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  1. First of all *high five* for Riou avatar. Eiyuden hype? It is automatically done by finishing the other trophies. -Characters and Artifacts will be filled while you are woking on the 67 quests -Monsters will be filled as long as you don't turn off encounter. To check, after clearing the 67 quests, you must be only missing one entry. -Techiniques while you are getting all abilities and ST. -You have to reload your Cleared save file(the one with note beside the time), start new game+ and visit the encyclopedia in library in your room for the trophy to pop.
  2. Just Got the plat... It is the first time that I finished all the quest as well (I missed one once... I will never forget Rachel). I had to use(and re-use) the guides in gamefaqs(yes... Guides) to avoid the missables. For who are interested(or for future me... No future run perhaps?) Artifact Placement Guide - a must. Perfect if you are planning to play the game in one run. It also says the sequence of the Quest you need to do to avoid missable quests (and materials and demi human pets if you are interested) Produce Guide - another handy guide for the very RNG base trophy. Optional - Tempering - not needed for the platinum but nice guide if you want to learn about getting the best weapon in the game. What else I could add... -Rachel quest - the only one I had trouble progressing.Once triggered, Just make sure to talk to always talk to Rachel, Mark, Jennifer and Teapo in Domina if possible - you have to speak to Jennifer in the Market area(where the fortune teller is)during her rest day a couple of times, same goes with Mark on Rachel's room. -Best pet is Polter Box especially in farming Spiny Seeds and materials. I farmed Spiny Seeds in Luon Highway - 3 Lullabuds - Area after going Going in Bottom Part in Fork in th Road. -My best farming area for lucre is either 2 Polter box room in SS Buccanner with Polter box pet and tempering Wind Cap(Dropped by Spiny Cone) with 4 Clear Feathers(Dropped by Stinger Bug) - both Spiny cone and Stinger Bug are in Luon Highway. All of Polter Box drops can be sold on good prices and Tempered Wind Cap can be sold at 26k+.
  3. I can finally give my love again to Vanillaware - bought 13 Sentinels. Been waiting for a price drop for the game and at 50% off as well Odin sphere is on sale on HK store as well so I might buy it too. sort of rant: I have been waiting for Utawarerumono Prelude to the Fallen for a while now and now that it was on sale, I thought the PS Vita version will be on sale as well...surprise surprise, it is not and worse of it is the PS4 discounted price is still more expensive than the full price of the Vita version
  4. #363 Stranger of Sword City Stranger of Sword City You've got all of the Stranger of Sword City Trophies! Thank you very much for playing! heh... This game reminded me how creative I am in naming unnamed characters... luckily I am prepared. Can't wait to share you what I named my animals in Harvest moon. A game that I know it's existence for a long time now but I keep on avoiding it because I really disliked Operation Abyss. Few weeks ago, I have deleted few games on my Vita and I decided to check on the Playstation store. Kinda sad tbh since there are some games that are no longer available for purchase via PSN Store... anyway, I was then reminded of the game's existence while browsing the store. I was torn in between this one or the Revisited version but I decided to get this one because it is cheaper Anyway, I expected it to be Operation Abyss but luckily, this game leaned more on Demon Gaze gameplay-wise. Story-wise, it is good I guess, nothing groundbreaking or new in twist. What surprised me is it has some gore at some point.. As mentioned above, the gameplay is like Demon Gaze, so I really didn't have much time to adjust. If you are new to the genre, it might become repetitive and grindy at some point. It is also those type of game that you will need to save often because you can get a gameover fast. Trophy-wise. Classic NISA I guess... first it baits you with "easy"/you-will-get-along-the-way trophies and there will be those one that you will need to pray to RNGesus very rare drop... and of to finish it off, a trophy that you will need to grind for hours for better equipment... better stats and hope-RNG-is-in-your-side Difficulty Spiked Post Game Boss(*LABYRINTH OF REFRAIN flashbacks*). Overall, it is a fun DRPG. I guess I got used to it and I really didn't mind the grind, played it mostly while watching series. Really considering to get the Revisited Version but atm, pretty torn because the final trophy killed the fun a little bit.
  5. Did you completed Koropokkur Story and get the Take-Copter/The Hopter from Koropokkur? Aside from the 4 items needed that is the other gadget needed to proceed. Unsure if needed but how is your relationship to other Villagers/Friends/Animals? I had them all at 5 stars when I Main Story line. Again, I am unsure because AFAIK the only difference of completing their storylines are additional scenes in the Ending.
  6. strange... I didn't get any problem with the stories like you did... few questions... Have you given the other 3 Items needed to Vera? I think the Chapters when you give items to Vera can be done in any order... How is your Relationship with Harmon and Ravi? There was another thread mentioning that you need at least 6 Hearts on Harmon and Ravi to finish the Big Tree storyline. Have you finished the Lithography/Cave Story LIne and made sure you didn't Destory the "item"?
  7. Yay. The list is finally here... The trophy guide says time to plat is 15 hours though... so currently unsure if buying in Day 1/Full Price is worth it *cough* Super Neptunia RPG *cough*. Nah... The trailer and gameplay for the game is already out for a long time now and it leaning more on like the MegaTagmension. Lots of Grind Trophies though, hopefully it is not as repetitive as the other NepNep Games.
  8. Hmmm... am I hallucinating? I felt that there was another award, the best PS+ game award??? *shrug* anyway, I was about to post here after the Platinum Rain Day but I started Doraemon Story of Seasons and I dunno if will be able to finish it on time...and well, I did it... PIECE OF CAKE AWARD More like, Bottle of Mayo Award, amirite No shame though. Plat rain day boosted my Number of Platinum, luckily this game was released, since my last name is actually Mayo, I have to put this to my Milestone. Honorable Mention... uhmmm... *insert POWGI game here* IT'S LIKE DARK SOULS BLASPHEMOUS Why? REQUIEM AETERNAM and BRONZE MEDAL. Sure it it not that tough, but I really struggled with fighting bosses without using Potions (since oftentimes Metroidvania games allows you to) and add it with speedrun *sigh* Great game though. Honorable Mention: Nioh which is like easier version of Souls games BAD ASS AWARD Melody of Memory - Tension Rising ALL EXCELLENT (PROUD) This year made me realize that I will never get another DJ MAX and Superbeat Xonic Platinum, I need a win in rhythm department this year, I haven't get the plat of the game yet but I really felt so good getting ALL EXCELLENT on a 15-Star song. GRIND OF THE YEAR MARENIAN TAVERN STORY To be fair, comparing to other years, I didn't have much grind fest this year (or I guess I got used to it?). Anyway... Don't be fooled by those Uncommon Kemco Platinums... This game is actually tough and well... grindy. My favorite(or one of) Kemco game so far though. Dishonorable Mention... hmm... Errand Tail, err I mean Fairy Tail I guess. SLEEPER HIT(S) OF THE YEAR CHASM | TIMESPINNER I actually have another entry on this one but it deserved a better award so I will give this award to these 2 Metroidvania gems. I will not be surprised if you haven't heard of these 2 because I am also unaware that these 2 exists. I just stumbled upon these very hidden gems on a sale. Highly recommended to Metroidvania lovers. Honorable Mentions: See Best Plat of Year Ara Fell - highly recommended to anyone that love old school turn base RPGs LEGEND OF THE TETRARCHS - pretty torn between this and Marenian as my favorite Kemco game so far. TOKYO XANADU - imagine if Adol from Ys and Rean from ToCS has actual personality. Pretty good right... that's Kou. DORAEMON: STORY OF SEASONS - maybe because of recency bias... I really loved it though. BIGGEST BOMB OF THE YEAR ARC OF ALCHEMIST I also have another bigger bomb entry on this one but it deserved a more deserving award so I will put this game on this one. if the previous award is for hidden gems, this game needed to be buried further... Dishonorable Mentions: See Wurst Plat Ov Teh Yeer ONE PIECE: BURNING BLOOD - the worst One Piece game I have played so far. They better stick with Musou... I am looking at you World Seeker BEST TROPHY IMAGE Click the Image for the game trophy page. WORST PLAT IMAGE Ara Fell I mean, lazy Kemco Plats are bad and Pallet Swap Plat Images are worse... but as much as I love Ara Fell... I cannot forgive them for copying the exact image of another trophy from your list. BEST FEMALE CHARACTER Kirika Towa Alma - Shining Resonance Refrain Inner weeb incoming... NGL, I liked this character cause... Saori Hayami is her VA. Runner ups are obviously weeb choices as well... Juvia from Fairy Tail, and Nami or Robin from One Piece games BEST MALE CHARACTER Haku - Utawarerumono Hands down. My favorite Video game character this year. His character development is the main reason I loved the game so much. BEST PLAT OF THE YEAR UTAWARERUMONO: MASK OF DECEPTION My detailed post about the game. My TRUE SLEEPER OF THE HIT WINNER. The SRPG gameplay(or Musou if you go with Zen) may not that great but this game's plot has the best plot I have played or errr read this year. Not a huge fan of Harem *stares at Sword Art* but I didn't mind the harem in this game. I was so invested in Haku's journey and character development that I got attached as well in other characters around him. I even hated Nekone as a character which I rarely do... the last character I hated so much was Clover from 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. I highly recommend this game. WURST PLAT OV TEH YEER Fairy Tail My Detailed Rant. The worst part is, I know what is it going to be after watching the trailer - Atelier Clone with repetitive gameplay and repetitive errands. But still, I preordered the game. Again, only play this game if it is on sale, you love Fairy Tail and has no other Atelier game to play. MOST ANTICIPATED PLATINUM OF 2021 Persona 5 Scramble Strikers I dunno why they had to change it, I prefer Scramble TBH. The only game I have been waiting for since it's release on Japan(well, aside from Doraemon Story of Season). I lost hope of the game being localized cause... COVID... but then again I remembered that this is Atlus we are talking about... they are going to milk this series til the end of time... so Yay! I might even preorder the game. Hopefully they port Persona Q/Q2 too... those games needs more love.
