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  1. So how is everyone's thought of the game so far? Just finished the Alabasta arc and ngl, not loving the game atm. Gameplay became repetitive fast. The collectible trophies and huge list of sub-stories is making me stalled the game and wait for a guide(which I doubt will happen soon esp with the sub-stories)
  2. I was actually expecting the All voice trophy and All ending trophy since Elysium has horrible and grindy trophy list. Not a huge fan of platinum trophy but it is nice to have a trophy images for each Einherjar and characters.
  3. Can someone confirm if it is possible to 100% Cloud DMW in first save point in Chapter 10? I got everyone else in 100% but I am stuck with Cloud at 80% for hours now. Edit: now stuck at 90. I think it is the hundredth time I see that Killing ostrich monster DMW by now. Also, not 100% sure but I think some DMW only appears after a specific event in story happened... Cause, plot: Sephiroth - Chapter 8(?) Stuck at 90% til chapter 10 but the last DMW I unlock is him reading in thr library Angeal - got him 100% on chapter 2 or 3 while doing the subquests Tseng - Chapter 8(?) another one I got stuck at 90% til Chapter 10 but the last event I unlock seems to happen during Chapter 8 Cissnei - Chapter 7 Aerith - Chapter 10 I think, another one I got stuck at 90, the event I unlocked last looks like it happens in Chapter 8 but it looks like a foreshadowing DMW. Genesis - as soon as I unlock it. I think he only has 1 DMW and no dialogue. ...andddd complaining in PSNP luck worked again, just got Cloud to 100% while editing my post.
  4. Can someone confirm if it is possible to 100% Cloud DMW in first save point in Chapter 10? I got everyone else in 100% but I am stuck with Cloud at 80% for hours now.
  5. Just got the platinum, not the best Platformer/Metroidvania but it looks beautiful. Made me more excited for the Main Eiyuden game. Not a hard game especially if you do the sidequests along the way. Nothing is missable and as some have already mentioned, Hard mode is available after clearing the game + it put you before the final battle. A bit grindy to 100% everything especially getting materials but not that tedious since there are accessories to increase drop rate.
  6. Didn't knew this game existed since a week ago.. stumbled upon it while browsing new games in PSN app, saw that it is from Drinkbox and bought it in a heartbeat. And well, Glad I did since it is so much fun. Just got the plat earlier and I could confirm that nothing is missable, there is no no point of no return as you will be on last checkpoint when you continue the completed save file. Not that difficult to plat too, I only struggled in one of the penultimate dungeon - maybe cause I level up the forms as soon as I unlock them(Zombie Infect FTW), the New Game+ dungeons are actually more fun than challenging. I highly recommend this game and honestly, I think this is my fave game I have played this year so far.
  7. Teleport to Fountain World and immediately go left, you will be able to revisit the Nightmare world in Dark Fountain.
  8. I used the area in the right of Last Fountain you unlock (the area before the Final boss). All enemy encounter there are 4 Enemies that can be killed by Yuu's Hit All skill. For equipment, I equipped Yuu with the Best Story related sword(didn't knew there is an Ult weapon), armor that increased her speed and for accessories, the one that decrease MP consumption by one and the one that gives one MP back in end of battle. For Yuu's partner, +50% exp accessory. For some strange reason, the game loves to crash and freeze on me near end game so my route is go one area right of final fountain, fight 2 battles, Defeating them with Yuu's Skill that hit all enemies, go back to fountain to heal. Rinse and Repeat. Tedious and Unnecessarily grindy.
  9. are you referring to the enemies in Nightmare world? If yes, the Chapter 5 monsters are not missable, they also appear in Chapter 7 in addition to the 3 new enemies.
  10. Just got the plat. I could confirm that aside from Moonstruck, the rest of trophies are not missable. You will get the Forest Collector trophy just by doing all the sidequests. You can also set marker on Subquest and the map highlights the areas you need to go so you will not be lost. Merciful Hero is half fun and half pain to do blind. Fun game overall but unfortunately the gameplay is my least favorite part of the game, and getting Level 50 on each characters requires hours of grind.
  11. Did you figure out what you were missing? For reference, the only entries in Monsterdex that are not needed for the Trophy are the ff: Nightmare Pot Nightmare Head Nightmare Water Flea Nightmare Seapony Treasure Cat Exquisite Treasure Cat The rest, you need to Hit their weakness and Release them including the 3 Nightmares enemies in CH7 - Bone Head, Eyeball Hootie and Dream-Eating Tapir. Not sure if Traits(Yuu's Survey) are needed for each enemy but I scanned all of them. I could confirm though that Drops entries are not needed.
  12. He speedrun platinums tho. Just checked his YT and will not be surprised if he platted the game in one sitting. I just reached Chapter 3 and i could already tell I might get stuck on completion stuffs. I am guessing nothing is missable since it seems I will need to switch party members for Merciful Hero.
  13. It took me 10 gameplay hours to get the plat but that includes me spending some time figuring out Reformation trophy + drop rate RNG + retries on getting S on Archery trial... so I'd say it is doable in 8-9 hours.
  14. Fun Metroidvania game. Reminds me a lot of SoTN but shorter. Trophies are pretty straightforward and you will get most of them just by playing the game. The most time consuming are probably the 100% Weapons and Archery trial but it is not that hard to get and there are guides on Steam if you need them. The reformation trophy is quite misleading tho. Follow this guide if you are stuck on it too.
  15. Piece of Cake: REVERIE It's Like Dark Souls/Badass Award: VICTORY OF THE MILLENNIUM - YAKUZA: LIKE A DRAGON Grind of the Year: ZANKI ZERO: LAST BEGINNING Finally Done: PYRE Best Music: NEO: THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU (still bummed that Déjà Vu didn't returned) Sleeper Hit: 13 SENTINELS: AEGIS RIM | ENDER LILIES: QUIETUS OF THE KNIGHTS Biggest Bomb: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE | AXIOM VERGE 2 Best Trophy Images: 13 SENTINELS: AEGIS RIM Worst Trophy Images: YU-GI-OH! LEGACY OF THE DUELIST: LINK EVOLUTION Best Female Character: Liar Princess - THE LIAR PRINCESS AND THE BLIND PRINCE Best Male Character: Kasuga Ichiban Number One - YAKUZA: LIKE A DRAGON Best Plat of the Year: LEGEND OF MANA Wurst Plat Ov Teh Yeer: BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS Most Anticipated Platinum of 2022: Digimon Survive if it is not delayed again Tales of Arise 50% price drop Utawarerumono Zan 2 Chocobo GP for Switch