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  1. It is? Trumpeter with Reflect Bless and Null Curse is too irresistible for me
  2. luckily, I have found my post from 3 years ago about Yojimbo
  3. Love So Life I haven't heard of this manga before. I stumbled on this one while I was trying to find a manga that is like Gakuen Babysitters (yep, I am aboard the anime adaptation hype train) since I have caught up on GB. Found this one and loved it immediately. Aoi-kun and Akane-chan are so adowable.
  4. 2 is tied for me depending on whether I prefer Phys or Mag 1. Ryuji - Mataru > Charge > God's Hand 2. Ann - Concentrate > Blazing Hell + Fire Boost + Fire Amp. Also has Dekaja 2. Haru - One-Shot Kill + Weak Spot Aim + Sharpshooter. AoE Gun. Also has Armita Shower and Heat Riser 4. Makoto - Just for healing + Maraku 5. Morgana - Salvation + Masuku 6. Yusuke - nice STR but has no Charge 7. You Know Who - well, he has nice AoA move but I don't really need his Bless and Curse skills since I have Trumpeter wih Eiha and Kouga.
  5. PERSONA 5 A New Journey See the ending. Let's see what we get.... and with that.. no more nice guy.. time for douche harem Speed Run~
  6. Yuuki Mishima overall for me Really enjoyed his Story EXP Plus + same EXP for backups Daisuke Sakaguchi Followed by Yoshida-san - Perks + I am really rooting for this guy, did he win the election? Kawakami Sensei - Perks. It sucks though that consumable items don't carry over in NG+. I have lots of coffee and Curry
  7. Persona 5 A Perfect Job Complete all requests. Finally... maxed Magician Arcana. *throws money at Igor* GIMME YOSHITSUNE.
  8. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Stalled it for years. I had fun reading it from start til near end... let's just not talk about the ending
  9. pretty sure you'll be fine... anyone who conquered KH1's Gummi Missions + Collectible can conquer anything in that game Persona 5 Under-the-Table Goods Customize a gun. Layer Cake :3 6 Months later and after eating lots of Big Bang Burgers, I have finally returned that PAPER BAG... of course I didn't check what's in it... *whistling* Futaba is still my fave girl but I must admit... pretty liking Haru lately... *whisper* I still don't get the love for Makoto though
  10. PSV: Spy Chameleon - Since I was making next to none progress in Psycho Pass (always lull me to sleep), started this one PS4: Persona 5 - When you intentionally perform All Out Attack to time with Chorus Start :3 hmmm... am I into something???
  11. Persona 5 Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt Complete the Bank Palace. Woke Up... Got Up... But didn't go out there, outside, or anywhere... cause I spent my rest days from work playing this game she appear finally
  12. Well... We can only dream and hope...As much as I love Vivi.. I lost my hope of him being in the game thanks to Shantotto... Since Kain is in the game... It is more likely that the 012 characters will be in this one as well... But I am pretty sure that the number of playable characters will not be the same amount of characters in Theathrythm...
  13. finally.. time to use Phoenix Down on my hype for this game. well, at least there is finally a release date, been waiting for 2+ years just for a news about the PS4 release... for those who is too lazy to search... so far, here is the list of playable characters (at least for the arcade)
  14. hmmm.. you are the only one I thought (so far) of when it comes to Spy Chameleon... is this true?

    If possible, I don't want go Online when I play games :(

    1. DamagingRob


      I haven't actually played it, so I can't really say. Disconnecting made a few of my games work better, so I guess the opposite could be true. You could always check the "Appear Offline" box, if it would help. 

  15. it is up now in US PS Store. all still appear as not free but when you added them to your cart and go to checkout: