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  1. Ballroom e Youkoso Synopsis 'Member when some thought that this is going to be the next Yaoi on Ice? I 'member. What a very satisfying ending :3 I know it is going to be probably in my top 5 anime this year. Hopefully there's going to be a second season. Fave girl... There's a tomboy...and a Meganekko.. but in the end... Imouto won for me... :3 and speaking of which... Energetic Girl + Imouto + Megane = Hina My Ultimate Waifu? :3
  2. And done... Using Save State and Save Checkpoint helped me a lot Haters gotta hate but 8 will still be my fave... heh... Doctor Wahwee. Sure, could be considered the "easiest" compared to the previous games and the English dub is cringey and Duo is...meh. But fun game. Loved the graphics and Clownman's stage OST will still be one of my fave OST.
  3. Sorry for lots of image but I had to :3 HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY ROCKMAN Mega Man Legacy Collection + Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 I messed up though... popped MegaMan 4 days earlier
  4. #205 Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Trophy Complete You have obtained all trophies *no screenshot, apparently, can't have screenshot on Gallery* Vita-tan... Tanjoubi omedetou! Well, this is unfortunate, last year, I had popped a great Visual Novel, but this time, it is... uhmmm... not that great. The only thing that I enjoyed in this game is the mini-game . Worse is I enjoyed watching the anime (yes, even the second season and the movie) but this game disappointed me. I wished that they made a game instead following the story of the anime
  5. maaan.. really Ainz will be back? you also forgot Shingeki
  6. Well... looks like there's something to look forward to on 2018... Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime's Promo Video Reveals Quinx's Cast, April Premiere My Hero Academia Anime's 3rd Season Previews School Trip Arc in 1st Promo Video Food Wars! The Third Plate Anime's 2nd Half Premieres in April with 'Tōtsuki Train' Arc Steins;Gate 0 TV Anime's Promo Video Reveals April Premiere Date but how about January... well...
  7. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Rank Up! [CT] Reached CT-Rank 5. Better late to the party than never :3 Of course first song played is Terekakushi Shishunki~ :3
  8. wow, so is Cyberdimension worth the full price or should I wait to be on sale in the future? I was about to buy it few days ago (and the physical copy is quite rare here o.O) Could relate with WoA. I actually only picked it up since it starts in W and it is quite annoying getting some of the endings.
  9. Well... obviously my fault. became too lazy and thought I would just simply Save State when Final boss is very low on HP. And btw... almost done, left is You-know-who Castle in 10. Among the 10 original games, would say 8 is my fave to date. Can't stop smiling just by replaying the game. Could still remember playing it years ago.
  10. Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? Synopsis Tamaya~ Well, this is made by Shaft, so it is not surprising that the Female lead looks like Senjougahara. If you tell me about a month ago that this is actually a prequel of Monogatari series and this is titled Hanabimonogatari... I would believe you and while watching it, it really feels like Nazuna is transforming into Senjougahara o.O. First of all, this is definitely not the next Kimi no Na Wa nor Koe no Katachi for sure. Sure, the art looks so good and those insert songs are great and that ED SONG!!! And then, there's the characters and the plot. The main characters are likable tbh but could you even blame me for loving the supporting cast more?(Miyano Mimoru, HanaKana, Toyonaga Toshiyuki and even Kaji Yuki!!!). The plot has potential as well, the time leap is like Zero Escape so I had faith with it... and then the ending.... It is not bad.. it is just felt very open to interpretation. If you have watched this one, please send me a message and let's discuss how you thought the story ends. Would recommend? sure why not, but as mentioned, this is not the next Kimi no Na Wa, Koe no Katachi, so don't higher your expectation... I enjoyed it overall though. Soooo lastly... Fireworks... are they flat or round?
  11. But isn't it very annoying to make NG+ just because you missed a medal? This made me think to play the game months later it's released... Maybe at least after @zadorvp finish it so that I can spam him questions Worse part is Patamon is in previous Arena games... Well... Silver lining is, Patamon is not in worst Digimon game
  12. I messed up... I accidentally popped the trophy for clearing Megaman 4..Had to much fun killing Wily Hope it will be the only one I will accidentally pop.
  13. Man.. Knew it... I just bought Megaman Legacy Collection the other day Finally. Been waiting for a price drop for Future tone Bundle. Might get it.
  14. O.o I had to double check and refresh... It's really Hacker's Memory with same trophy icon like the first CS game. They could At least change it to Gabumon... Ughhh when will I have my Patamon trophy icon. Wow... The trophies in this one is like the copy of CS game as well. That MP stuffs though..I wonder how long will it take to get 10 titles Weeeee~ Moar Medalsssss.... Time to mash Ok button again and pray to RNG.
  15. IKR. I will be 30 in few days as well and live alone. I know that I will not last for more than a month just being a NEET. ooh... favorite already? hmmm.. not for me. Sangatsu takes the spot for me for sure. lol. I was actually expecting a next ep preview ... I guess it is a very open ending