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  1. Unfortunately, yes. I wish that there will be a patch for the Japanese audio like WoFF.
  2. Hmmm.. I have played the game for few hours and I am a bit worried if there is a missable trophy esp with Befriending Bosses. I have just cleared Camille's Dungeon but I only got 1 BP of Devil Chocobo. I am a bit worried if this is a unique monster and if I already messed up. Aside from that, looks like your typical Roguelike trophy list. Grind + RNG.
  3. Happy Western Birthday Vita-tan Unfortunaley, Only popped Yomawari and Operation Abyss, I didn't managed to put time on Edo Blossom. I had too much fun with KHIII and DQXI. Maybe I will have it pop on next Vita's Birthday?
  4. #277-278 Yomawari: Night Alone The Night Alone Earned all other trophies Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Operation Abyss You've mastered Operation Abyss. Thank you for playing. Sony might abandon you but I won't. Happy Western Birthday Vita Yomawari was pretty scary, I thought the chibi art will make the game somehow less scary but I was wrong. Surprisingly, it is good game. I will definitely get the sequel(?) but... not now. Maybe if it goes to sale? I still dislike Operation Abyss. I am kinda disappointed since I really loved Demon Gaze. I was just glad that it is over. Hakuoki: Edo Blossom is supposed to be my third plat for this day but I spent my gaming time on KHIII and DQXI this month, no regrets though
  5. #276 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Living Legend Awarded for earning all available trophies. I have this game for months now but decided to play it after the hype for this game has somehow died. And to be honest, near end of Act I, I was a bit confused for the praise the game gets, I find the plot a cliche save the world JRPG - and then Act II happened. Ok, now I get it. Overall, a great JRPG. The final battle is so satisfying and that credits... awww. See SE, turn-base JRPG is still fun, it is not too late to change FFVII remake gameplay. Even if you are not familiar with the series, it doesn't matter, you can and will still enjoy playing the game. Trophies are not tough as well, no missable trophy and tbh, I didn't mind the grind, RNG and even the Casino o.O Only 1 gripe though, no default name for Luminary. And yes, I almost consider naming him Trunks. Definitely recommended to anyone. Pfft, Professaurus.
  6. I would not mind paying for Radiant Garden world. A KH game without human FF characters feels different. Also, I was hoping for a Dumbo's world for adding hype for the upcoming movie but pretty sure it is next to impossible at point.
  7. No specific date atm. Playstation's trailer says it's early 2019 and the wikipedia's said it's Q1/Q2 2019. Anyway, yay for Maya and Gumshoe's trophy icons. Bummer that there's no Finny trophy though . Prettu straightorward list with some missable ones, not minding them though except for Oldbag's I guess
  8. The plat image(and other trophies) looks way much better compared to htol#niq and rose in twilight - And looking at the rarity and trophy guide, much easier compared to the other two. As much as I liked the concept and art, I might wait for it to be on sale though.
  9. Update time I guess? The first week of February is bizarre to me. I wrapped up Kingdom Hearts III and out of nowhere - Operation Abyss is ready to pop. I really thought that it will still take me at least one more week to wrap it up.... And then there is Hakuoki, still untouched and still sitting at 2/13 routes cleared.*shrug*
  10. #275 Kingdom Hearts III KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Unlock all other trophies. Great Visual. It looks soooo good. My first thougt when I started it was "wow, Old Xehanort looks good." Great OST. Let it Go didn't bother me anyway. Great Gameplay. I wished they have removed Flowmotion though. It was nerf'd and somehow looks unnecessary. Great Experience. Let's just not talk about the plot and the amount of cutscenes. Trophy-wise, it is the easiest one imo. Donald and Goofy didn't even fainted in my proud run. Not. Even. Once. The misc stuffs were quite a chore but some are actually fun and some are pretty ok I guess. Kinda bummer though that there was no FF characters. Sure there was Cloud and Auron cameo-ish at start(they even forgot to include Zack ) and Moogle and other creatures but still, I was actually a little excited about the Lightning rumor. Anyway, Worth the hype? Absolutely. Would definitely recommend to KH fans. For newcomers, I guess yes but I highly recommend to play the previous games to somehow understand the "plot". I guess it's time to wait now for the sequel.
  11. Aside from Ultimate weapon, -Kingdom Key - the form change and movesets give me older KH feels. -Favoriye Deputy - used it first due to Lucky Strike. Loved it and use it for my close combats. -Ever After - those clones!!! Used this one when using magic and fighting boss.
  12. Gryphon Knight Epic and Unepic.
  13. #271-274 Kingdom Hearts I.5 + II.5 Remix And with that, all KH games except KHIII are completed. I have the game for months sitting in my backlog, I really didn't want to relive KH1 gummi TBH but with KHIII hype, I thought it is the right time to replay the series. Even it is my 3rd time playing KH1, KH2 and BBS and 4th time playing CoM, I still enjoy and had fun with the series (except KH1 gummi ofc) Less than 24 hours to go til I get my copy of KHIII and my body is definitely ready
  14. [Dissidia NT]Seriously? Snow?? Yikes. Time to finally delete this game I guess.

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    2. KaiserVendrix


      Caius is the most emo? Are we all forgetting Seymour? Destroy the world and kill everyone so he can end all they’re suffering. Then we have everyone’s favourite Sephiroth! Find out he was credited so he wants to blow up the world! Then there is that fact where he wants to be with he’s mother every 5 seconds  Nothing emo about them at all...


    3. Dr_Mayus


      Oh Sephiroth is pretty bad but I just found Caius whining to be the worst...well maybe tied with Shuyin.


      Give me Kefka any day of the week. He just wanted to see the world burn because the colours would be fun :)



      Seymour was just to pathetic of a boss to be taken seriously. I mean he just kept trying and failing over and over and over I put him alongside Ultros as an effective antagonist 



    4. DamagingRob


      @LucianaRosethorn I really need to get around to playing it. :lol: Figured I'd play it sometime last year, after highly enjoying 13-2. But never did..

  15. #268-269 Deponia & Chaos on Deponia Deponia unlocked! Complete every trophy of the game. Platinum Chalice You unlocked all other trophies. Ridiculous games. And I love it. This series have the charm and humor that I really like in Point and Click games. Rufus is probably my favorite hero(or was it anti-hero) in P&C games. Hopefully they bring Goodbye Deponia in PS4 as well. Also, was Deponia Doomsday released in PSN? The wikipedia said it was released last 2016 in PS4 but I can't find it in any PSN store.