watched it cause I thought I will somehow understood the characters more but what I got are some weird information I wish I should've not know... like, Noctis is messy... Prompto is creepy... Ignis is the typical butler... I more confused now with Gladio after watching it o.O
  8. nice.. Gintama.. giving me some love now eh Hertzy... oh.. have I told you that I might watch it's live action by end of the month? Some update I guess... Re:Hollow Fragment is currently eating my gaming time atm... making very much progress plat-wise (like, I am at 99 hours gameplay time atm but still just finished 80th Floor - 1 floor per day progress atm)... having too much fun with messing with OSS - pretty sure I am still sooo far away with getting the Implements, HNM and Hollow Mission related trophies... on another note, I really want to get YS Origin while it is on sale but the game shops near me are out of stock of PSN cards atm... sooo.. yeah...
  9. I just remembered that I still haven't unlocked Sachi yet. so more Sodana I guess...*facepalm*
  10. I somehow understand now why some people love School Days. Kuzu no Honkai Synopsis Thanks to Re: Hollow Fragment's ridiculous Affinity Grind (I swear if I ever hear Sodana one more time...which also reminded me why I really dislike Leafa), I had time to marathon this one. I was listening to Sakura Quest's Freesia and saw a comment that this one's anime has very good ED so I tried to look it up and after reading the synopsis and watching the pilot, I know it's gonna be a messy one... and oh boy, what a "hot" mess it is...and I LOVE IT. Sure, not everyone will like this type of anime and it definitely has some loophole, but I dunno.. I still love this one. It ended the way I wanted and there's Ecchan... love her Maybe I will read the manga one of these days... :3
  11. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. I am actually more excited about this one than P3 and P5's DAN :3
  12. well.. not surprising tbh.. but maaan.. that art looks sick...o.O
  13. hmmm.. I am not really sure if I should post it here or on last movie you've seen... #188 Late Shift Platinum Trophy Acquire all trophies Well.. that's... something... This is my first time playing(?) these type of game and I quite enjoy the experience. Sure, the plot is not that great thanks to plot holes(whoa whoa Mr. Woe) but still, it is definitely a "unique" experience for me. Loved the Prisoner's dilemma part and May-Ling . Would recommend to anyone who wants some time just to relax, watch a movie... and earn trophies
  14. well.. we know it's coming, so not new news I guess.. 'Steins;Gate World Line 2017-2018 Project' Reveals Trailer, Steins;Gate 0 Anime as Part of Project well.. not really excited for SG;0 anime but *shrug* pretty sure I'll still watch it. anyway.. since I am on Kadokawa's YT... why not share this as well..
  15. Well, I was probably going to buy it anyways. But your Platinum post gave me the push I needed. Lol. Cosmic Star Heroine added to the backlog.  

    1. JaM


      yay! Let's just hope that it won't be on the future PS+ IGC :awesome:

    2. DamagingRob


      Lol. Yeah, let's hope. Already own 2 from August's. :/

    3. kuuhaku


      Rob and JaM both buying a game? If I buy it too it'll definitely be in the IGC :awesome: