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  1. yep. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ got it last 12/17/16 to celebrate Vita's and my Birthday Might do again this year.
  2. Little Witch Academia Synopsis I am a bit confused, is this a Shoujo or Shounen anime? o.O Surprisingly, I enjoyed watching this one... I was actually planning this to be an anime I would watch for Halloween (you know, cause... witches) but I guess I will find something else to watch for Halloween...
  3. Omega Quintet Finished Episode 5 Finished Episode 5. ^fave girl so far :3^ *sigh* if only they made HDN Producing Perfection like this...
  4. I gotta believe!!!... and curse... and throw controller... Participant #2 - JeieeM Tales of Xillia - 44/46 (98%) - ready to pop Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force - 28/30 (97%) - ready to pop PaRappa the Rapper Remastered - 26/28 (98%) - ready to pop Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man - 0/21 (0%) Arcade Game Series: Galaga - 0/21 (0%) Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug - 0/21 (0%) Psychonauts - 0/38 (0%) Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse(?) A Ratchet & Clank Game - forgot what game I should play next Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness - 5/36 (11%) Ugh... game's too short, and I really didn't have fun... why did I even wanted to play PaRappa again?
  5. oooh.. nice... some KakeguYuri love ED > OP though lol... been a while since I played it but I could never forget those balls... here's a tip I've learned from Aexuz, it seems like the bosses level = your current level, so sometimes, fighting them in lower level is better than grinding... have fun with 2nd DLC... my fave among the 4 DLCs.
  6. PaRappa the Rapper Remastered Freestyle Hero Freestyle your way into a Cool rating for all songs. Seriously? A chicken telling you to crack an egg?
  7. Australian Survivor (2017) WOW. just WOW. Definitely one of my favorite season.
  8. In 1 word: Nightmare. It made the Nightmare run + Boss rush of Ys: MoC a walk in the park. Aside from the difficulty, fun game like other Ys games.
  9. hmmm... TC or anyone still having problem with this one? I followed what is written in the guide here and it helped me a lot: I mixed it though since I cannot pull a 2 big bang in a row... for details, what I did is: Summon Zeromus (turn off summoner and Zeromus Gambit) > Make summoner equip Nihopalaoa > have Zeromus use Bubble Mote on his self > have summoner use Elixir on Zeromus > Zeromus use Big Bang Make sure that 2 other member is equipped with Bubble Belt (I put them on Healer and Damage Dealer - Bushi/Knight in my case, also my backup healer). Have Healer have gambit of Arise, Curaja (I set my Healer to Ally < 70%) and Esunaga in that order. I had my Damage dealer for now to have gambit of Foe: Lowest HP > Attack so that it will always target Ghis while I had my third member - still equipped with Niho to use Remedy on Ghis to kill him quickly. After that have one character (or 2 - not the healer ofc) to set up Gambit: Foe with highest STR > Wither. Then I followed what is on the guide afterwards: Luckily I didn't have to rely on dealing magic and I managed to defeat Gabranth with attacks. I was like in max level and if you want to know my party mems... I used Knight/Bushi(Basch), White Mage/Time Battlemage(Ashe) and a Monk/Black Mage(Penelo) - didn't even needed the other 3. It took me 1:40:00 to finish. I had trouble at first and took me some time to finish 100 since my party are all in in reverse status after Trial 99
  10. and it's a wrap... Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Wings of My Own Restored peace to Ivalice. Characters in a nutshell for me: Vaan: Not the leading man. "Imma be a sky pirate" Penelo: Not the heroine. So, stucked with being Vaan's tsukkomi friend. Balthier: The leading man. Fran: Mist. Mist. Mist. Mist. Mist. Ashe: Revenge. Me. Revenge. Me. Revenge. and obviously the heroine. Basch: "hey, I am still here. I will also have my moment to shine." Remember the days when only few people really appreciated and liked FFXII's gameplay? So glad that more people love this game more now than before. Wonder if more people will also like FFXIII's gameplay if it will be remastered/re-release Re-playing this game brings joy to me from start to end, loved it playing in PS2, still loving it now. It was also very very satisfying since I was finally able to get all summon, hunt the rare games and most of all, defeat Yiazmat I was actually wondering if my past self is just too lazy or I am more patient now. Sure, not the best FF game in terms of plot and it is really a bummer that the previous games' Summons cannot be summoned this time around but I do still love this game. It's gameplay is still one of my fave battle system of FF games and Penelo is still one of my all time fave FF character. Years later I still feel bad for Vaan being robbed as the MC of this game, glad that he is finally the main character in Revenant Wings and he is in Dissidia...(but then again Balthier is in WoFF, not Vaan ) After finishing this game, I suddenly have the urge to play FF Tactics Advance and Revenant Wings... ooooh.. I hope that they will have a re-release/remastered game. *cross fingers*
  11. *facepalm* posted in a wrong topic...guess, I have to post what I did for this one: -(Optional) teleport to Nabreus Deadlands, I find this place a nice place since you can easily zone to north > use Quickening to enemy > swap party > use Quickening > return to crystal > zone to south > quickening/swap/quickening + it also makes the enemies in north respawn > return to crystal > repeat and rinse. As other says, I used Level 3 Quickening first. what I did differently is I guess based on priority, I prioritized Mist Charge Over using a Quickening, I find it more rare in my case to have Mist charge... so I guess in gambit style, what I did is for Black Hole e.g. > Mist Charge > Use Level 3 Quickening > Use Level 2 Quickening > Use Level 1 Quickening Also, what I did in my case is as much as possible, I only have 2 out of 3 characters use Quickenings (again if possible) so that I can have the third one as a back up in case I can't get a mist charge for the 2 characters or reshuffling is eating up my time (it is very hard to implement though thanks to panic). and of course, the obvious one, pray to RNG and hope it become kind to you It's strange that I actually had more trouble getting Luminescence than Black Hole o.O Surprisingly, I didn't have much trouble with this one, well, it still took me around 30~ minutes, but I thought it will take me hours.
  12. well.. been wanting to get these for months now... only had budget now to finally get them... Is there now physical copy of Patapon? I want to buy it as well but I haven't seen a physical copy since it's released. also, more weebness
  13. It's over... it's over... The Nightmare is finally over!!! Weeby Platty #2 Ys Origin Top of the Tower Obtain all trophies. Only took me ~2 months to finish Well, I was only playing this while I was watching Game of Thrones and I've playing lots of different games along with this one - like I have even finished 3 different JRPGs in the span of those 2 months. Time to play Until Dawn I guess and after that... time for me to go back to Gal Gun to relax a bit hopefully I won't have much trouble with this game. It is easier than Uncharted right?
  14. Nightmare's finally over... #201 Ys Origin Top of the Tower Obtain all trophies. The good dreams/stuffs first... That OST. make my life with grind a bit, well not really easier but a little bit of bearable sometimes I guess. That gameplay. What I enjoyed the most with Ys games are it's fun, enjoyable and addictive gameplay, and this game is no exception. I really didn't mind playing the games with same map layout over and over again... well, in normal mode, Nightmare mode is definitely a different case. And now the nightmare... THE NIGHTMARE MODE. No NG+ carry over, no Items, low exp and low SP drops. And the worse part, you have to do it 3 times with different characters... And what's more. There's the Arena mode that needed to be completed in Nigthmare mode as well. And the best part for me... Boss Rush... weee~ this definitely make me question if I am really good in these type of games - and the answer to that - I sucked. Took me 9 HOURS to finish it - or maybe I just sucked at using Hugo... maybe it will take me less time to finish it if I used Toal or even Yunica (just let me at least pretend that I will do better if I did the other way, even just for now) The Bright Side: It did crashed on my Arena mode runs but surprisingly, it didn't crashed on my story mode run and Boss Rush Mode run. It somehow proves that I am a more patient person now. I caught up in Game of Thrones (well, still 2 episodes behind and currently too lazy to finish it) and I watched it from Season 1. Overall thoughts: A very fun game, grindy for sure and the Nightmare mode is definitely a Nightmare for me. Would recommend to anyone that wants challenge and a masochist. It somehow makes me a bit less excited about YS VIII but for sure I will buy and play it, just.. not now.
  15. yikes... so would not recommend? will skip it then. Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara OVA Lol.. kinda funny that I found the subbed one after the pilot of season 3 aired. Best part for me is obviously Megumi and Megane HanaKana :3 This week, also watched these stuffs: Osomatsu-san S2 E1 - and here I thought they could never even par their pilot episode. What a proper pilot. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara E1 - good news - it's back. bad news - Yuki Kaji Code: Realize E1 - good news - Saorin as Cardia bad news - Yuki Kaji Kekkai Sensen & Beyond E1 - X! X! Double-X! Double-X! Ballroom e Youkoso Episode 14 - sooo... why are people so hyped with Chinatsu again? I need Momo-chan