  9. #360 Doraemon: Story of Seasons Natura's Most Natural Get all the trophies! ♪♫ An an an tottemo daisuki Doraemon ♫♪ My First Story of Season/Harvest Moon game. I try to stay away from those type of games since it is obviously a collect them all type of game and it will be most likely be a repetitive game just to 100% the game. That's why I really don't know why the Switch trailer of the game has been recommended to me on it's release date.. perhaps Youtube knows that I love Doraemon? So I do some research and felt bad that there was no official Western/English release of the game on PSN... Months later, as I was lurking in PSNP, i noticed that the game's trophy list appear, turns out it was localized!!! Then I learned that it is quite expensive, and it was that time that I have just finished Fairy Tail that I have bought at full price...so as much as I love Doraemon, I skipped it and waited for a sale... fast forward to days ago... I randomly searched this game and turns out it is on 50% sale. Perfect Christmas gift for me Story-wise, the game is like a Doraemon episode/movie, pretty much non-canon that has 5 characters from Doraemon universe. Doraemon is pretty much made for younger audience so don't expect something deep in terms of plot. I quite enjoy it though since pretty much every villager or even animals have their own story. Gameplay, I am pretty much aware the game mechanics of this type of game but if I will describe it, hmmm.. I guess it is a bit frustrating and relaxing at the same time(?) especially at the beginning since I had to plan ahead of time to save and do everything I can do in a day. Trophy-wise, no missable first of all, and comparing to the other Harvest Moon trophy list, definitely easier. Luckily 100% gallery and collections are not needed for the platinum. Not hard to platinum at all but I was a bit torn, since by the end of cleaning up, I just need to wait/skip days just for an event to happen but I spent more unnecessary hours playing the game since I am really enjoying it. So yeah, not hard, time spent on it depends if you just want and just aim for the plat or do everything you can do in the game. Overall, NGL, I really have no intention on playing this genre of game, I bought it because I love Doraemon. I enjoyed it though so maybe... just maybe, I will play a Harvest Moon game.
  10. Could also confirm now, no missable trophies... the question now is if it is even possible to get the platinum in the first year.... I am pretty much done with everything except for waiting for the baby cow and baby sheep trophy and wait for season to change to purchase and harvest the crops for the Human Locomotive.
  11. Just curious, since it requires for 50% of all Crops, Is it even possible to get the Human Locomotive in the first year? I just finished the story on the start of Second Year's Summer so I think it is possible to finish the Elder Tree story on first year if you talk daily to villages and give them gifts they like. Could also confirm that you indeed need 6 Hearts on Ravi and Harmon for the Lightning Episode.
  12. # 324 - 359 *click the trophy image for the trophy list* I have been too lazy to pop the plat of the games I have finished for more than a year now I think, with the list keeps growing, I stumbled upon this event named. Platinum Rain Day 2020... the funny thing is... It was supposed to be an event to get ready for PS5 but tbh...I am not that eager to get one anytime soon.. *shrug* And since the game list is pretty long (and tbh, I couldn't remember much of the details in some of the games), here is not so short summary of the games I guess? and with that, I guess I am pretty much done with platting games this year... more replays of Tension Rising in Melody of Memory and Farming materials in Doraemon Story of Seasons for me I guess... oh... and I think it is time to finalize my picks on Dr_Mayus' PSNP 2020 Year End Awards as well...
  13. Oh yeah... I forgot to confirm if there is a specific time that the trophies needs to be popped.. It is already 12/20 where I live so i already started platting the games.... Edit1... and DONE...
  14. It was finally on sale so I bit the bullet and bought the game... NO missable trophies I assume? Off topic... it's bizarre to learn the English names of the characters...
  15. #323 Tales of Innocence R テイルズ オブ イノセンス R マスター"テイルズ オブ イノセンス R"を極めた証。あなたの愛に感謝! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US PS VITA. My First Physical game I have purchased online. Been wanting to play this one since it is the only PSN Tales of game that I haven't play, unfortunately it was never localized which is a real bummer since I enjoyed playing it even it required me to play the game 3 times. The gameplay is well, very very Tales of... so even with language barrier, I really didn't had trouble adjusting to the gameplay. Trophy-wise, you definitely will be needing a walkthrough at hand not just because of the language, but also the time limited and time sensitive missables... but aside from that, not a tough platinum journey. Overall, if you are a fan of Tales of series, own a Vita and don't mind to follow a walkthrough... I highly recommend this game.